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Russia Will Block Wikipedia If It Doesn’t Take Action On Marijuana Page

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When it comes to censorship, Russia sounds like a rough place. Last week they were threatening to block Reddit if it didn’t proactively block /r/trees to Russian IP addresses, a very popular Reddit subgroup. At first Reddit sounded like it would play hardball, but then eventually gave into Russia’s demands. This week news articles have surfaced about Russia threatening to block Wikipedia if it didn’t proactively block a cannabis related entry to Russian IP addresses. Per The Independent:

The Russian government has threatened to ban Wikipedia over a page explaining charas, a hashish type of cannabis.

Roskomnadzor, the Kremlin’s internet watchdog, has reportedly written to Wikipedia’s administrators saying it will be ban the website in its entirety unless the entry – which basically provides a recipe – is removed.

According to Meduza, which calls itself ‘the real Russia Today’, Roskomnadzor has issued a statement: “In the event that Wikipedia refuses to comply with the court’s ruling, [we]will block the webpage on Russia territory using the registry of illegal information.”

According to the article, Russia has even banned memes. As an American that exercises my First Amendment rights everyday, I’m appalled at what the Russian government is doing. Especially since a lot of their focus seems to be shutting down cannabis pages. Cannabis is harmless. Government censorship is not.


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  1. Cannabis will be strictly banned in Russia until one of the oligarchs decides it might be more profitable than vodka. Even then, Pooty-Poot is probably terrified of some radical young subculture dope fiends getting crazy on reefer and American music and dancing in the streets. Fun is not allowed here, you serfs! Back to work!

  2. Have they made a move on NSFW ?

    BTW intel agencies LOVE criminals. They can be turned easily and they already understand at least rudimentary tradecraft in their bones.

    My guess is that Western intel agencies have decided to close this route of infiltration in the West. If Russia and China keep Prohibition it makes their criminals targets for our intel.

    British intel used to use opium as a means to infiltrate countries. Opium was legal in the States. Then Americans got “morality” and decided to prohibit opium – because what did it look like when other countries were doing that and we were not? Also look up “Tojo opium” to see why the war in the Pacific was not just about Japanese territorial ambitions and oil.

    We are giving up on Prohibition. And you will notice that our opposition is weak.

  3. Screw Mother Russia and the horse they rode in on. Take out Putin and see what takes his place. Another monster, take them out too.

  4. Man you MUST be stoned! :-D Americans need to understand the minute Putin became President, ANY “Intl. Cooperation” with the West was OVER! They use their relationship with us to gain Intel on America’s weaknesses. They need to understand he’s out to EXPLOIT every situation in order to further strengthen Russia’s position to gain MORE world power!

  5. They are raising their space shuttle launch prices too…what morons

    They are going to be marginalized due to policies and actions like this..and here I thought we could build space stations together.

  6. Jordan Shorette on

    Russia is wrong don’t give them the gratitude of knowing if they tantrum loud enough people will give in

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