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Saturday Stoner Comedy 2/20/10


Grab you favorite smoking device and enjoy some funny video from around the internet!

Comedian Bill Hicks talking about marijuana laws:

The trailer for the new Cheech and Chong Movie:

Curb You Enthusiasm medical marijuana scene:

The final scene from Beerfest with Willie Nelson:

Growing marijuana on Sanford and Son:

Marijuana gets debated on CNBC:


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  1. WaSsuuup?!….Nj? I’m like-ing the idea of the new NJ MMj law,not only as a necessity for my medical well being,but also as a lifelong dream to legally profit to the point of be-ing financially soundest,by dispensing marijuana in a legal,taxed distributorship <lifelong dreamnecessary info< Once I have the info to go,I will,,go ,,,and apply for the njmj tax stamp that is probably still in place since it was placed there back in 1931 or whenever!____d~..~b _

  2. hilariuos!

    sanfred and Son

    the last video was a little downbeat

    just did a google on SATIVEX
    thats a joke to the FDA

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