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Selling Marijuana To Minors Hurts The Entire Industry And Reform Movement

washington marijuana id sting underage minor

(via washington dmv)

Some undercover sting operations were conducted at Washington recreational marijuana stores recently, and some of the results were very disappointing. Whereas the stings in Colorado yielded no failures, Washington had four failures. That’s unacceptable. I always hate posting articles like this because I should be highlighting our victories, and not highlighting examples that will no doubt be used by marijuana opponents like Kevin Sabet.

But, I feel it’s necessary to share so that readers can see it as a type of public service announcement. Never, ever, ever sell marijuana to a minor. There’s simply no excuse for that to ever happen at a regulated recreational marijuana store. Everyone should be carded every time, no matter what age the person appears to be. I would never be offended getting carded at a recreational marijuana store, and would actually turn over my license gladly in order to help ensure that no minor gets access. Selling marijuana to a minor gives a black eye to the entire industry and movement, and is absolutely unacceptable. Below is the press release issued by the Washington State Liquor Control Board about the sting results:

Marijuana compliance checks: 4 of 22 recreational marijuana stores sell to minors
OLYMPIA – Four Western Washington recreational retail marijuana businesses recently failed compliance checks conducted by the Washington State Liquor Control Board (WSLCB). Officers, working with underage investigative aides, checked 22 businesses for sales of marijuana to minors. The first checks represent an 82 percent no-sales-to-minors compliance rate.

The four businesses will be cited for selling marijuana to minors. The individuals who sold the marijuana will be referred to their respective prosecuting attorney’s office for potential criminal prosecution.

First Marijuana Compliance Checks
The WSLCB and local authorities regularly conduct compliance checks of area businesses licensed to sell alcohol. The checks, conducted May 15-18 in Skagit, Snohomish, Kitsap, Pierce and Cowlitz Counties, were the first marijuana compliance checks. The checks followed a recent communication to all licensees that enforcement officers were beginning compliance checks and recommended best practices for avoiding an illegal sale.

Compliance checks are proven tools to reduce the sale of age-restricted products to minors. Investigative aides assist officers with compliance checks. These individuals are from 18 to 20 years old. They must either present their true identification or none at all if asked by a clerk.

Administrative Penalties
Liquor enforcement officers are empowered to issue Administrative Violation Notices to businesses that fail compliance checks. Fines or temporary license suspensions can be issued depending on the severity of the infraction or the frequency with which a business has been cited. Sales to minors are considered the most serious violations because they present a threat to public safety. Businesses cited for Sale to a Minor face a 10-day suspension or $2,500 fine. Businesses who receive three public safety violations within three years face license cancellation.

Businesses that sold marijuana to a minor

Mary Mart
3005 6th Avenue Ste. B (Tacoma)
Emerald Leaves
2702 6th Avenue (Tacoma)
Green City Collective
13601 Highway 99 Suite B (Everett)
Purple Haze
4218 Rucker Ave. (Everett)

Businesses that did not sell marijuana to a minor

Westside 420 Recreational
4503 Ocean Beach Highway (Longview)
Freedom Market
820A Westside Highway (Kelso)
1006 California Way (Longview)
Longview Freedom Market
971 14th Avenue Suite 110 (Longview)
420 Holiday
2028 10th Avenue (Longview)
Diamond Green
4002 South 12th Street (Tacoma)
Rainier Downtown
112 South 24th Street (Tacoma)
1703 SE Sedgwick Road Suite 113 (Port Orchard)
Greenway Marijuana
4851 Geiger Road SE (Port Orchard)
420 Pot Shop
1374 SE Lund Avenue (Port Orchard)
HWY 420
1110 Charleston Beach Road West (Bremerton)
6309 Evergreen Way (Everett)
Bud Hut
11603 Highway 99 (Everett)
Herbal Nation
19302 Bothell Everett Highway (Bothell)
High Times
1519 Highway 99 (Lynnwood)
Euphorium Lynnwood
20925 Cypress Way Suite 104 (Lynnwood)
Local Roots Marijuana
212 West Winesap Road Suite 101 (Bothell)
High Society
8630 South March Point Road (Anacortes)

The WSLCB mission is to promote public safety and trust through fair administration and enforcement of liquor, tobacco and marijuana laws. Per 2015 legislation, on July 24, 2015, the agency will change its name to the Liquor and Cannabis Board. It will retain the WSLCB acronym.

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  1. I agree that they should not sell to minors…and are giving other stores that do follow all laws a bad rep. Why not “one and done” if they do sell or at least a 30 day closure. Issaquah Cannabis sold to a minor on Oct 18, 2015…no press has picked this up yet.
    As a parent of teens and knowing some of the legal stores in Washington are following the laws. I would say one chance then you are done…a more reputable business can take their spot.

  2. newageblues on

    I wasn’t actually thinking of how parents should handle it, I agree that’s their judgment. Overreaction can do a lot of damage, but it’s their call, they’ll have to live with the consequences if they drive their child away.
    I was thinking of kids getting caught by the law.

  3. I am not sure I understand your phrasing. I think there can be damage to children – but again – there may be NO damage to children (growth cycle phase, brain, etc.) However, there is no research that shows, for certain, either way… Thus I cannot openly say – SURE KIDS CAN TOKE UP… Because there is that percentage of a possibility that it can cause damage.

    However, if you’re asking – what “punishment” or “action” to be done to kids that get “caught” using… ??? That is strictly up to the parent to make a decision on.

    If you’re asking about medicine – by all means – give a kid cannabis BEFORE any other medicine. As we know that other medicines, do have fatal effects – therefore, if cannabis can provide a measure of value in medicine to a child – it far outweighs the potential negatives of pharmaceutical medicines at any point in time.

  4. Ted Mishler on

    The Honerable Francis young, after careful study concluded, paraphrasing, that cannabis in its natural form is the safest known substance known to man
    guess i will have to google, but wonder if its true that if you heat kief up, under compression, in an oven at 200 degrees for 10 minutes, then compress it some more, then cool it, that it turns into hash?
    need to read up ltr, will put more thought in your response then:-)

  5. Ted Mishler on

    lol, you are pretty headstrong aren’t you?
    wait, in middle of kief sesh, ltr

  6. Again, my business is a business model made for non-profit. We treat people who have need for cannabis – with what they need. We provide items that have cannabinoids in them, and provide essential terpenes. Much like medicine – as it is natural. We also educate people. Ted – you’re not wrong in your spirituality – but no one is exactly the same – everyone differs in their belief system. For example – many believe in mandated vaccinations. I AM ABSOLUTELY against them – as I think they are a way for pharmaceutical companies to insert DNA trending needs for pharmaceutical medicines. We ARE that advanced in technology and medicine. Why else would it need to be MANDATED? Honestly – parents that don’t want their kids vaccinated – have good reason. MEDICALLY. But that’s a whole other story… Anyhow – your spirituality has NOTHING to do with LAW – nothing to do with others – as they will have their own unique belief system…. IF INSTEAD you had said: Cannabis is a needed chemical in all people starting at age 5 – and backed it up with the scientific defense – I’d be like YAY – let’s get it to them at age 5. But I have not found ANY study at this point in time that proved or guaranteed the safety of children ingesting cannabis. We know that it changes the brain mass — but how? Is that change bad? Is it good? We don’t know yet. So until we do – we can’t say YES… Make sense?

  7. newageblues on

    What do you want done when kids use anyway? The reaction to their use can easily do more damage than the use itself.

  8. Ted Mishler on

    If ones religion, as mine is based, and as some ancient and current religions believe, that cannabis is integral for the prevention of DNA mutation, then you are wrong in your belief that cannabis is not a DNA need. Who are you to tell me my DNA’s needs? I did not ask for your belief to be forced on me concerning MY DNAAS NEEDS, and as you have not the religious grounds for believing like i do, of course, but what i don’t understand, is why do you come off sounding angry for?

    In the ideal world, we do not want others that might put negative energy in the product that we consume into our brains, bodies and souls, that is what i was getting at when i felt that perhaps your calling was not to have stores, if you have any negative thoughts against the nifty plant. and you do, you said so, when you suggested i will have to reread, seems you suggested study needs be done for kids, what makes the publics opinion a matter to contend with concerning cannabis, when a parent should be able to be independent, not FORCED to be dependent on any government or others, perhaps others that have a hate for the plant biasing and essentially destroying any positive outcome coming form their studies, and why do we see others for their permission, and to maybe have to pay for some permit, or license to seek out their FREEDOM that soldiers fought and died for, and we need no need for assistance on peoples opinion on a persons right to believe in cannabis’s healing ability through spiritual enhancement if that is what some of us believe, a majority of goons can not make up sane public policy, as goons do not and will not enjoy cannabis perhaps, lol, not knocking all goons, but goons will not feel the love we feel for the world, and some how, i believe God is all around us all, only we do not usually know it, but some how the nifty plant allows that awareness to be present, and it is my right to believe so, and it is not you or anyones right to seek out laws to have me put in some sort of bondage, and legalizing the plant seems the only way to protect EVERYONE in all states, and that means people need to take responsibility for their own lives, and stop relying on the government’s laws, fines and prisons and wars to solve their problem of putting food on their table, and supplying power to they’re lcd tvs so they can watch leave it to beaver, and there are many ways to do all that, without reliance on ANY fossil fuels too, imagine that, favorite tv shows, and no cost for the electricity
    free transportation too is available
    thermo electric generators have seen to it that we receive messages from voyager 1 and 2, what makes anyone think that technology can not be used by me or you

    excuse typos

  9. Ted Mishler on

    Meki, I should not put my spiritual beliefs on to you, just as you should not enforce your beliefs of law on parents that believe their families should have the spiritual right to use, if they have positive efficacy in them doing so, it just is not right that people believe they have the right to war on others, that is my point, excuse, me, i will read the rest later, i have a few bowls of goodness awaiting…:-)

  10. My spirituality or lack of spirituality is not up for discussion. Your choice to be spiritual – is your choice, and I give you tons of freedom to do so, however, do not put your spirituality on to me, and practice it within your own environment, as your spirituality does not coincide with everyone else’s. To understand this is to see that everyone views religion and spirituality as something different, even if they are from the same “church”. Now, imagine the multitudes of churches. The lack of religion or spirituality is the imperative and not the need for religion. You have the right to have it – but don’t make it imperative for everyone else – who may not share the same views as you. RELIGION IS A PREFERENCE – not a DNA need.

  11. if thats truly the way you feel, you should not own and sell cannabis, as your thoughts lack love for the plants ture eficasy, and your lack of faith in the plant shows, with your belief of allowing children to suffer spiritual blindness, paul harvey said years ago of our brains, that if we do not use them, we lose them.
    How many people spiritually blind are lost due to your type of thinking that they should be without

  12. rock on. It’s just what we have. We either learn to work with in – within in – and cause change – or we just sit there upset in our own world that others cannot agree upon.

    It would be nice if everyone could have their way – at all times… But they can’t. So we deal with the cards we are dealt. Do the best we can – and try hard to hurt no others… Chances are – parents that feel that strongly are going to be dousing their child in cannabis anyway – not like it isn’t happening… They just are probably pretty discreet about it. Not to mention – the truth is – cannabis is an intoxicant – there are a lot of people giving their kids beer, vodka, wine, etc. Heck even the Catholics service their children with wine… So the only issue you have then – is urinalysis… Hmmm – well – it’s illegal — why it’s illegal – well that’s a whole other argument — but since it is illegal – just like drinking and driving – then a urinalysis is acceptable. Do I like it? NOPE.. not one bit – I think it’s invasive and wrong. Can’t come up with a test to measure the here and now – then — don’t do one.
    But then – this is only my opinion – and since law says they can do it – then – guess what? Until I get in there and change the laws – I really have no right to complain – right?

    Look – Pharma doesn’t want cannabis here — cause well – we all know it will cut out a lot of bills being paid… People would rather eat something that doesn’t have side effects than to take pills all day long that leave them fulled with cancer, kill them or make them queasy… So that’s a given. Money talks — Pharma is going to fight this tooth and nail – we’re talking BILLIONS of Dollars – and if states agree to put it in insurance – Pharma is even more screwed — and well if Pharma is putting the pressure on insurance… well there we go – more problems…. Now — let’s go and talk about alcohol – Why would alcohol want to lose money to cannabis? Cause people will smoke and forget to drink that six pack… AND there is more billions of dollars “POOF” up in smoke…

    Oh wait – now you have the OIL company who makes capsules – and fillers for pharma (and a lot more – you just do not want to know) – and there’s a few more billion dollars not spent… Whoops… And then… You have OIL Fuel – which cannabis is an amazing biofuel — and then concrete – as hempcrete… Oh and wait… Everything hemp… And… hmmmm

    So those industries can almost completely be replaced by hemp – no wonder they are lobbying and fighting to keep it illegal. No one wants to lose their million dollar a month paychecks… you certainly wouldn’t…

    So – that’s what you’re really up against – and they don’t give a hoot about spirituality.


    So – while I agree with you in principle – the truth is – it’s illegal in the US according to federal law – because it has “NO MEDICAL VALUE” and is labeled a schedule one…. And the states are following the Cole Memorandum and so on… WHich really is nothing more than a blustery “whoops there it is” statement on hey – do it – we’re not gonna bust you unless you’re doing something else wrong – as long as you follow your state laws to the “T”… So truth is – that’s a lie. Massachusetts already proved that when Doctors were given knock and talks.

    It’s all about money – and money and spirtuality don’t co-exist.

    So – if you want something done – you have to allow the start to happen so that your spirituality point will even have a chance to exist — and parenting points to even exist —– because the current status quo is very shaky. Doesn’t mean people don’t agree with you… but you can wish in one hand and want in another – and neither will fill up on it’s own.

    Start a group – have very clear reasons for being there – and create a PAC – (fundraisers for campaigns – activists) and then campaign – and organize it so it’s very easy — (ok – no it’s not easy – but once you figure it out – you can manage it. ASK – your local city offices – or assembly how to do it.)

    Get a political consultant – a campaign manager and so on …

    That’s how you’ll win your battle… If you can make people vote for you – and raise enough money to travel – pay for advertising and have a good campaign trail where you pay people to make you look good…

    Simple right?

  13. Rock on – excellent commentary – Look each person is entitled to their opinion. But it comes down to law that is going on right now – and the truth is law is in charge. But you rock for your discussion.

  14. Ted Mishler on

    ignorant people ignore our pleas
    I believe true change will only occur, when we successfully engage the enemy of our constitution and religious rights in a court of law

    let them do the leg work making license plates
    i prefer to toke:-)

  15. I don’t believe we should be dictating ideas that could harm a family by locking up parents, taking the kids putting, them in foster care, and I believe that the fear of the kids is the one the haters of our cause use far too often

  16. and perhaps SOME teens look to the GANSTA styles you speak of as an avenue to take, when their parents lie to them concerning cannabis, and when they are prohibited from doing what comes naturally.
    There is not one shred of evidence that cannabis use causes children detriment.
    As I mentioned before, DOCTORS, not you or I, but DOCTORS prescribed cannabis to infants for colic, and for a lot of other helpful reasons




  17. ted mishler on

    I believe you have every right to make children live their lives without the spiritual experience that cannabis can bring, but I do not believe you have the right to force others.
    Doctors used to give cannabis to infants for colic, are you not aware of that?
    How can the USA break its cycle of dependance on this corrupt government, when people like you keep on inventing new laws, and more and more ways to incarcerate people?
    What of the parents, when your thinking drives them away form their children via welfare?
    I came from a divorced family, and I know all about that kind of life style, and it is not one I would recommend, your type of thinking is not going to drive down the divorce rate, if families are locked in cages, while haters will use the save the kids! save the kids!
    Are we to raise a generation of sissies, afraid of their own shadows?
    See, that is exactly the reason I never want any kid, cause too many people like to use kids as a tool to get us locked away, and really, that is a form of mass genocide, if all people that do cannabis are prevented from having families, and really you should stop that attitude, what of the ADULTS?

  18. I understand exactly what you mean. But I cannot take away the reality of the situation. Would I prefer we raised our children how we see fit – and the village raises the child.. YES… But — I know what’s really happening. So I say – we… stand up and work. And do what we are supposed to do — be the majority – by standing up and speaking out. Educating people. Get me a study that says it does no harm – then I’m down to be sure — give an intoxicating substance to a child just to play with… (Yes – I realize you think there is spirituality involved – but I don’t believe in that spirituality – and spirituality is a minority. Religion and state are separated in the US) Do I think that sucks? Yeah – I think parents should be able to do anything that is not harmful – with their children… Harmful is deemed by science. So get a study group to prove it isn’t harmful. It’s that difficult – but if you could pull that off – then fine – give it to the kids – but the parents are responsible for their kids actions and EVERYTHING… Make sense?

    But since logic dictates – we have to go with the way things move and the way things work. That’s just the way it is. So instead of sitting down and getting upset at what I say — READ it… Clearly… I am saying if you want changes – make them happen. Baby steps will get us there – teaching others the truth – that will get us there. Educating on the medical value – educate on the health value – the textile value – the fuel value – the value of cloth, materials, plastics, etc. Stay away from the “420 lifestyle” cause that is what is killing it – they think everyone who smokes pot is Cheech and Chong – or gangster dealer… So – teach the truth… We do… We teach SELF REGULATION — you know what needs to be done – so do it. But don’t be angry at me for speaking the truth… Just because you want another avenue… Instead – make your avenue happen – by making a difference and doing the legwork involved. I do.

  19. I don’t believe families should be dependant on others to tell them how to live

  20. Don’t you suppose that starvation by some due to their inability to
    work, due to anti constitutional discrimination through urinalysis will make an impact and changes on the brains as their bodies atrophy?
    Move up out of the way, if you are part of the problem, then stop it

  21. I any child ends up on skid row, I would wager it is due to others, well meaning in their intentions, yet they forget, that they have no right to raise others children in the first place, and I can there fore not support your want of a prison planet, and broken homes, do you realize the parents in prison can not raise their kids, what of the parents rights, what about the usa going after all those who vote to alienate all who use cannabis? And prevent them from work? Don’t you suppose that starvation by some due to their inability to work, due to anti constitutional discrimination through urinalysis?
    EVERY person on this planet needs to be independent, and your policies will in the long run, make people dependant on a government to raise kids, you are not for independence, you are for dependants on others then, you need tot think twice, as that is not nice.

  22. You could never make a statement that ALL minors will be unharmed, that’s not how science works. You can find strong evidence that most minors will come out perfectly fine, but it doesn’t really get more certain than that, especially when the government is still in charge of most large-scale studies of cannabis. In any case where something bad happens after a kid starts smoking weed, I’m going to assume that there was another underlying factor that led to something negative.

    You obviously have a large knowledge base regarding cannabis, and I love that I get to respond to someone who knows their stuff for once. Just to clarify, I don’t think legal cannabis at this point in the game should be pushing to sell to people under 18. But that does leave those smokers under age 18 in the “black market”, less informed, and generalized as unable to handle the weed. When you’re young and you’ve got issues that are kicking your ass and your only options are antidepressants that can (and did, in my case) make depressed people suicidal, the world looks pretty hopeless. Some pills make you gain weight, some make you sleep all day, some do nothing for you, and most are just marginally more effective than placebos. I was incredibly lucky to discover marijuana. That’s my true medication, although I do take an SSRI because my body chemistry is so dependent on it. I guess my point is that I could justify any potential harm done to me in my younger years because my quality of life is so drastically changed for the better. In a world where minors can’t find cannabis, I would’ve been another mental illness casualty. And even if it wasn’t so important to me medicinally, I don’t think kids getting high is going to be detrimental to their brains unless something was very, very wrong to begin with. Kids take risks all the time, they have no real sense of their own mortality–but weed is a very tame substance when used responsibly. You can’t say the same for cigarettes, alcohol, inhalants, and all the other things people use because they’re not allowed access to their preferred substance.

  23. ted mishler on

    On the surface, its sounds all great you know, yeah! Great for the kids, but in states where their are harsh laws, this sort of discrimination should be discontinued, simply because laws against any use or sale, ends up prohibiting us all from acquiring it if we do not happen to be in a situation to where we could grow our own.
    The laws against cannabis is a form of abuse too, what of those like myself it benefits? Are we to believe we will never be treated fairly in the world of economics, and common decency?
    What right does any ,majority, or minority have to discriminate against even one person

    well, in my protest to the whole notion of opening up a mouth as as well,”al lewis” on the car 54, and munsters is where i remember him most, and but i heard him say it once in a while, must have been a saying back then, “open up a mouth” people like to pretend they are being responsible, so yeah,, and but then look at where states are allowed to be so cruel?
    What ends up happening oh so responsible one, is too many times, according to the newspaper, and the news on tv, happy families are effected in a negative way, maybe the family never gets back together again, and it all starts with hate on others who use it, and the prevent them from work, have families, etc, and their want to stick a nose, and open a mouth, divide and conquer, what right does anyone have to war on another who enjoys it?

    i know i am enjoying my buz this eve, and am about to embark of a bit of time travel of my own, as i watch, now listen carefully, as this is the most important part:-)

    SUPER MOUSE – Mighty Mouse – Super Mouse Rides Again 1943 – Terrytoons

    then i might have to get a refill of mountain dew, then watch
    Mighty Mouse in Frankensteins Cat

    Mighty Mouse in The Johnstown Flood (1946)

    Mighty Mouse in Stop, Look And Listen (1949)

    Mighty Mouse in The Green Line (1944)

    Mighty Mouse The Sky is Falling

    Mighty Mouse – A Cold Romance

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    Hector Heathcote – Train Terrain 1965


    Astronut – The Skys The Limit

    Lippy the Lion & Hardy Har Har (1962) – Intro (Opening)

    Astronut – Weather Magic

    Yippee, Yappie and Yahooey – The Volunteers

    peter potamus show-closing


    Mighty Mouse in Stop, Look And Listen (1949)


    Luno – The Prehysteric Inventor (1963)

    Clint Clobbers Cat

    Shove Thy Neighbor

    Dustcap Doormat
    Clobbers Ballet Ache

    Clint Clobber – Flamboyant Arms

    Springtime for Clobber

    Topsy Tv (57)

    I think I will then listen again to that nifty video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Swjc5FWm4LA

    and by then it might be time to reup my toke:-)
    might check out a ted talks, while i talk a little more on this comment section of my own type of talk of my own:-)
    love out o the good folk

  24. ted mishler on

    I disagree, as Doctors used to prescribe cannabis to infants for colic, before war against their right to prescribe cannabis for those in need prohibited them from doing so.

    Why do you compare cannabis use as suicide? More hey everybody, lets worship our fears, so that we can all breed a world of people in terror?

  25. Minors have their own cannabis suppliers. The suppliers that prohibition created. Minors get their pot from fellow students in their schools. Under prohibition no adults need be involved in the underage cannabis trade.

  26. No – I want what is safe for all. I understand cannabis is better, as an alternative, than pharmaceuticals on so many levels, although there is room for pharmaceuticals in specific situations.

    You are talking about regulation of a product that is going to be regulated whether you like it or not. There is too much money to be made on crops, sales and more. It’s going to happen. You have to look at reality. If you are regulating something you then become responsible for the outcome of that product. (You can’t have candy on the market that has glass in it — now can you? You can’t sell products that have arsenic in them – now can you? Get real – you’re talking about a product that is going to be regulated – you have to stop thinking it’s a freebie now… Cause we lost that war as soon as Colorado made it recreational and started taking taxes and the US govt did not storm trooper them – they took a wait and see approach – and it’s still operating. So we know where it’s going…. Use your brain, use your intellect and understand —- WE THE PEOPLE — only count if WE THE PEOPLE get up there and count ourselves.)

    If you want this world to change – you have to stand up and be counted and be a part of the politics. Otherwise – no matter what you say about parents not having rights is going to be squished down into nothingness… Prove to me that cannabis – beyond a reasonable doubt does no harm to developing brains – or bodies – and I am all for it… but you have to show it to me on a STUDY that is NOT funded by a group that is interested financially in the outcome of the study… A study NOT backed by NIDA – or any Cannabis Coalition or Cannabis Product group — it has to be impartial – or it is NOT valid.

    Do you not understand that you can’t win this singlehandedly? If you want parents to have more rights – get up – get out – and make a pack – then a coalition – then a group – or however you choose… Get people involved. I say until science can prove it works – then great… But for all the spirituality in the world – I have NOT seen a child that is mentally retarded get better – nor have I seen a dead child walk again. It may have happened ONE time – but I have not seen it — nor have any of my colleagues. Science comes first here because it is in the best interest of the majority – and since the majority are not spiritual – then I cannot say that spirituality will win. So – if you want the RIGHT to be able to feed your kid weed to get them stoned – then get out there and fight for it. You have the right to fight for it. But don’t, for a moment believe you will win unless you have a majority. And that’s the truth.

  27. not in bloomington indiana you do not
    your attitude sounds as though your want to own the right to tell parents that their kids should never use, I do not feel it is any of your concern how another raises their kids

  28. mass genocide of all that use cannabis is not the answer
    kids in homes where parents use cannabis are in danger of the “OH! SAVE the children!” fanatics, and that is a danger to those families that would otherwise be happy contented families

    Cause thinking like that is the tools of high treasonous traitors that have ruined this countries’ economy, remember the national debt, and Jonathan Magbie

  29. I agree with that. But where do we test it? Where can we scientifically make a FULL statement that it does not hurt ALL minors? Where can we with full honesty state that at this point in time – we know it does NOT damage the brain? I cannot. Until I can – I can’t with good dignity say yeah – go on feed it to the kids – let them get stoned. We’re not talking medical use here – we’re talking recreational use. And again – let me say that those who smoke daily are NOT recreational users. Recreational users are those who smoke once in a blue moon – those who smoke daily – have something missing and are medicating – whether they know it or not. And I disagree with anyone who calls cannabis addicting. It is NOT physically addicting. IT might be addicting to those who mentally NEED it – but that is not addiction – that is replacing a chemical that is needed. I believe very strongly that our country is in the middle of endocannabinoid deficiency. So I believe a lot of people NEED cannabis. Regardless of age. But because I cannot scientifically tell you with certainty – in a test, clinical study, research or otherwise – that it does NO harm – I cannot be for minors taking cannabis on a recreational basis. (Note: for medical reasons I am ALL for minors having cannabis instead of pharma.)

  30. What kind of bad apples are for mass genocide of all those who use cannabis?

  31. I believe we are more than chemicals
    I believe we all have spirits
    I believe cannabis enhances that spiritual nature, especially the higher thc varieties
    no pill can equal it
    our sovereignty of our own consciousnesses should never be broached
    yet you feel we should all have permission

    your ideas as well meaning as they appear to you are for high treason, as you wish to war on and keep all who use cannabis from a good paying job
    you are part of the problem if you are for go along with imprisonment and fines and forced urinalysis for any reason
    if you go along with those who wish slavery to continue, may you have a most unenjoyable day, perhaps, you might stub your toe or something, maybe have hate-mare or something, maybe you will find that your bread is stale
    imagine, people wishing that we all should be in jail
    damn it

  32. why dont you let us all take care of ourselves, without the need for prohibiting us from a good paying job?
    got to go, need to toke up, then go to a minimum paying job
    no thanks to you and others PISS POOR attitude that you feel you are supiorrior if you do not enhace your life through cannabis use

  33. i believe we need to stop with the attitude that people are better amercans if they do not consume marijuana

  34. it was never common place for me as a minor, who had chrones and ibs, when i needed it, what of my rights

    you sound as if you are attempting to suggest that our slavery is ok, as long as we can sneak and get it somewhere, unbeknownst to all
    we need a country of freedom to say we are in a free country

  35. Everyone is different. Some people will never be ready to smoke cannabis. Some people are ready before they’re out of middle school. I’m not saying it doesn’t change how you view the world. It changed my life completely, and for the better. You really can’t speak for all the “minors” in the world. My brain is doing fabulously, by the way. Smoking since I was 13.

  36. Ted Mishler on

    well then when a parent buys pills, that is ok by you, if it is approved by prescription?
    good grief, don’t you know the statistics of death fro using pills annually?
    How responsible are people that keep doing the same thing, hoping a different better result, only to discover, it will not happen, people will continue to die,

    and you base your reasons for insanity of a want to keep warring on people who believe that cannabis is the answer to their medical and spiritual needs on what

  37. Cannabis is the safer alternative in MANY cases. But not all. Cannabis – like SUGAR – like coffee – like meth – like aspirin – like your own body – is a chemical. We’re all made up of atoms/molecules/quarks/etc. – all differently organized. You’ve seen molecule structures I am sure? Molecular Structure Charts and Molecular Geometry charts will amaze you. They will show the atomic nuclei of a molecule – which shows you how it is represented 3d – (if you will).

    (−)-(6aR,10aR)-6,6,9-Trimethyl-3-pentyl-6a,7,8,10a-tetrahydro-6H-benzo[c]chromen-1-ol is the breakdown of THC – you understand this?

    Understanding chemistry and the human body chemistry – is understanding the fact that EACH HUMAN has different requirements of chemical intake or removal in order to operate efficiently. This means we all have balances and we all different types of needs, requirements, etc. of intake to balance out the chemistry of our bodies to make us “FEEL” or “SEEM” or “BE” balanced. Thus – pain signals equal something out of balance, otherwise the mitochondria would not be sending the nerve impulse electrical conduit to a pain site and send the information back to the brain to interpret the signal.

    (Scary fact – mitochondria are a symbiotic relationship, not a human chemical. Takes time to figure that one out… but without them we would probably be piles of mush that didn’t move and just dividing cells as mutation occurs — but hey – most people aren’t even cognizant of what mitochondria is or what it does, and it’s probably one of the most significant portions of being human. LOL – oh and you might wish to research further on endosymbiont info, that might blow your mind… )

    However all of that said…

    Anyhow – all of this boils down to – a chemical is a chemical is a chemical and we are chemicals. Each person requires a different balance of chemicals. Some pharmaceuticals are valid points – and what works for one person may not work for another. Morphine may be the perfect chemical catalyst for someone, meth amphetamine may be the perfect one…. Cannabis may be the perfect one, etc. etc. etc. etc. Some people I won’t talk to until they have had caffeine in the morning – which balances them out… Some call that addiction… I call it a blessing when they drink their coffee and are pleasantly human afterwards. That’s their balance. Are they functioning without the caffeine once withdrawal takes place and they are no longer “ADDICTED”? possibly – but they seem to function BETTER with caffeine. They seem to have better thought processes. So to me, they are missing something that caffeine seems to assist to make them better.

    I could go on and on and on… But suffice it to say – everyone has a different errrrrrr…… boiling point. Chemical expression and makeup. AND NEED.

    Thus to say that someone takes heroin this is bad – is not accurate. For some, the reaction to heroin is bad. But for those missing the chemical components and need the opiod chemicals – note our bodies change and mutate, for example tolerance can be built up because of calcium blockers upping their rates, etc etc which does NOT signify addiction, based on needing more, it simply means the body adjusted it’s levels of chemicals to change to require more, to adapt to the opioid receptor transmission of chemistry change… (ding ding ding )

    Side effects now… Let’s talk side effects. It truly depends on the additive chemicals about that which causes side effects. In most cases, a person who has an imbalance – the side effect is balance. For those that do not have an imbalance, it may cause a different effect. Again – chemistry and balance.

    So what may cause you to get the spins when you drink alcohol – may have no effect on someone who has tolerance, need or requirement for that chemical.

    You cannot lump every human into a one-size-fits-all category… To me… That is what is wrong with the pharmaceutical industry… and the ONE THING — the cannabis industry has over everything else.

    IF cannabis works for you – your endocannabinoid receptors require it and your body thrives on it, then you can adjust your intake based on your need… Unlike 7.5 mg of hydrocodone with fillers and additives that make the pharmaceutical companies rich…

    As long as we – in the industry – understand individual requirements – we will always WIN.

    The minute they make a demanded level of concentration, we’re all screwed.

    And that was your ADHD Science Based Lesson of the week – by the end of the week, I want all of you to unscatter the information and have your report on my desk (wink)

  38. Uhm – NO – I don’t think it’s ok to sell to children. However, I also understand this is a new industry – and growing up, all my friends who were 13 years old were selling to each other – and so on. So I don’t expect the MENTALITY to have changed. So understanding that – I’m OK with a SLAP FIRST — then a full blown levy of criminal charges after that first slap. Sorry – Alcohol places have had YEARS to develop their protocols, policies and procedures. We’re new. And yeah – I want everyone to BE PERFECT… But reality sinks in and I realize humans are humans and they’re going to make errors in judgment – until they learn there is a repercussion. This is a MINOR crime (no pun intended) in all reality – just like slipping a kid a Beer… But – the consequences – I agree – can backlash the community – but only because the community is NOT out there in politics – so the politicians who have no freaking idea about cannabis – are the ones making the rules – and making it difficult. So if you really want to jump on your cannons about Cannabis – and you’re REALLY WORRIED about the laws, then stop screaming boycott cannabis places and instead get into politics and make a difference.

  39. for you I am glad but for the millions who really should not have had it I am not

  40. if a friend jumped off a buiilding would you same idea and no its not better its the same WRONG

  41. as are alcohol and
    cigarettes doesn’t mean we should accept it or say its okay

  42. this has nothing to do with
    character well formed or otherwise it has to do with the development of the
    brain which is an organ

  43. there are always exceptions
    and an illness is certainly one. just as with other prescription medications if
    a young person has the illness obviously they should;d be treated with any
    medication that is available. my response was that young people in general
    should not partake in the use of cannabis just like they should not partake in
    the use of alcohol and was directed and the comment I replied

  44. Travis Reeves on

    Doesn’t take away the fact your taking aderall that has serous side effects. If somone takes heroin for there back pain and they consider it “medicine” it still dosnt take away the fact that they’re taking heroin witch also causes serous side effects unlike cannabis.

  45. Um, hello, it is already readily accessible to to the millions of minors across the US smoking it.

    Just because it’s illegal, doesn’t mean there is a lack of demand for it.

    In fact, by being illegal it is extremely easy for any “minor” to obtain it. This has been already happening for a long time.

    Hate to say it, but it’s already something very commonplace among “minors.”

  46. SO, you are saying you do not believe kids have the right t the spiritual experience then, as well meaning as you I am sure are, ok, hat is your right, but not sure you have the right o dictate that to others or not, i would like to know the statistics of negative consequences, as I really do not know, just suggesting that the religious experience is not like any other, just thought I would give my 7 cents to all the sisters and brothers, i mean if they choose, though the experience, then you would prefer a criminal charge, imprisonment for all those involved? well that is your opinion then, ok, duly noted…



  47. What? You think it’s a harmless mistake to fail to card college-age kids just because they might have “looked older”? Seriously? Do you not understand how precarious the legal status of cannabis is, or how long and hard advocates have fought to eek out the half-legal status we have now? Four out of 22 retailers sold to under-age customers – that would be no big deal if the industry was on solid legal footing, but FYI, it’s not. Whether it was just 18% of retailers making honest mistakes, or it was 18% of businesses deciding that potential fines will cost less than what they can make by selling to under-age customers, it’s unacceptable and needs to be stopped.


    Mary Mart
    3005 6th Avenue Ste. B (Tacoma)

    Emerald Leaves
    2702 6th Avenue (Tacoma)

    Green City Collective
    13601 Highway 99 Suite B (Everett)

    Purple Haze
    4218 Rucker Ave. (Everett)

  48. What? You think it’s a harmless mistake to fail to card college-age kids just because they might have “looked older”? Seriously? Do you not understand how precarious the legal status of cannabis is, or how long and hard advocates have fought to eek out the half-legal status we have now? Four out of 22 retailers sold to under-age customers – that would be no big deal if the industry was on solid legal footing, but FYI, it’s not. Whether it was just 18% of retailers making honest mistakes, or it was 18% of businesses deciding that potential fines will cost less than what they can make by selling to under-age customers, it’s unacceptable and needs to be stopped.


    Mary Mart
    3005 6th Avenue Ste. B (Tacoma)

    Emerald Leaves
    2702 6th Avenue (Tacoma)

    Green City Collective
    13601 Highway 99 Suite B (Everett)

    Purple Haze
    4218 Rucker Ave. (Everett)

  49. Hi Ted! First – allow me to explain that I am non-religious in any manner. Spirituality is defined by the individual, not the effect, cult, group, diatribe, etc. It’s an individual thing for each person, motivated by the variances of their own personal thoughts, which include morality taught to them. For example, Charles Manson was spiritual, The Reverend Jim Jones was spiritual, but so was Ghandi, etc. The followers of the path they choose, is in part taught to them by what their environment forced upon them – and by their experiences, etc. Thus – I cannot in all good faith, proscribe to spirituality as being a redeeming factor for cannabis usage that challenges science. As of the current point, we know that there are changes that are made to the brain in chemistry and the matter that is used once cannabis is used. We know this as fact. However, what we don’t know is whether those are good or bad changes… and what dictates them as good or bad may be as simple as parenting and morality taught – which leads us back to the addition of experiences. (Hope this is making sense. It’s clear in my head, but trying to explain it in a forum, is a bit difficult in words for a forum and not a scientific committee.)

    Since I deal with science and scientific research – I know this change occurs. I also realize there are hormonal affectations (and effects). I cannot – at this time – make a calculated guarantee that those are great things – or bad things. I am not willing to risk our youth to that – until they are capable of handling responsibility for their own actions based on their knowledge and ability.

    Does that mean I am totally against teens smoking or ingesting? No. I think teens should probably have a medical reason that outweighs the potential negatives of cannabis. WHY? Because I cannot guarantee their safety – I cannot with complete certainty say that those changes are valuable for undeveloped brains yet. I suspect that in the near future we will find that there is no problem – and at that point – I feel getting “HIGH” should probably not be a lifelong ambition of most children. I remember the “stoner” image from my youth… I remember my best friends hanging out in Stoner den apartments – where everyone was crashed out on couches, living off of everyone else in an almost communal living arrangement and people didn’t shave, care if their laundry was done – or whatnot.

    But that may be different now in our society – who knows… There is just so much to consider. But until I can find studies that aren’t backed by parties that are affected financially by the outcome of the study – then I am staying at the mid point where children under 18 probably should not ingest unless it’s a medical reason – and by all means – cannabis is much better than most pharmaceuticals. Pharma has it’s place. I wouldn’t want you going through surgery without pharma – nor many other things – until we understand how to control cannabis much better through science and breeding.

    But spirituality – nah… Can’t say that I believe children should be taking cannabis for spirituality reasons until their brains are more developed…… Entheogenic usage has been around – but even those religions that used cannabis – from ancient civilization still kept it from children. It is – an intoxicant.

    Now if you’re talking CBD – with very little THC (Delta 9) – so there is less intoxicant – then I might consider it as ok… But as a science researcher – I find it ridiculous to consider CBD as the only viable or useful cannabinoid to the plant. AND – might I add the variances in the breeding qualities today are set to enhance and produce stronger carriage of THC – therefore making the cannabis concept — about GETTING STONED… beyond belief… we’re talking the difference between the 10% to the today’s version of 20% if possible. That’s HUGE… Not small number jumps but HUGE number jumps – so – cannabis today is not the same as past cannabis – and if most religions kept children away from intoxicants that got you intoxicated – it makes sense to me that there was a reason to not get children intoxicated. Can’t imagine most races getting children drunk – even though wine was given out – it was NOT enough that the body could not process it before it became a problem. Unless of course you want to consider the alcoholic effect they may have been trying to create — get people addicted to the alcohol – but control all the vineyards ensures people go to every sermon – or buy from you… (Thus creating tons of money for the churches… LOL —- long story — theology was my hobby… religions of the world were one of my interests… so we could go on and on and on about religion and politics and science — but we won’t.)

    Suffice it to say – well – if a child needs cannabis for medication – I’m totally down… Just can’t see any reason to get a child “HIGH” or “DRUNK” or “INTOXICATED” for a religious purpose – when there might be permanent changes to the brain that I cannot with certainty say are not permanent damage — until I can – then I cannot say it’s a decent thing to happen… Yeah… We all know kids who got stoned and turned into Bill Gates… Sigh… But then look at how many kids we know that were stoners that turned into nothing – and are on skid row… 10-100000000000 difference there… Yanno? So take those odds… yeah there will be those few kids it won’t matter — it won’t affect – and so on — but not so for everyone.

    Anyhow – good conversation. As always my opinion is my own – not representative of my company – and also – not a demand that you must agree with me. Opinions are all very good… as long as people enjoy the conversation and do not take it personally.

  50. Whats your thoughts of their seemingly right to have a spiritual experience, but not medical? Have you ever saw positive effects? Or is that kind of thing not even known to you? I’m curious, what you think of that, as it seems to me to prevent a person’s right to their own sovereignty to their own consciousness does not seem like a wise path to take, infants used to be prescribed by cannabis, and I am sure Doctors knew the effects of the nifty herb, Doctors are said to know a thing or two you know, until the war started, against us and our rights, and even he doctors,m as they then were banned from prescribing it, well, coast to coast am is hot this eve, wow, strong words, there is hope folks, love out to the good folk:-)

  51. Helen – that’s a bit extreme. They got caught ONE TIME – chances are they are going to tighten ship and fly right. They got fined, or suspended (more expensive than a fine) — they have paid their dues – and there is still criminal prosecution possible. So seriously – BOYCOTT? Stings are not young looking children walking in to the store… They are adults over 18 – who look older – in most cases. And chances are they had fake ids before and were known to the people, who just didn’t look that one time – or didn’t refuse them if they did not have their id with them. Total human error – and they’ve been slapped for it. A Boycott is a bit extreme. Don’t you think? Especially if they change their ways.

  52. newageblues on

    But we can make an exception for people who’ve destroyed their brain on alcohol. Since their mind is no longer capable of developing, it’ll be ok if they use weed at a younger age..

  53. Children shouldn’t have any altering substances in their bodies until they are old enough to handle responsibility of their actions and understand what that means. PERMANENTLY. Recreational use by children shouldn’t be allowed. Medical use – by all means. But NOT recreational… It is a chemical composition, that changes things in your body – if ONLY your perspective. That should wait until children are no longer growing – and can handle the responsibility this medication and recreational product deserves.

  54. OH and kids shouldn’t be smoking pot. NOT RECREATIONAL. They truly have too many other things going on – hormones, school, public opinion, more… Adding cannabis to the mixture before they have become adults just makes for problems. NOT EVERY JUVENILE can handle the responsibility that comes with cannabis intake. Sorry — I just don’t think kids should have free access to alcohol or cannabis or any recreational medication. If they need it for medical – then by all means – and it should be monitored so they aren’t handing it to their friends to get high… You know you would… so what makes you think they’re any different? Cannabis IS a CHEMICAL – no matter what you think of it… And – it does change your perspective. Children should not have it made readily available and easy to get. Sorry… I’m totally pro cannabis – but there has to be responsibility mixed into it – and I think tagging stores who sell to minors – is perfectly legit.

  55. To be honest – theweedblog is reporting PUBLIC FACT. Those businesses probably had employees that knew the people – or wanted to impress a pretty girl — ALL HUMAN reactions… But as a business there needs to be tighter laws and restrictions in place. If the business would like to make a public statement, they are more than welcome to. Personally – one would think the courts will release the court records and the business can clear themselves at this time…. IN THE MEANTIME — take the suspension – or the fine (or both) and get on with business – do a better job. YOU – AS A BUSINESS – ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ACTIONS OF YOUR BUSINESS. Does that mean people don’t make mistakes? Nope… they do. So train your employees on what to look for… Don’t let it happen again. Chances are – any business that got busted will be super dilligent in the future – and won’t have any further problems – so in reality – they may be the safer places to go to. Does it hurt their business to publish the TRUTH? Dunno… but they shouldn’t be allowing their customers to be under the legal age group. And they SHOULD be checking every single ID. EVERY SINGLE TIME – that’s just good business practice… And I’ll bet that they do it now – every time. So good on them.

  56. As a child of adderall and methylphenidate (ritalin) who grew up using it, I am thankful it existed, because it does not affect me the same way it affects you. I am one of those people who sleep on methylphenidate and adderall – and I’d assume if I took it, meth… The adderall and ritalin makes me hungry, makes me concentrate and very calm…. However, opiods, make me dance forever, cannabis that is indica makes me look and feel like a crack hooker who cleans the floor with a toothbrush. I’m full blown ADHD with a touch of being an ASPIE – so I’m not against the medication – although I’m seeing it prescribed for those who are not obviously ADHD and it doesn’t seem to be doing the same thing to them. For those of us that it works for – it’s a miracle. Just like ANY medication – the wrong use is the wrong use. Even alcohol.

  57. We have to say that when we visited WASHINGTON – because my mother was dying – and because we put on a class for Cannabis Integrity Authority (education, cannabis certification classes) in Vancouver, Portland – every dispensary and group we spoke to was ANTI providing cannabis to youth. They specifically hired older employees who wouldn’t be potentially interested in selling to youths, and had strict guidelines they had already in place for them. Vancouver was much more explicit. I was pleasantly surprised at all of the ordinances they do have in place, it is very strict in both those locations. Room for improvement to be sure – but these guys are fighting a political uphill battle. GOAT LABS was amazing – they pointed people in the right direction and they too, are anti providing cannabis to those under 21 – unless by doctor reccommendation for illness.

  58. ted mishler on

    I don’t agree apollo, it helps with crohns and ibs, so you are wrong, as a kid, I could have benefitted from not having to be around the toilet so much using cannabis, I missed having fun too many times in my childhood, as well as my adult life – how can you believe the feds when they say it alters our minds in a negative way, I believe, I know that it enhances my life, and it is my human right to live as I choose, not how people who hate its effects.
    Therefore, I believe that for some, like myself, it would have helped my brain DEVELOP as I would not have had missed half my school days at home.

    Who are you or anyone to tell me how to think and believe, I say it helps develop peoples brains for those who seek that route, you act like you want to relay what you heard, rather than believe anything positive can come out of its use…why do your types do that? Whats wrong with people like you? are you just unaware or what? It also, thankfully I have found useful for spiritual reasons, how dare you spout those lies that makes it sound like a bad thing, your ignorance is what is bad, as many suffer from your type of thinking, you really need to as Leonard Nimoy said think before you speak to avoid being illogical, paraphrasing..

    Many physicians agree it helps with kids and adults, for lots of problems people suffer with, develop shmelopp, how can one develop a mind or a life sitting on a toilet so much, I know it could have helped me, and vaporizing it would have prevent coughing, years ago, Doctors dispensed cannabis to children for colic, if it had bad side effects, it would not have been used for medical and spiritual reasons for so many thousands of years, and so we do not need studies either on whether for you to approve our legality of our constitutional and bill of rights, as we can read it and know that we have the right. Now whether we will in the future, as well as now are protected or not, or voted to be caught or killed is all up to those who know, all we can do is pray for the best, but politicinas should protect us too, as all politicians take an oath to do so, whether they will or not, whether they PUBLICLY RECOGNIZE US and stop harassing us with stupid statements that offend our beliefs is to be seen..
    too many times in courts it seems the judges have been the criminals, remember Jonathan Magbie.

    the judges have decided our constitutional rights when they do not have that right constitutionally, but even judges saw that slavery was wrong long ago, heck, they even decided to allow blacks to look you in the eye, and sit where they want in a bus, so i think they will learn how to honor our constitutional rights, but we must not keep going along with high treasonous thinking is my suggestion for the good of all, cause slavery and that kind of thinking and discriminatory prohibitive slave loving stance to preven employment and all is just no good, didnt mean to single you out personally, as i know many say the same thing, mistakenly believing they are helping some imaginary cause, i say imaginary, as you do not help if you are not truthful about it, as well meaning as i am sure yu mean to be…thats my .07 cents- – – toke:-)

    we need our freedom and we will never have it if people like you go along with anything other

  59. newageblues on

    There’s no way to maintain credibility w/ everyone. If you think most people don’t care if dispensaries are selling to minors, maybe you should work on an initiative in some state that would legalize for people over 18, or 16, or for any age w/ parent’s permission. I think most reformers feel we need the credibility that comes from knowing that cannabis shops aren’t selling to kids. As with liquor stores, how else besides stings to do that?

  60. The Other LA on

    An 82% compliance rate isn’t that terrible, but there’s obviously room for improvement.

  61. I agree with the author’s sentiments entirely; why do there always have to be a few bad apples trying to ruin all the progress that has been made?
    I think three strikes is two too many; you sell to minors, you lose your license – period.
    I’m not talking about getting faked out by an especially good ID; I’m talking about stores that knowingly sell to minors.

  62. All he’s saying is that this is exactly the soundbite prohibitionists need to perpetuate the myth that “weed will destroy our youth”. If you don’t hear it here, you’ll certainly hear it on FOX News.

  63. The prolonged extension of adolescence in the US is designed in part to turn boys into schlubs and wussies, instead of responsible men.

    Those who mature without developing a well-formed character are easier to herd and manipulate.

    And they are usually the ones whose behavior gives cannabis a bad reputation.

  64. A telling statistic would be the number of minors cited for cannabis possession in the same localities during the same time frame.

    My hunch is that the majority of minors in possession of cannabis will have obtained it through a non-licensed operation. And possibly even a cartel-controlled distribution network.

  65. Actually, a mind can continue developing indefinitely if the person continues exploring and learning.

  66. michiganman on

    Wow weed blog way to suck up to the narcs. You actually hurt the businesses you posted without knowing the details.
    Just shows when it comes to over zealous enforcement….you suck. Kiss the cops ass and you loose credibility. Just a fact.

  67. This doesn’t discourage me. This just shows me the legal marijuana system we set up is working well. – Nobody ever said marijuana makes saints out of jerks. There will always be bad actors. This is a GOOD sign that we will eject these bad apples whenever we find them.

  68. Scott Rellim on

    This really doesn’t prove anything. If we can extinguish the black market with low prices, less teens will get their hands on weed. And make no mistake, we can do that with legalization. In that time period when four “teens” were not carded, there were four thousand teens smoking weed that got it from dealers. This is because A: Dealers are everywhere, and always have been, and B: we haven’t lowered the prices enough to destroy the black market. If Sabet’s argument (if I may dare to speculate what goes on in his head) is that this proves that legalization makes it more accessible for the youth, then I would simply respond with, “So you don’t think those four teens could have scored a bag of weed at their high schools?” This whole argument is ridiculous. Teens smoke weed and drink beer. They do these things because they’re fun, and this will never change. We will never be able to stop it. One thing is clear… we already know that prohibition doesn’t keep weed out of the hands of teens. We also know that there isn’t anyone selling Bud Light to teens on the street corner. One other thing, if a teen is smoking weed, we can be sure he’ll be alive tomorrow. You can’t say the same for alcohol.

  69. No drugs (or alcohol) until age 65. Otherwise stoned people without maturity will do unspeakable things.

    We must wait until people’s minds are fully developed. I think age 65 is about right.

  70. Im over 21, I dont smoke pot but I want the right to choose pot over alcohol if I ever felt like it. Now all the freedoms regarding pot is in jeopardy. Those who do bad things are going to ruin it for law abiding citizens like me.

  71. I am all for 21+ too, just so people don’t get the wrong idea. The mind does need to be fully developed. Just the Minor vs Adult thing doesn’t make any sense

  72. chill please in the States it is serious they do the same with alcohol. However cannabis is new and we need to be squeaky
    clean. Also none should do any drugs (alcohol, cannabis, etc.) until their mind
    is fully developed. so selling to teenagers is wrong on many levels


    Mary Mart
    3005 6th Avenue Ste. B (Tacoma)
    Emerald Leaves
    2702 6th Avenue (Tacoma)
    Green City Collective
    13601 Highway 99 Suite B (Everett)
    Purple Haze
    4218 Rucker Ave. (Everett)

  74. In europe you can drink at the age of 18, smoke at 16. Why does the state.and gov act like they are your nannie. They give kids drivers license at 15-16, how many deaths from accidents occur from car accidents alone? The gov isnt doing anything about it… in Germany you have to pay over $3000 for ur drivers license, and thats after months of driving school. In America it cost $4 after a 30 min test drive and off you go… maybe you will make it down the street and hit a car. Reckless regulation and laws. Public safety to the fullest.

    If you are 18 you are not a minor. For other crimes that 18 year olds commit the court will charge them as an adult! They need to make up their mind, either you are a minor at 18 or not, if you are then off to juve court instead of federal.

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