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Schedule Of Events Leading To Marijuana Legalization Day In Oregon


legal marijuana oregonYes, legalization supporters, marijuana freedom begins on July 1. Portland NORML has events planned to help you prepare and celebrate the end of marijuana prohibition in Oregon:

  • Saturday, June 27, Noon-2pm = Portland NORML Meeting, 1125 SE Madison St. (Tony Starlight Showroom). Our regular 4th-Saturday-of-the-month FREE public meeting features Dru West, best-selling author of “Secrets of the West Coast Masters”, presenting a seminar on how to begin your first legal four-plant cannabis garden, plus autographing copies of his book. We’ll also get you up-to-date on the latest legislative changes to Measure 91.
  • Tuesday, June 30, 10pm-Midnight = “Who’s the Ross?”, Dante’s at 3rd Ave & W. Burnside, Downtown Portland. Our Executive Director, Russ Belville, will appear as a guest on this live late-night comedy-talk show ($3 cover) with host Aaron Ross, discussing the impending end of marijuana prohibition in Oregon, leading up to…
  • WEDNESDAY, JULY 1, MIDNIGHT = PROHIBITION ENDS! West end, north side of the Burnside Bridge, Portland. Join us as we gather on the bridge to take a celebratory photograph at the moment marijuana becomes legal in Oregon. Adults with usable marijuana and cannabis seeds will join us to engage in their newly-legal right to exchange those items with other adults for no consideration.
  • Wednesday, July 1, 9am-9pm = Stoney Girl Gardens Seed Giveaway, 10287 SE Hwy 212, Clackamas. Visit our friends at Stoney Girl Gardens to pick up free cannabis seeds. Get there early, they are likely to run out!
  • Wednesday, July 1, 7pm-9pm = Benefit Screening of Ron Mann’s “Grass”, Clinton Street Theater, Portland. Join us as we provide consumer information on legalization at this benefit screening for Portland NORML of the excellent 1999 marijuana documentary, “Grass”.
  • Friday, July 3, 2pm-9pm = Weed the People Celebration, Metal Craft Fabrication 723 N. Tillamook , Portland. Weed The People (WTP) wants to celebrate legalization, so they’ve created a party with vendors, food trucks, a customized soundtrack, gift bags, a Growers Gifting Room, and a Vaporizer Lounge where you can try out the latest and greatest vaporizers.

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Johnny Green


  1. Thats funny, average people producing above average results consistently..

    Is that the bet then? That home growers are as good as the best horticulturalists around?

  2. Normal retail is 2x..its a endemic problem in society. People seem to want to act as though retailers are as valuable or more valuable a contribution to the product as producers when they are about half as much as producers.

  3. If you had better stuff…you would get $1800-2200 like me. But still, they should be doing 0.5 mark ups and us growers should be doing more advanced work as a group. All this low ball half wit product isn’t worth supporting since Marlboro is still a Marlboro even if you break the company up to a million independent owners.

    It helps to get ones act together and buy oz.

  4. I think the idea is once it is legal and can be grown freely, then the goal should be to produce the best marijuana for the best price. But really for the best you gotta grow your own at home!

  5. What's it 2 u on

    I appreciate this feedback. It feels like we can never really win sometimes.
    Can you recommend some sites that offer extensive information on the economic impact of the states where it is legal?

  6. Why support a dispensary that charges over $4000.00 per pound ? The dispensary is paying $1000 – $1200 to the grower ….. Sound like the dispensaries are greedy .. Do not support the over charging of a plant that has huge medicinal properties … There is a lot of ignorance surrounding the taxing of a free plant … Do your research , Colorado and Washington booth have huge black markets that thrive now because of the new marijuana rules …. Exactly what the governments were trying to stop …

  7. What's it 2 u on

    Look people, we should support our local dispensaries. None of this making hash and stuff @ home if you can so resist.
    We voted this in, and we need to make sure that we take lessons from CO and WA as how not to mess it up. Good times. :)

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