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Seattle HEMPFEST Exports Its Protestival To New Cities, States


Seattle Hempfest performersSeattle Events, producers of the renowned Seattle HEMPFEST protestival for the past 24 years, announced licensed HEMPFEST® events in Oregon and Nevada, with more to come.

For more than two decades, Seattle HEMPFEST has developed a brand and model of “Protestival” to educate the public on cannabis issues and promote legalization initiatives, in a unique atmosphere mixing grassroots activism and a music festival.

This successful model is now being officially licensed and emulated in several other cities and states, as legalization efforts spread nationwide.

“We’ve had great success in Seattle”, says Vivian McPeak, Executive Director of Seattle Events, “with media attention from all over the world, and now we want to help other cities rally their communities, so we can all work together toward rescheduling cannabis at the Federal level!”
Upcoming licensed HEMPFEST® events include:

•    The Umpqua Valley HEMPFEST in Oregon next Friday July 3

•    The Seattle HEMPFEST Business Show, on Aug. 15-16
a new B2B Convention in the Seattle Center, concurrent to the annual HEMPFEST® Protestival

•    The Las Vegas HEMPFEST and Marijuana Expo, on October 3


Partnerships in California, Alaska and more are also coming up. For more information on these events and others to come visit:  http://www.hempfest.org/licensed-events

The Seattle HEMPFEST® Protestival features six stages of speakers and music, 400 arts, crafts, food and informational vendors, and is the most sophisticated marijuana reform rally in the world.  In its 24th year, Seattle HEMPFEST features a broad selection of the nation’s leading reform activists. In past years, Seattle’s mayor, the president of its city council, its city attorney, a former police chief, a state representative, a state senator, and U.S. Representatives Dennis Kucinich and Dana Rohrabacher have spoken for reform from its main stage, which boasts huge pot leaves suspended high in the air.

For more information on attending, vending or sponsoring any of these exciting events, contact cyrilb@hempfest.org.


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  1. Dan, you should contact Seattle HEMPFEST events directly (see email at the end of the article above). We’re happy to license the HEMPFEST brand to proven grassroots organizations like yours; Licensing fees are based on revenue (so events leveraging the brand for profit share a bit of it), so if you’re free to the public, as we are, this should be much of a worry. :)

  2. So where does that leave us? We’ve been producing the Emerald Empire HempFest since 2003. Don’t know but we’re getting ready for our 2015 event, free to the public, in a city park as always. Not connected in any way with any other organization (other than to be inspired by Seattle HempFest & their DVD “No Prison For Pot”).

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