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Sativex Fails In Cancer Pain Study, GW Pharmaceutical Shares Plummet


sativex marijuanaMarijuana opponents always try to make it sound like all we need is cannabis derived pharmaceutical products, and that legalizing the entire plant for medical purposes is a waste of time. One product that they point to early and often is Sativex. There’s just one major problem with their argument – Sativex doesn’t work the same as using the entire cannabis plant. That was proven in a recent study, during which Sativex failed to help cancer patients deal with their pain. Per Yahoo News:

An experimental cannabis drug failed to alleviate pain in cancer patients as hoped in a clinical study, sending shares in its British maker GW Pharmaceuticals as much as 21 percent lower on Thursday.

GW, which is developing the drug Sativex for pain in collaboration with Japan’s Otsuka, said the first of three late-stage trials found no statistically significant difference between subjects using its product and those given a placebo.

GW Chief Executive Justin Gover said the findings were both disappointing and surprising, given encouraging results in earlier tests, but the company’s scientists had not given up hope.

Can Sativex help some patients in some fashion? Probably. Is it the end all be all that medical marijuana opponents and members of the pharmaceutical industry are touting it as? Not even close. I’m fine with Sativex being available to people that wish to use it, but it shouldn’t come at the expense of legalizing the entire plant, which helps far more people.


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  1. I do not know which type of brain cancer he had. He also had kidney cancer about 7 years prior & the one doc I talked to said it was that cancer just coming back in a different spot. You can see how to make the oil on youtube. just put “make cannabis oil” in the search this guy does a good job explaining burntmd on youtube Just make sure you always use food grade alcohol NOT ISO or any other form of solvent.

  2. Hi, my mum has brain cancer and we are in the UK and researching use of cannabis oil for my mum. Is there anyway I can find out more about the specificity of the brain cancer and the usage of cannabis oil by your friend who has brain cancer?

  3. LOL….you don’t get it. They can NOT take a component of the plant & make it into a medicine. It is designed to work with all it’s components. What they are trying to do is take away the “high”. they don’t seem to get that after a few weeks of daily use the high fades & you build tolerance. I have 2 people in my life who are still alive because they ate cannabis oil to remove their cancers. One had brain & the other ovarian cancer, neither one has done chemo or radiation. There are thousands of people who are now cancer free due to cannabis oil. Youtube has tons of testimonials.

  4. There is a $10,000 reward for anyone proving someone overdosed & died from cannabis. No one has tried to claim it in the 30 years or so it’s been out there. But besides that it really does get rid of cancer. A friend diagnosed in August with ovarian cancer, as of Jan 14 she is CANCER FREE only ATE cannabis oil, no chemo or radiation. Brother in law, brain cancer should have been dead about a year ago. Just had another scan, still cancer free ATE cannabis oil!!! Check out youtube you’ll see all sorts of testimonials. Try Cannabis & Cancer, Cannabis & diabetes, Cannabis & chron’s, Pick an ailment & cannabis someone has been helped & given their lives back with cannabis. Have fun learning!!

  5. James Peters on

    Aspirin, was first discovered in the form of salicylic acid in white willow bark. But this naturally occurring chemical causes severe stomach irritation, which led to the German company Bayer developing an alternative version – acetylsalicylic acid – which was kinder to the tummy. Aspirin is now arguably one of the most successful drugs of all time, and is still being investigated for its potential in preventing or even treating cancer. You could grow the tree and use the bark to make a tea to get the naturally occurring chemical, or buy the pills. I know which I and others would do

  6. James Peters on

    Something else cannabis doesn’t work for. Why do people still believe it can do ”xyz”?

  7. James Peters on

    It isn’t genetically engineered and contains an almost 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD

  8. This is one reason the drug companies want to keep cannabis illegal, they can’t make a profit on the whole, natural PLANT & they certainly don’t want us growing some of our own medicine.

    Cannabis cannot replace all pharmacological drugs but it can replace some of them & if this is suppose to be a capitalist country, they would have kept cannabis legal but we have a corportocracy, a country run by & for big corporations NOT a ‘democracy’ so to avoid competition from cannabis, they fight to keep it illegal by lying about it.

    We must fight to get cannabis OFF the DEA’s list of “dangerous, worthless drugs”.

  9. You should have read this: https://www.theweedblog.com/is-sativex-the-same-as-marijuana/

    Sativex has been refined for that THC:CBD ratio in such a way that over 60 different cannabinoids are excluded from their extract tincture. You shouldn’t assume a 1:1 ratio of two compounds implies all the others are present, as well, simply because the manufacturing process allows for the final product to be loosely justified as an “extract” which indeed comes from the “whole-plant.”

    That’s why their “extract” costs around $16,000 a year for a single patient. Their process isn’t simply extraction and recombination. They super-heat and spin down the extract in centrifuges to separate out compounds of different densities, and then they remove what they want in the name of “standardization,” which is just code for the ability to patent and profit from their product.

    Instead of assuming the words in your head perfectly overlap in meaning with the words they’re using, be on guard for semantic trickery — especially from a pharmaceutical company looking to make money from prohibition, like GW Pharmaceuticals. That’s why they had their proprietary “extract” reclassified as a substance in its own right, legally speaking, called Nabiximol. They want the law to stay exactly the way it is.

  10. Captain Obvious on

    Plus all strains must be available. Cherry picking 1 strain allows them to control the narrative.

  11. That is precisely what I was trying to convey on a previous thread in regards to food/herbal remedies. Glad to see we’re actually on the same page.

  12. BEEN THERE DONE THAT! I’m at present working on ridding MYSELF of opioids totally. It’s gonna be very hard but cannabis has already SAVED MY LIFE! I rescue Rottweilers and won’t put MY dogs on R/x unless it’s a LAST resort! They can handle more pain than a human can. We NEED to STOP treating them like your KIDS! They’re much different and handle things such as pain differently than WE do!

  13. Captain Obvious on

    I only want to see Sativex (or simpson’s real oil)x approved so I can watch conventional society be forever changed. That is the only way to reach diehard prohibitionists from the inside and watch the inevitable questions of our conventional medical system as they discover truth. Insurance companies will be on board when they find out how much money is saved and more with many competing dispensaries as those dominos fall. Better yet have the patients grow and save even more.

  14. When did cancer become epidemic? In the 20th century, the century of prohibition against cannabis. This was also the century of the cancer epidemic caused by the inundation of our bodies by a flood of synthesized, carcinogenic chemicals in our food, water and air.

    So the Powers (corporations, governments) of this world forbid us the quintessential medicine — that is cannabis; while they foist their cancer causing chemicals on us for their profit and our loss.

    What is not widely known is that the leading cancer researchers, after decades of researching the mechanisms of cancer, have concluded that cancer can not be cured with conventional treatments. They instead are recommending that the focus of future research should be on prevention and early detection of cancer.

    If cannabis were treated as any other food/herbal remedy it would be widely and affordably available as a phytocannabinoid supplement that would dramatically reduce the occurrence of cancer. And if you still developed cancer it would be the primary treatment to help the body heal itself and rid itself of the cancer.

  15. I have watched 3 people I know die because of opiates. 2 directly from opiates vicodone back and knee injury. The 3rd just to get high went from swallowing pills to snorting oxygen to shooting heroin. There is ano epidemic of opiate addiction that big pharmaceutical companies make billions on. Yet a safe non addictive plant is illegal. Never underestimate the greed of big pharmacy and the people that control them.

  16. Hence why BIG PHARMA continues to fight legalization. I GUARANTEE YOU that the Cancer rates would decline! Cancer a FARCE! It’s nothing but a moneymaker for BIG PHARMA! All the money they’ve spent to CURE cancer with their “man made synthetic compounds”. All the money they’ve spent to keep it’s CURE illegal is astounding.

    It’s a FRAUD perpetrated upon the American people!

  17. They wanna make it legal for BIG PHARMA to make their shit that doesn’t work yet keep it ILLEGAL for you and I to possess the RAW PLANT. This policy only PREYS on the POOR and must be STOPPED!

    The ONLY wrench in their plans is that the legalization movement is moving faster than BIG PHARMA wanted it to.

  18. So plain old Rick Simpson oil works better for the relief of pain than their fancy, expensive & genetically engineered Sativex? Imagine that…

  19. I have to chime in to say that I am an MM so called patient with the VA, and when I was cut off from morphine I simply got stoned 24/7, and my pain from an operation went nearly to zero. Luckily it was growing in my closets already.

  20. Delivery method makes an enormous difference in perceived relief of pain, edibles are supposed to be a superior method of medication compared to smoking and while both work on my RA pain, the relief of a toke is immediate and profound! Glory be to GOD for this wonderful medicine!

  21. Let us not limit the possibilities that Cannabis offers, smoking is the method that best eliminates my RA pain. Glory be to GOD!

  22. Was there a “whole plant” comparator group? Maybe there’s a more obvious answer for the findings: NEITHER whole plant MJ or Sativex works to treat pain in whatever subject population they enrolled in the study.

  23. That’s how Wall Street works. Artificial price suppression so the hedge funds can swoop in and buy up a promising stock at a huge discount while pocketing the money invested by the unsuspecting “little guy”. There’s no such thing as free market forces anymore.

  24. “Their medicine was missing 99% of the rest of the plant”

    Sativex is a WHOLE plant extract, made of two different strains to get THC:CBD ratio around 1:1

    Fact that’s easily checked from GW*s web page

  25. Of course it don’t work just because you mix compounds together that has some simularites to those in Marijuana does not mean it will work. The only reason they are even trying to make this cap is so that they can continue to push prohibition and make money of a synthetic crap. That is no better for you than the synthetic crap you can be in head shops.

  26. The problem with the GW phase 3 trial is that it was based on a fixed dosage, which doesn’t fit with the way Medical Marijuana works.
    Marijuana has an incredibly wide therapeutic index. Its impossible to overdose on. Talk with actual Cancer patients. When they use Medical Marijuana, the titrate the dosage until they get the desired effect. Marijuana is the only pain killer its impossible to overdose on. When people use opiates, for either managing pain or other purposes, they develop a tolerance to the opiate’s pain killing effect, but not to its effects in suppressing CNS (Central Nervous System) effects or to the damage the opiates do to the rest of the systems in their bodies, and they OVERDOSE ON OPIATES AND DIE.

    Marijuana is unique in the fact that its impossible to overdose on.

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinions but not their own facts.

  27. Plants are superlative chemical compound making powerhouses. They have millions of years of experience synthesizing compounds that adapt to changing conditions. In other words, they have an intelligence.

    Cannabis being an unparalleled genius at doing so, with at least 932 known compounds, all acting together with positive and negative feedbacks (communicating) that allows it to create a myriad of potent and safe healing compounds. Big Pharma’s expenditure of billions of dollars on drug development can not match the cannabis plant’s millions of years of real world experience in producing true medicines.

  28. As we find out more about cannabis through research, we will find that it isnt just the THC level but the correlation between the THC % and the CBD and terepenes %.

  29. I agree with so much that has been said, but must also consider the people who don’t have access to whole plant medicine, and the people for whom Sativix has been a life changer right now, like MS patients. Shit, I wish the plant was legal and available to everyone. But for now, it isn’t.

    So what if it doesn’t work for cancer pain? It works for something, and I don’t think they will ever be considered a total replacement for all the benefits of whole plant cannabis medicine. The more closely everyone examine the plant, the more obvious it becomes that the whole plant is where it’s at. They can try and fast track all they want, in the future it won’t matter. I am disturbed that this shit is going down in Georgia, but at least they’re admitting the plant has value and IS medicine, so I guess the movement is getting some strange yet positive form of free press at Georgian’s cost. Too bad for Georgia, though.

  30. you can over dosed on this yet another poison made by big pharma, whole plant is the only way to go . stupid stupid stupid, test it out on politicians, and remember discontinue use if death occurs

  31. Quit trying to improve nature! It’s perfect the way it is. They’re missing the point. Nature is the answer. Not pharmaceuticals.

  32. Now that’s some good news. Honestly, the worse GW Pharma does, the happier I am. At the moment, GW Pharma is conspiring with the Georgia legislature to pass a medical cannabis bill without medical cannabis — no whole-plant access. Even though there are three bills up for consideration, the only bill getting any attention in the press is HB1, the extremely limited bill that, lo and behold, only allows liquids/oils, like Sativex.

    The state of Georgia is currently wasting $8 million dollars so that GW Pharma can test their CBD-only formula on only about 50 epilepsy patients — $8 million to give only 50 people a treatment that will, most likely, be less effective than a whole-plant extract they could produce in their back yard with a store-bought solvent, a big cooking pot, and an inductive hot plate for an insignificant fraction of a penny on the dollar, compared to GW Pharma’s price tag.

    GW Pharmaceutical’s CBD-only formula is SOP for targeted medicine — they want a 1:1 correlation between compound and disease. Sometimes, that works great. However, what’s helping patients in the 20-some-odd states that have medical cannabis is the “entourage effect” of their medicine. The cannabis plant contains well over 400 different cannabinoids (none of which are toxic, of course) that work in our bodies in ways the 1:1 targeted approach to medicine cannot grasp.

    That’s why Sativex failed to provide relief for these patients — no entourage effect. Their medicine was missing 99% of the rest of the plant. Project SAM recently endorsed the deal between Georgia and GW Pharmaceuticals, if that tells you anything.

  33. Some people just prefer popping pills. My mom is one of those. She is not against legalizing marijuana. When her dog slipped and sprained her legs, mom rejoiced in being able finally move the dog towards non stop meds, making the dog lethargic and in less control. Mom then said that dog’s new behavior meant it was dying so continue the pharma even more. I took over care of the dog, got her off the pharma and now she seems far more active and legs are working well. She doesn’t appear to be dying at all. In fact getting her off pharma has improved her life. It’s too late for my mom, who is addicted to pain pills prescribed by the family doctor for over ten years. Doctor is against legalizing marijuana.

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