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Scheduling Of Marijuana Infographic


Scheduling Of Marijuana Infographic

Bunched together with the likes of heroin and MDMA, marijuana is currently classified as a Schedule I Controlled Substance in the United States. But as the research supporting the benefits and safety of marijuana continues to amass — and public opinion mounts for decriminalization — the pressure on the federal government to reclassify marijuana grows. Take a look at marijuana’s current classification, the evidence supporting both its medical benefits and safety, and what states have already implemented a medical marijuana program.

The Scheduling of Marijuana
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  1. cannabis is a safe alternative to highly addictive narcotics

    “marijuana” is not a dangerous narcotic .FDA approves all kinds of deadly toxic drugs like tylenol ,oxycontin,vicoden
    keeping cannabis in schedule 1 is a conspiracy , by not allowing testing on cannabis and not allowing distribution the FEDS are committing a crime

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