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Romulan Marijuana Strain Pictures


Romulan Marijuana Strain

I have long wondered how the romulan strain got it’s name. Do any readers out there know? I prefer the top two pictures over the bottom two pictures, although I will gladly smoke both! The pictures below are courtesy of our friends over at WeedPhotos.Com:

Golden Nug

romulan marijuana strain

romulan marijuana strain


romulan marijuana strain

romulan marijuana strain


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  1. MaryJaneGurl on

    Yeah, I just tried some of this stuff and I def can say it makes you just not care about a thing while feeling floaty. My all time fav still is Bubba Kush tho. Peace.

  2. Norcalcannabis on

    The name comes from startrek..A romulan is the guy with the wierd forhead, they say romulan hits you so hard you feel like he looks…..

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