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Saturday Stoner Video 7/3/10


Here’s a dose of marijuana related video. A week late but still very dank.

A funny interview from the Colbert Report. Mr. Nadelmann is an extremely good sport:

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Better Know a Lobby – Drug Lobby
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Here’s the interview with Sarah Palin talking about her views on marijuana. It’s about 13 min in if you want to skip right to the meat:

Here’s a interesting look at California’s medical program:

Here’s an MSNBC report on the current progress of New Jersey’s medical marijuana program:

Some funny stand-up from D.L. Hughley

D.L. Hughley – Legislating Morality
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Comedian Al Jackson reads a student essay about marijuana:

Al Jackson – Marijuana Essay
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Legalize Crack??

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Moment of Zen – Man Wants to Legalize Crack
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Here’s some great stand-up from Nick Thune:

Nick Thune – Stoned
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