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San Diego to Toughen up Dispensary Regulations


New rules being considered by the San Diego city council would cause medical marijuana dispensaries to be more tightly regulated.

Part of the new regulations would determine the time and location that dispensaries can operate. Councilman Todd Gloria says this will reduce the amount of dispensaries in the city, but assures people that patients will still be able to easily get their medicine.

“Because we are an extremely large city, there will still be plenty of places where these can operate. But the difference will be that they won’t be deeply within residential neighborhoods. They won’t be in places that aren’t regulated,” he said.

Gloria said the new regulations would also have dispensaries follow strict guidelines like having security methods in place, and doing background checks on employees.

The regulations being considered are the product of the city’s medical marijuana task force that’s been meeting since 2009. Gloria said the task force is being held up as a model for other cities a way to craft similar legislation.


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