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Senator Introduces Bill To Bring Medical Marijuana To Mississippi


university of mississippi marijuanaMississippi Senator Introduces Senate Bill 2252 Which Would Legalize Medical Marijuana Use

For the fourth straight year, Sen. Deborah Dawkins (D-Pass Christian), a compassionate legislator, has introduced medical marijuana legislation. S.B. 2252 would authorize the doctor-recommended medical use of marijuana for patients with debilitating medical conditions and reschedule marijuana to Schedule II.

An excerpt from an article by WLBT:

“It’s something that seems very unfair that we in Mississippi provide this medicine, that’s what it is, it’s medicine, for people in other states and not in our very own,” said Dawkins.

“I don’t want anybody to get sick and I don’t want anybody to lose a family member or a friend but if and when that happens, the road runs out for all of us, I want people to be able to have options to leave this world in a better place,” said Dawkins.

The bill is currently in a senate judiciary committee and although Dawkins knows it’ll be tough to get passed, she says she’ll keep trying.


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  1. Senator Dawkins of Mississippi has a new Medical Marijuana bill for 2013 SB2369 Let’s get out and support her to get this done. Get the word out to everyone to contact your reps.

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