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Saturday Night Live Spoofs New York Marijuana Reform


It is very hard to blend comedy and marijuana. Most of the time, it’s just Cheech and Chong jokes and jabs involving potato chips. This last weekend Saturday Night Live spoofed the recent reforms in New York City, where simple marijuana possession will no longer be an arrestable offense. The spoof did involve a lot of cliches about marijuana, but it was still very funny. Below is the clip for those that haven’t seen it:


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  1. Cheechy & Chongy on

    The terms stoned or get high and wasted is not doing the actual feeling that is given enough credit at all.; We need to reform the reaction to a more softening effect.

  2. funny stuff:-)
    i guess its funny, i mean to say that until we are free to toke
    without the idea of being some joke, well, i wont spoil the atmosphere
    guess i’ll clean my pipe and get up out of here

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