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Round Two Of Proposed Alaska Marijuana Rules Now Available


regulate marijuana like alcohol alaska legalization 2014I received the following message:

Dear Johnny:

The Marijuana Control Board has issued its second round of proposed rules, and the public is invited to comment by 4:30 p.m., Saturday, August 8. Please take a look at the proposal, available here, which provides extensive rules for licensed businesses. While most of the proposed rules offer reasonable regulations, several would clearly violate important protections established under Measure 2.

Please take a moment to tell the board it must honor rights approved by Alaskans in the state’s historic vote. You can take a look at our draft letter here.

For instance, Measure 2 allows local governments to craft ordinances that local marijuana businesses must comply with. The current version of the rules goes further, allowing local governments to “protest” individual businesses applications — which could block them from proceeding. Local governments could also establish unique conditions for particular applicants. Neither provision is consistent with Measure 2.

The board also unfairly tries to expand its own authority to deny licenses and imposes several other restrictions that simply don’t exist under Measure 2. For a more in-depth analysis of the proposed rules, take a look at our draft letter to the board here. We encourage you to submit your own letter, and please feel free to use ours as a guide. Or, simply click here and send comments to board members immediately.

Then, please forward this email to others in Alaska who believe the rules must be fair and written to support the program, not work against it.


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  1. Whyiowa4medical on

    Thank you, Johnny!!! I did miss this post on MPP as another concerning Nevada’s 15 year old Medical Cannabis law, recently allowing its first dispensary, caught my attention first. These morons will attempt every form of political “dirty trick” hoping we will not notice. We must keep an eye on the 2016 election, as the result could begin another Civil War. With the marijuana industry throwing in with the former Libertarian and current Republican, Rand Paul, as his only issue to help any domestic policy is ending the “War on Drugs” in totality. Still, over women’s rights he seeks to defund Planned Parenthood this week if it passes (one of the most vital health organizations to exist) over contrived and false recordings (remember, I am a medical professional of some years and I have seen, on film, three contrived physical impossibilities regarding abortion, the latest will merely make four). He also intends to destroy Medicare/Medicaid which has shown great success since Reagan added DRG’s and an end to double charging the sick, the poor, and the aged, their complaints are to the money all political parties placed IOU’s into its coffers and the pre-Reagan medical abuses!!! These conservatives make Reagan, Nixon, and Ford look like progressive Democrats. I am glad I stopped by your Blog so I can add my voice to end the dirty tricks department regarding an over 6,000 year old medicine.

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