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Royal Canadian Mounted Police Raid Three Medical Marijuana Dispensaries In B.C.

royal canadian mounted police medical marijuana raid

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After the most recent election in Canada, a lot of people feel that marijuana legalization is inevitable in Canada. And rightfully so, because the person leading the charge is the newly elected Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau. This is something that Canadian police seem to be aware of too, but instead of embracing the impending changes to Canadian marijuana policy, they did the opposite and raided three medical marijuana dispensaries in B.C. this week. Per Vice News:

In seeming defiance of the new government’s intention to legalize marijuana, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police have followed through on their threat to bust three medical marijuana dispensaries in British Columbia. And at least one is vowing to re-open.

“It is unfortunate that the RCMP decided the best way to deal with the coming change in cannabis laws was to detain front line clerks and attempt to prevent access of medical cannabis patients,” reads a statement from Trees Dispensary, released Tuesday evening.

The Nanaimo medical marijuana store said that the raid on their storefront “[flies]in the face of public opinion, and the stance of our newly-­elected federal government.”

Marijuana reform is sweeping across North America, and law enforcement is seeing the writing on the wall for their budgets, whether they want to admit it or not. That’s why the DEA keeps pushing prohibition enforcement as much as they can, and it’s why the RCMP raided these dispensaries. I wish that they would do what a majority of citizens want them to do, which is focus on real crime. How many real crimes weren’t investigated because of the resources dedicated to these raids? Raids on these medical marijuana dispensaries were a complete waste of valuable, limited law enforcement resources.


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  1. Mark Fisher was the chief meat head involved in this “brave and heroic act”. Someone give him a medal of bravery for going after peaceful cannabis users.

  2. Mark Fisher was the chief meat head involved in this “brave and heroic act”. Someone give him a medal of bravery for going after peaceful cannabis users

  3. These meatheads are sore losers. They did well under Harper fascism, but now 3/4 of them will be spending their time eating donuts at the coffee shop all day and handing out jaywalking tickets cause there’s nothing left for them to do. And I couldn’t be happier.

  4. I do not condone violence, but terrorism like the Paris attacks is best viewed as counter violence to state terrorism. Your idiotic statement “They should be using these resources searching for terrorists” is exactly what the sentiment the government wants to terrorise its own citizens.

  5. Closet Warrior on

    Those dudly-do rights can go get bent. It seems Canada is working backwards. At one point, they were on the forefront of reform and now even though they’ve elected Justin Trudeau, seems he’s yet to spring into action to back up his language. That’s bonkers eh!!!

  6. The RCMP may be their own undoing. In the words of Abraham Lincoln “The best way to get a bad law repealed is to enforce it strictly”.

  7. The real criminals? The DEA. NIDA. The Prez. (hasn’t removed Cannabis/Hemp from schedule 1), haha. Most of Congress. The Pharmaceutical companies. The for-profit Jails. Next year is a Presidential election year. What are we going to do?
    Abolish the Electorial College. Protest the thieving of Social Security. Every worker pays into it. :-p

  8. Who the hell are these prohibitionist radicals. The earths plant. Prohibition is unconstitutional against your god given or human right to use something indigenous to the planet. Fire them.

  9. Get the names of the RCMP officers and the higher ups who decided to plan the raids, and have them fired. We don’t need that type of human filth wasting our tax dollars.

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