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Scientific Research And Real Facts About The Cannabinoids In Cannabis


One of my biggest pet peeves is when marijuana prohibitionists use the delay statement of ‘there needs to be more scientific research before we legalize marijuana.’ I hear this time and time again whether it’s about recreation or medical marijuana. The truth is there is a ton of scientific research about marijuana. While prohibitionists stick their head in the sand and pretend the truth isn’t out there, people are hard at work doing more research and spreading the word.


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  1. trichometrist on

    true thnx for elaborating ! exactly my point if you teach children that all illegal drugs are dangerous ( cannabis) when they try it they say” easy kick?!

    then they try heroin not such an easy kick !

    stop using the word DOPE especially in relation to cannabis the only relation to any kind of dope with cannabis comes directly from the government

    just like marijuana when someone asks you for marijuana you should reply “No and have a nice evening officer!”

  2. I’m against drug prejudice of any kind. About 70% of female heroin users were sexually molested in childhood. That can cause some very severe PTSD. Cannabis may not be enough. We need to have both knowledge and compassion. Government propaganda will not do.

  3. Heroin is not a dangerous narcotic. That is government propaganda. It is effective for the severest forms of PTSD. About 70% of female heroin users were sexually molested in childhood. For males the number is 50%. I would avoid drug prejudice. It is the disease that got us in the current mess.

  4. Johnny oneye on

    be carefull if you got to NY and buy dope you will be purchasing heroin.
    heroin is a dangerous narcotic
    cannabis is a plant put on this earth for some strange reason and we are just finding out how someday, maybe today HEMP will rescue this planet
    calling cannabis “dope” “marhuana” is supporting prohibition!

  5. Johnny oneye on

    How to spell APOPTOSIS? when DRS say it the p is silent , am I spelling this right?
    Apoptic , Apotosis?

  6. The ECS (Endocannabinoid system) is a discovery of a regulatory or control system of the cell which will change medicine more profoundly than the discovery of the microscope and recognition that bacteria exist. The ECS is the hub of the wheel of medicine and all medical knowledge revolves around this control system. No physician will be called doctor who does not have a working knowledge of the ECS and the ability to manipulate it.

  7. Johnny oneye on

    makes me sick fucken hypocrits “claiming no medical use ” while privately patenting and profiting
    Rick Simpson has been saying this for years and they try to arrest him and how many in the UK are still subject to arrest for the same plant
    fuck you!
    Another excellent weed blog!

  8. Sativex, which is concentrated CBD, in and of itself is not a bad thing, surely. There must be cancer patients who can benefit from a conentrated form of this cannabinoid, specifically for the antimetastatic effects.

    However, I do agree that the tendrils of moneyed interests should not be allowed to permeate too deeply into the realm most agree is best occupied by the natural form of the plant. Targetted medicines are big money. But they are holding a double-edged sword with Sativex.

    There’s no reconciling the Schedule 1 classification of cannabis “having no medical use” with the persistence of pharmeceuticals derived from cannabis, as well as the respective patents. Knowledge travels too quickly in the information age, and it only bolsters the grassroots efforts to end prohibition.

    So yes, they *will* keep trying to make money with targetted medicines derived from cannabis, but their greed will not outpace the rising tide of public awareness (thank you, internet), and will actually boost it. They’ll push Sativex and Marinol and whatever else they can synthesize as fast as they can synthesize it, but not as fast as people are catching onto the advantages of the whole plant.

    Someone standing in line at a pharmacy will pipe up and say “Tell me again why these pills are better than the plant?” …(awkward silence)…

    Within the next 5-10 years, Big Pharma will give up on making “gobs and gobs” of money and will opt instead to work in tandem with wholistic medicine, instead of trying to stamp it out as a competitor. They’ll have to be satisfied with just “gobs” of money, instead of “gobs and gobs,” because the internet, in real time, will always outpace whatever schemes they might devise to stop the information from getting out there.

    With the high degree of cancer in my family, it’s my personal belief that using cannabis wholistically as a preventative measure is the best way to stay cancer-free, but that I would like access to a highly antimetastatic concentrate of CBD if I did develop a tumor that was high-risk of spreading. But that’s just my thoughts on the matter.

  9. Johnny oneye on

    excellent comments! get johnny to front page this shit!
    amazing how deep the corruption flows

  10. “While prohibitionists stick their head in the sand and pretend the truth isn’t out there, people are hard at work doing more research and spreading the word.”

    An interesting point here is that the prohibitionists that matter – i.e. government prohibitionists – are not sticking their heads in the sand at all. Heck no, they are working quietly behind the scenes to enable eventual FDA approval of a cannabis pharm medication called Sativex, which is produced by GW Pharm in the UK under Home Office government license, (which is a form of legal protection under the Misuse of Drugs Act (MoDA.) They legally grow around 30,000 cannabis plants a year, while individual cannabis growers are prosecuted (and usually imprisoned) under the MoDA. GW’s growing and production operation is highlighted in this youtube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Un5JSkNX5oQ




    Otsuka is the marketing partner for GW Pharm, for the USA marketing of Sativex. From the GW web site:

    “GW and Otsuka are collaborating on the US development of Sativex. The initial target indication for FDA approval is cancer pain. Sativex is currently undergoing a Phase IIb/III clinical trial in cancer pain.

    Under the Sativex US licence agreement, GW has granted Otsuka an exclusive license to develop and market Sativex in the US. GW is responsible for the manufacture and supply of Sativex to Otsuka. GW and Otsuka jointly oversee all US clinical development and regulatory activities. Such activities are being carried out by GW at Otsuka’s cost.”


    According to the official pdf file of the Patent Transfer, GW Pharm applied for this Patent three years ago on March 12, 2010 – a well kept secret.


    “This patent was pre-approved and was written to only include cannabis products made by GW Pharma.” More on this subject from the Hemp Embassy here: http://bit.ly/15TksVj

    When we understand the true reasons for the USA government’s prohibitionist rhetoric concerning herbal medical cannabis then we are better able to understand the reasons for US federal repression against MMJ dispensaries in the USA in states where MMJ law has been enacted. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that after the FDA approves Sativex for the US market that herbal cannabis dispensaries would then exist in direct competition to the Sativex pharm med industry and thus be a hindrance to the successful marketing of Sativex – hence the current crackdown on MMJ dispensaries.

    It is my continued experience in witnessing that many cannabis law reform campaigners have been taken in by the advent of Sativex. Most people I talk with think that Sativex is a good thing, because it is cannabis in pharmaceutical form and they thus applaud what they perceive as the general advance of cannabis into mainstream society. What a lot of campaigners have not yet realised is the direct threat that the Sativex roll-out poses to the global cannabis law reform campaign. All along, GW Pharm have been posting all of the updates on their web site – and it would appear that very few people have been paying attention to the potential impact of the arrival of Sativex in the USA.

    GW Pharm – a strictly commercial company – closed out herbal cannabis legalisation in the UK by their invited participation into government Committees which enabled their resultant influence towards government policy making and subsequent laws that were developed solely to assist the GW Pharm monopoly business – a scandal of enormous import. This is how they closed out herbal cannabis in the UK:

    “The Legal Origins of the Trojan Horse”


    Is the USA moving towards a similar scenario?

    “How the FDA Works & the Reason for Repression of MMJ Folk in the USA.”


    Jayelle Farmer
    Founder & Coordinator, Legalise Cannabis International

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