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Rules For Legal Recreational Marijuana Sales Announced In Colorado


colorado marijuana retail legal recreational stores rulesYesterday was a big day in Colorado, as rules for legal recreational marijuana sales were announced (actual sales don’t start until January). This is significant, because they are the first rules for legal marijuana sales in the nation, and will be looked at as the model for future states’ endeavors. Below are some of the highlights of the rules:

• A single package of an edible marijuana product cannot contain more than 100 milligrams of active THC, regardless of how many servings it contains.

• Labels on marijuana edibles have to list all ingredients and carry warnings including “The intoxicating effects of this product may be delayed by two or more hours.”

• Colorado residents can buy up to an ounce of marijuana per visit to the retail outlet. Out-of-state residents can only buy up to a quarter-ounce of marijuana per visit.

• Licensed marijuana growers can’t sell directly to consumers, and marijuana can’t be consumed at a grow site.

• Marijuana has to be “unusable and unrecognizable” when it is thrown away.

• Testing facilities have to destroy the marijuana samples after they test them.

• Licensed marijuana sellers have to have video surveillance systems and commercial-grade locks.

Are you trying to open a marijuana retail outlet? If so, how is the process going? Are you a resident of Colorado and plan on purchasing your marijuana from one of these new retail outlets? Are you from another state and plan on visiting Colorado to purchase some marijuana? I’m from Oregon, where there is no shortage of superb marijuana. However, I plan on visiting Colorado anyways just to visit some shops once they are open because making an in store, legal purchase is something that has always been on my marijuana life bucket list!


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  1. Yes someone please answer this. I’ve been looking everywhere and this question is not addressed anywhere.

  2. 6 plants per adult over 21. 3 plants budding per person ant any given time. Denver has a limit of 12 plants per household regardless of how many adults live at the property. Trinidad has not decided, as far as I know, whether to allow recreational shops or medicinal shops in town. As far as I know, Pueblo is Trinidad residents best bet.

  3. One ounce per day. However, anyone over 21 can only possess 2 ounces at any time. If you’re thinking of stock piling, 1 you’ll be wasting your money, because even the good stuff can go stale. 2. You could be arrested for holding too much. And yes, your I.D., which is swiped when you enter the shop, will be locked out if you max for the day.

  4. I might be too late with this reply, but yes, it is illegal to transport any marijuana you buy in Colorado across state lines. It doesn’t matter if it’s by plane, train, car or bike. Our two largest airports are even banning possession and smoking at the airport. DIA just won’t allow it. Colorado Springs airport has amnesty boxes you can dump your weed into before you get to security.

  5. Malia Hernandez on

    Yes it is! Even our dispensaries can not transport state to state, now small amounts for medical use can only travel to states that allow medical marijuana! They have a list of rules on Colorado government home page, look up rules & regulations of medical &recreational marijuana in Colorado that will answer alot of your questions :-)

  6. Can somebody please answer my question? It may seem dumb but is it illegal to buy weed in Colorado and bring it back home to NV?? Planning a trip soon, so I was just wondering?! No smartass opinions please

  7. This drug is only a gateway drug because the shameful politicians force your children to purchase it from the same dealers who sell other products. The same man who sells marijuana in Texas could possibly be trying to sell Crack or Speed.
    Nothing short of total legalization is acceptable.

  8. I live in Texas and it’s still a sad state of affairs down here. I wish some of you brave pioneers would venture down this way much more often. We currently still get the same trash that comes out of Mexico and even the price hasn’t changed.
    (Which admittedly is MUCH cheaper then you purchase your marijuana at.. but of course the quality is on par with dirt)
    I had a friend who was sending money to order weed shipments but they ripped him off after his third or fourth delivery. And now we have to wait until 2014 to buy a quarter bag in Colorado as an out-of-stater?

    Crap wish I still knew people from my college days who were printing fake id’s.

  9. Amanda: Be warned. There are a lot of scammers that have taken many of the good readers of this good blog. If people like that need to go off topic and spam their “wares” on these forums, that’s a definite red flag. Think, before you send them one dime.

  10. Guy is old ….. hes use to hiding what he does . In Colorado you can grow your own supply …. why worry about weed stores were not Washington .

  11. Jaren Kamerer on

    Why are there no restrictions on the amount of alcohol and tobacco a person can purchase at one time, but marijuana still has to have all these stupid extra laws attached? No matter how much herb a person has nobody is going to die, so what is the real problem?

  12. I’m sorry. I live in a state that is very repressive and I think prop 64, however imperfect, is a good thing. Prop 64 is not a sham like Guy suggested, just because it’s not perfect. You will not be caged like an animal, you will not have to live in fear. You think that’s bad? You and Guy should come to my state, and you will appreciate what Colorado has. You people never have had it so good to quote then British Prime Minister, Harold McMillan. And I’m sorry, but I’m not buying into this Monsanto conspiracy stuff. Some so-called marijuana activists use (not suggesting that you are) the Monsanto boogeyman to justify continued prohibition. In a legal environment, there will be players big and small. You and Guy live in the freest state in the country. Yes, there will be towns that don’t want it just like there are dry counties that don’t sell alcohol. But they can’t fine you for smoking in the privacy of your home or for growing a limited number of plants. If I was living in Colorado, I would rejoice. But since I don’t, I’ll do the next best thing and visit when the stores are rolled out. Not berating you and Guy, but just giving you my perspective of someone who lives in unfree state. Cheers.

  13. @ Guy below.
    I hear your dilemma. I live in the SLV area and it probably won’t be sold here in stores as it is a fairly fundamentalist mentality. I will have no problem driving or taking a Greyhound to wherever it is sold however. I want to get seeds and do my own garden. I want to know what *Exactly* is in the plant.
    I am worried the state my go the GMO/Monsanto/Chemical Pesticide route and that for me is a big no-go.

    Has anyone else tried a soil/ CFL grow?
    I am thinking of getting two goose neck desk lamps with a two way bulb splitter then outfitting them with daylight spectrum CFL bulbs. Gonna shoot for around 4 bulbs, 4500 lumens total or so.
    What is the best soil one can find at Walmart? I avoid Miracle Gro and that stuff, part of Monsanto Corp.
    I would garden outside but I live in an Apartment at the moment so it’ll have to be indoor supplemented by natural sunlight from the big windows.

    Will check the blog back for replies. Thanks :)

  14. Prop 64 is a big sham!

    I live in Paonia (CO) a no stop light town on the western front (of CO).

    Each and every silly little town can still vote to ban recreational POT stores!

    So what was the point of 64?

    As an individual 64 does give me the right to smoke and grow 6 plans–so screw the city and all the tax revenues they will loose to a silly little town up the road!

    (I’ve been involved one way or another with marijuana for over 50 years!)


  15. Chris LaRose on

    Couple things that caught my attention: in bullet 5 – unusable and unrecognizable?? and who throws away marijuana? Is there a preferred method for the test facilities to destroy the test sample ie..roll it up in a big doobie, vaporize it, pipe, hooka or bong?
    Does the label on edibles also require them to mention they might also contain GMO’s if they contain any corn meal, corn oil, corn flour, soybean oil, soy byproducts, soy flour, canola oil, or sugar from sugar beets, as most of those products, produced in the US, do?

  16. Explain how they will lose all their convention business. That’s what finally pulled Oklahoma out of alcohol prohibition.

  17. What would you have to wait for? Even out-of-staters will be able to buy up to a quarter of an ounce at a time.

  18. So I am sitting here in Trinidad traveling through the state. I’m on the look out for this ‘mecca’ with my own eyes.

    So if I move here is there still a 2 year wait? Even for Med. patients?

  19. Amendment 64 as written, I believe, states that it is 6 plants per property. If you are not sure what property means, I’m sure the jurisdiction you live in will be happy to define “property” for you.

    private property: building(s), premises, house(s), land, estates, realty, real estate.

  20. I am curious if they’ll have different grades for different prices. Like a half ounce of schwag for $30 or so.
    Think buying RYO tobacco *Top or Bugler*.
    What about sales of seeds, plants, etc? It would be nice to purchase a decent plant to use as a mother or even easy access to quality seeds for HG.


  21. The Huff Post reported that private personal growing must be in your home. This is huge, because growing outdoors is much cheaper and yields much more per plant. Because you can only have 3 flowering, and three vegging at any given time.

  22. I would like more clarification on certain things. Such as the 6 plant limit. Some say you can have 6 for every willing person in your household over the age of 21, others say it’s a flat 6. I like that there are some concrete laws for retail sales, but I don’t plan on ever buying since I don’t need too. What I want is clarification on the laws concerning growing do’s and don’ts (rather can and cannot’s”.

    For example the people on craigslist selling pictures of Pot and “Gifting” cannabis with the purchase. If I knew for sure I could do this legally I would. The electric bill gets quite high and if I can “gift” a few ounces a month life would be much easier. I’m doing fine paying it myself, but a little help goes a long way.

  23. How long is it going to be for other states to wake up and join the show?Kansas senator’s still say its a gate way drug.But I would say your beer or alcohol is the gate way.Not to mention coffee and cigarettes or anything that has a high to it of some degree.And they say it cause’s crime.If someone has a better way of explaining things,I would gladly pass it on to my rep.’s.

  24. Doesn’t matter where you get it, it’s the shift in how law enforcement deals with it that makes it such a good thing.

  25. Your incorrect prop innitiative 64 doesnt allow localities to opt out, state law trumps any local bans

  26. The Denver City Council has already approved retail cannabis stores by a vote of 10 to 1.

  27. I doubt it, even LIBERAL Denver is speaking of holting recreational MJ for up to 5 years.. Boulder is the only city actually going Recreational in 2014

  28. Probably not, once retailers are actually up and running. Your friendly local dealer will be pushed out of business by the corner cannabis store, just like liquor – how many bootleggers do you know?

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