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Sen. McConnell’s Stunning Support Of Hemp


Radical Russ Belville Show

Senator Mitch McConnell, the Senate Minority Leader, comes out in support of Sen. Rand Paul’s efforts to legalize industrial hemp; Brave Mykayla Auction concludes today; The Case for Marijuana Legalization in 2014; music by SamJack Boys.


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Johnny Green


  1. stellarvoyager on

    It may be feasible because:

    1) Both houses of the legislature are controlled by Democrats, and they are much more likely to support reform than Republicans.
    2) The Oregonian endorsed legalization after the WA and CO results. They were against Measure 80.
    3) The state’s voters seem receptive to legalizing cannabis.
    4) The state desperately needs revenue, and this would provide an excellent revenue stream. They already have medical MJ as an example of the potential revenue from legal cannabis.
    5) Washington legalized cannabis already, and California is likely to do so soon. Having one neighboring state with MJ already legal and another with extensive medical MJ, legal MJ in Oregon makes a lot of sense. It does regardless, but these other states sort of put the pressure on Oregon to do so.

    That’s just my $0.02. Hope it happens soon!

  2. Johnny Bloomington on

    This is what I was thinking but I don’t know OR politicians and if that’s feasible.

  3. stellarvoyager on

    A good way to get legalization done in OR in 2014 is to persuade the legislature to refer a measure to the voters. This would bypass the need for an expensive signature gathering effort, and a legislative referral would also give the measure a stamp of legitimacy in the minds of many voters. That may be enough to put the measure over the top, and a win certainly would keep the ball rolling for 2016.

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