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Sealing Past Cannabis Convictions Approved By Colorado Senate Committee


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A proposal to allow those with past cannabis convictions to have them sealed from their record - meaning they wouldn’t appear in background checks – was approved with a 3 to 2 vote by Colorado’s Senate Judiciary Committee.

The proposal, Senate Bill 218, would allow anyone with a past cannabis conviction that’s now legal under Amendment 64 (the possession of up to an ounce) to have it sealed from their record, even if the conviction occurred years before the state voted to legalize cannabis.

The proposal is now headed to the Senate Appropriations Committee.

Although the proposal applies to those who have a cannabis conviction that is now legal in Colorado, those with convictions that go beyond the new law would still be able to apply to have their records sealed by filing a petition with a district attorney.

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  1. Why is it even necessary to vote on something like this aside from a symbolic vote? It’s legalized now because people obviously have seen the problem with prohibition. Disagreeing with it is denying the will of the citizens completely. 3/2 approval is ridiculous.

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