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Seattle City Attorney Wants More Marijuana Stores To Open


pete holmes seattle marijuanaSeattle City Attorney Pete Holmes wants to see more recreational marijuana stores open in Seattle than is currently planned. Pete Holmes was a sponsor of I-502. Currently, there are 21 marijuana stores allocated to Seattle under I-502’s plans. Pete Holmes wants to see that number more than doubled to 50 marijuana stores.

Pete Holmes is also urging Washington State officials to change the way they measure the 1,000 foot distance between recreational marijuana stores and ‘areas frequented by youth.’ In addition, Mr. Holmes was to see preference given to existing medical marijuana dispensary owners who are seeking to create recreational outlets. If Seattle officials don’t listen to Mr. Holmes, there is a good chance that many customers will still make their purchases via the black market.

Washington, along with Colorado, is being observed closely by the rest of the nation to see how marijuana legalization is implemented. To quote one reader that commented on a previous Washington article, ‘I hope they don’t f this up and ruin it for everyone else.’ There’s a fine line between regulation that gives legitimacy to the legal Washington marijuana industry, and regulation that crushes the chances of true success, which will force people to go to the black market.

If people are still making their purchases from the black market in Colorado and Washington after legalization is fully implemented, it will no doubt be something that opponents in other states point to. It will also turn off would be supporters because legalizing marijuana is supposed to make their marijuana purchasing experience better. How many marijuana retail outlets do you think is appropriate in Seattle? Should there be a limit at all?


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  1. I am looking forward to seeing how legalization will improve the Economy but as a med patient I hope they don’t remove all the rights they have given us already. I can’t afford to spend a ton of cash on my meds so I grow one plant and it last me several weeks until the next plant is ready. There should be some moderation in how many stores there are in any given area. You dont need one on every street corner. Put a reasonable distance between each store and call it good. If 50 will cover an entire city so be it.

  2. i502 isnt legalization.
    if you cant grow it, its still prohibition.

    this guy is upset about the law he helped write huh?
    you made your bed, now toke in it.

    5ng limit? whyyyyyyyyy

  3. I don’t see what the big taboo about marijuana is. It’s a great alternative to all those anti-depressants we see in the commercials that cause more damage than what they help. I’ll take munchies and the giggles as a side effect over hives, swelling of the tongue, worsening mood, thoughts of suicide, blurred vision,and uncontrollable muscle spasms that could become permanent. I might be missing a couple side effects but the fact of the matter is that people need to grow up and realize that this plant can very well help the United states fix it’s economic problems. I hope in my life time I get to see marijuana as prosperous and far more profitable than alcohol without the health problems caused by alcohol.

  4. Black markets can exist for any legal good. In this case it looks like the lack of stores and high price will make sure the black market has plenty reason to stick around.

  5. Robert Kriegar on

    Whether I agree with you totally or not, unless the government gets their dime out of it, they will remain happy, I am sure.

  6. Robert Kriegar on

    If it is legalised, then how can there be a “black market”?

    Or is “legalised” a euphemism for ‘control’?

  7. Agreed. People need to get over weed. It’s not dangerous what-so-ever and it’s going to change this world for the better.

  8. No limit. The market should be allowed to stabilize on a free market basis. This business of legalizing weed on the one hand and then treating it like yellow cake uranium on the other is absurd.

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