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Roseanne Barr Announces Presidential Run With Marijuana Legalization First Priority


Rosanne BarrRosanne Barr, best known for her role on the television sitcom Roseanne, officially announced Thursday on the The Tonight Show with Jay Leno that she will run for President of the United States in 2012.

During her appearance on the Tonight Show, Barr insisted that she was serious and commented that Palin’s potential candidacy is “kinda what got me to thinking that I too should run for president, if she can”. Barr revealed that she had created her own political party, referred to as the “Green Tea Party”, which combines elements of the Green and Tea Party movements. She proclaimed that the taxpayers would be her running mate and that her first order of business would be the legalization of marijuana.

Last month, Barr premiered in a new reality show on Lifetime called Roseanne’s Nuts, which follows her life as a macadamia nut farmer in Hawaii. Two weeks ago, the show was watched by 1.6 million viewers, though last week only 785,000 tuned in. In an interview with The Star-Telegram, she admitted that the show serves as a launching pad for her presidential ambitions, arguing “I have to do a reality show in order to run for president of these United States”, in allusion to former Alaska governor Sarah Palin’s reality series Sarah Palin’s Alaska.


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  1. http://judgeright.blogspot.com
    Roseanne laid out her platform during the Leno interview. There are a few details NBC should have made prominent. Details like capping income at $100,000,000. This appeals to the Occupy Wall Street folks I’m sure but guess Roseanne’s net worth. $80,000,000 yep that’s $80 million. Oh but hey, she’d give the SUPER RICH an opportunity to give it back and if they refused, she’s magnanimous enough to send them to RE-EDUCATION CAMPS to train them in proper values. BUT if they’re still too hard headed, she’s for bringing back the GUILLOTINE to remove their heads since she couldn’t soften them. That’s not AUTHORITARIAN or anything. What else might she decide needs re-education?

  2. I am disabled …53 years old: Medical Marijuana I am fanatical about meds
    and side effects.I do my best to take care of my health! degenerating
    discs in both my neck and back ! many ADHD problemsa significant amount of
    stress and anxiety ! schizophrenia chronic pain and fatigue, and
    depression all caused from years of working hard, and many auto accident
    and MS on top. Medical Marijuana the benifits are amazing! The ease of
    pain, and relaxed mood is unspeakable ! what up in SC ? I love USA
    Marijuana is a beauiful thing !!! supposed “War on Drugs”. C’mon people!
    Wake up! Legalize hemp and marijuana production in America. Numerous jobs
    would be created and it would result in a billion dollar a year domestic
    industry. Tax it as we tax tobacco and alcohol. How has this not been
    done????? Impeach Obama! Thank you

  3. Just because she’s right about marijuana doesn’t make her right on anything else. For a millionaire, she knows absolutely nothing about economics. Furthermore she hurls epithets like “Nazi” and “fascist” at anyone she disagrees with. She is mentally unstable and judging from her public pronouncements, full of hate and vitriol. I try not to comment on peoples’ looks but she is really, really ugly on the inside.

  4. I love Rossane’s show, if she were to run for president I would absolutly vote for her. I would rather b a healthy pothead than a terminally ill alcaholic with cirrhosis or a cigarette smoker with cancer.

  5. Which party will she run on? If she has an R beside her name there is no way I would ever vote republican ever again. I have voted for mostly Republicns in my lifetime but the party of the rich has been taken over by the very rich and that is not me. Never thought I would live long enough to see the US sink so low. This president seems to be no different.

  6. Tessa Armstrong on

    Actually Sheilah, they DO call it dope for absolutely no reason. I suppose you often find yourself indulging in an alcoholic beverage or possibly a cigarrette, no? Those two things will kill you, but they don’t call them SUICIDE. The government feeds the public information that is favorable to the government. Not to the public. If they did share info with us that indeed favored us, we might have never seen cannabis have such a vulgar name such as dope.

  7. I love Roseanne & her show is funny. Hell, I’d vote for her. She can’t do worse than Bush did.

  8. So, I’m down with legalizing pot. I know of many potheads passing for straight. I know of many alcoholics passing for straight, too, and, quite frankly, I’ll take the potheads over the perenially hungover.

    If Roseanne is serious, I will need to know several other things, also…

    Does she support:

    Tax Reform
    Birth Control
    Gestation Choice
    Social Security
    Alternate Energy
    National Gas Tax
    Well educating our children, even the unplanned and minority

    Will she negotiate to get us out of wars we really cannot afford?

    If the answer to any of those is no, then, the pot just isn’t enough. It will get legalized with or without her help. The Tea Party has got to go, even a high one.

  9. Funny how the Democrats we elected to protect the middle class have spent billions bailing out billionaires, bankers, and large corporations, handed healthcare to the insurance industry, and started a new war for the defense industry. We need people who believe that there should be limits to government power, or the people in office will always abuse their power for the sake of the wealthy.

  10. I was too lazy to vote once. …as a result we got Bush/Cheney for 8 years. I blame myself.

  11. LOFL only like half of the presidents of the United States have admitted to smoking pot before they were president…and the other half lied about it. It is called DOPE because the government has demonized the God Plant. As a former police officer with the US Navy, i can assure you that this plant is NOT dangerous to our communities and it is certainly less dangerous than the prohibition of it!

  12. Sheilah Blanco on

    If you don’t vote decisions will be and have, for you. With the B.S. the Republicans are pulling with trying to do away with the Affordable Health Care Act, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid (which if we actually had a National Health Care Insurance wouldn’t be needed). They’ve been robbing US all along to give Tax Breaks/Shelters/and Subsidies to those making millions and billions in PROFITS, all along. I personally think that if one is a born US citizen, it’s more their duty to keep up on the topics and VOTE than it is for our men to have to register with Selective Service. Not voting should be illegal.

  13. Sheilah Blanco on

    If that’s all you got Roseanne, don’t bother. They don’t call it DOPE for no reason! That’s ALL we need! A POTHEAD in the Whitehouse. PULLEEEEZE! I’m for legalizing marijuana, but that never was my first priority EVER. (Today I prefer sobriety thank you.)

  14. I quit voting after Ross Perot ran. altho I was registered while down in south FL.
    If she really does run….I would be happy to campaign for her too!!!! as well as VOTE!!!
    I am deaf so no court would want me as a juror….

  15. If Ron Paul doesn’t win the Republican nomination and the Libertarians don’t pick someone decent to run, I may just wind up voting for Roseanne.

  16. If roseanne is serious. You can guarantee Not only will i vote vor her. i will campaign for her!!!!!
    if for no other reason, because a lot of people wont. Rock that vote people!

  17. Well done. I am standing as a candidate in Noosa Australia, to end prohibition. I am a pot grower and user as well. I congratulate you for your boldness, it is the way to win this unholy war, by us beating the politions at their own game. Check out my policy in my notes section on my face book page. My cell phone number is +61423539480. Once again I salute you for your boldness. Best of luck mate from down under.

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