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Seattle May Not Issue Medical Marijuana Dispensary Licenses After All


seattle washington marijuana cannabis cup high timesThe State of Washington is in desperate need of solid, clear medical marijuana dispensary rules and regulations. Without clearer rules and regulations, medical marijuana dispensaries are left in a grey area at best, which leaves all of them vulnerable to being shut down at any minute. That of course is no way to live if you operate a medical marijuana dispensary in Washington, and is obviously bad for patients as well.

The City of Seattle was mulling the idea to issue business licenses to dispensaries within city limits. However, that plan appears to be on the verge of being scrapped. Per Seattle Weekly:

The mayor’s office is changing its plans for regulating medical marijuana businesses within city limits, and may not issue licenses after all, City Hall staffers tell Seattle Weekly today.

The revisions follow questions about the city’s legal authority to set up its own system independent of the state, as well as criticism from an array of players in the recreational pot world who argue that proposed city regulations would give medical marijuana businesses an unfair advantage.

The mayor’s plan, outlined late last month, called for two types of licenses, depending on the size of operation, and set rules for testing, the number of plants allowed and the distance businesses had to be from each other and from facilities catering to children. The plan contained some key differences from the regulations set by the state Liquor Control Board for recreational marijuana businesses. Among them was a 500-foot rule separating medical pot businesses from locales frequented by children, rather than the 1,000-foot rule used by the state in deference to federal law.

Washington reminds me a lot of how it was in Oregon before Oregon’s Legislature legalized medical marijuana dispensaries (officially legalized, no ‘grey area’). Dispensaries are all over the place in Washington. By not licensing and regulating them, it doesn’t mean that they don’t exist, and the State of Washington is losing out on revenue everyday in the process. It’s time that Washington put in place clear rules and regulations for dispensaries so that the industry can operate above reproach, and help the State with much needed tax and fee revenues, like Oregon is doing now.


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  1. Mi-Cree-Ni Quash-Mah on

    right so who benefits by this license not the pot grower… and not the consumer………if you all grow your own this is not a problem it is when you want to make money that the problem comes. for me to distribute my produce to market….. I have to have it tested for sanitary use. okay fine that makes sense …..keep the public safe from some of my more potent blends…be terrible to wake up with your lips rotted off.

  2. Patricia Silverman on

    it is illegal to distill mash or wine to get what is call liquor, a single person can vint 100 gals a year for personal use or 200 gals if it is a couple.

  3. Say that to the dispensaries because the prices they’re charging, especially for edibles, has become outrageous.

  4. I know a lot of MedMJ people who grow their own,ain’t one of them going to stop,,,if anything More people will be growing.

  5. They aren’t treating it like alcohol, Adults can brew up to 50 Gallons( if I remember correctly) for personal consumption, how many MerryWanna plants can an Adult grow Legally???

  6. Yep, they can’t just wish the medical dispensaries away no matter how hard, or how many headaches they get from trying.

  7. This quote say’s it all: “Criticism from an array of players in the recreational pot world who argue that proposed city regulations would give MEDICAL MARIJUANA BUSINESSES an unfair advantage” . Businesses? Bon Chance, greedy 502 owners ! To Whom will you whine when Native American Lands begin selling cannabis? These greedy idiots need to find a dictionary. It appears, once again, Seattle medical patient’s need witness as yet another cave to rank corporate commercialism. I hope they are awakened by rattling chains late on Christmas Eve’s night. They make me sick.

  8. Problem is the state wants to be the sole proprietor for MJ,both recreational and MedMJ, It’s nothing more than Greed. What these idiots don’t understand is that you cannot declare a plant “illegal”,and there is and will be a thriving underground MJ market.

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