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Scotts Miracle-Gro Enters The Marijuana Industry


scotts miracle gro marijuana general hydroponicsScotts Miracle-Gro has been talking about entering the marijuana industry for a handful of years now. It’s a logical business decision, considering Scotts Miracle-Gro is in the business of making plants grow better. Last week that talk turned into action when Scotts Miracle-Gro bought one of the biggest names in marijuana cultivation – General Hydroponics. Per Biz Journals:

The Scotts Miracle-Gro Co. offshoot that targets young, urban gardeners has acquired a Santa Rosa, California-based hydroponics company popular with marijuana growers.

Hawthorne Gardening Co., a Scotts subsidiary formed in October, purchased General Hydroponics Inc. and Bio-Organic Solutions Inc.

Terms were not disclosed, but the acquisition should position the company in the growing marijuana market.

Most growers that I know that grow marijuana on a large scale either use Advanced Nutrients, or General Hydroponics. That’s not to say that growers only use those two companies, because that’s obviously not the case, but most of the ones I know do use those two product lines. Scotts Miracle-Gro joins a growing number of non-marijuana companies that are entering the cannabis space. I’m curious to see what they have planned, or if they are just going to go about business as usual when it comes to the work that General Hydroponics has been doing.



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  1. Do tell S.A. This is the first I’ve heard of organic teas being used by this makes sense.

  2. I know of no program that is working to get natural uranium out of the soils. It is pervasive. Uranium is a heavy metal.

    The poison is in the dose.

  3. The “organic fetish” is most amusing. If the US went organic for all its food production a LOT of land would need to be cleared of trees to make up for the lower production efficiency. I like trees. In any case once the plants have consumed the chemicals they become organic. Or do they stay inorganic forever? If they stay inorganic forever “organic” is hopeless because by this time everything is so mixed up.

  4. That has been happening for some time now regardless of how things have been labeled. Both Co. and Wa. did not have any growing regulation or certified labs to monitor what their recreational crops were being grown with. As such, many growers sprung up, using garbage products [because it was cheaper and yielded great results], had a “lab” certify that the crop was OG, and viola! High THC weed with a wicked amount of pesticides/fungicides/less than desirable fertilizers in it.
    Both states are just now starting to get a handle on how to test products and what regulations might be needed to ensure the public safety.

  5. Oh good, let’s add some nasty, potentially toxic chemicals to the grows–this makes NO sense!

  6. Well I can say I think Miracle gro and Scotts are shit…, but the fact that such an established company is willing to spend soooo much money to get into the cannabis game says more that anything else to me…that their undoubtedly old white rich conservative board members signed off to buy a nutrient company that caters to cannabis is a good sign or whoever pitched the idea is a good hypnotist

  7. “…considering Scotts Miracle-Gro is in the business of making plants grow better. ”

    Actually, they’re in the synthetic chemical business.

    Go organic.

  8. I work at Lab in Spokane , wa, and would love to test why they have on store. Can anyone say heavy metals?

  9. Scumboldt Assassin on

    Advanced Nutrients and General Hydroponics both suck. People that use them know nothing about growing cannabis. Better results can be produced using organic teas for a fraction of the cost of these over priced product lines.

  10. Miracle Grow is Urea based chemical crap for tards that cannot grow anything. Goodbye GH :(

  11. Closet Smoker on

    So much for buying GH products………….. I am switching to organics anyway………

  12. This is bad as the majority of their line is shit and you just know they will find a way to f*ck up GH line of nutrients.

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