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Saturday Stoner Comedy 2/27/10


Here’s some cool videos to check out so grab your bong and chill for a few.

Great scene from Grandma’s Boy:

And here’s a clip from Biodome:

Some stand up comedy from Tommy Tiernan:

And here’s a clip from Deuce Bigolow:

We got a little Joe Rogan for you:

This is a cool video from Master Bong:


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  1. Kalashnikovdude on

    All right then.I have been and seen lots of things in this wild and crazy world we live in.That was the first time I ever saw a person spark up a doobie witha a cucumber.I just cant see wasting the potetial of that cucumber.It should be in a salad with other vegetables and some healthy green leafy Romain,maybe some red onions,shredded carrots,a tomato or two,maybe a little aged white cheddar,some balsamic vinegar and olive oil,finely chopped fresh herbs.A good french bread.Thats the kind of thing that can start a dinner off right.Sure spark that bad boy,but for criminy sake,dont waste a good cucumber! Use a TP roll and just wait for the creative juices to flow and the munchies to set in.The wig is cool though man.

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