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Senator Rand Paul To Introduce Bill To Reschedule Marijuana


senator rand paul marijuanaRand Paul, a Republican Senator from Kentucky, has been a very supportive politician when it comes to marijuana reform, which is rare in the United States Senate. It’s rare for Congress as a whole, but it’s especially rare in the Senate. This week Rand Paul introduced a bill that would protect states that legalized medical marijuana. Apparently Rand Paul has plans to introduce even more marijuana related legislation.

Rand Paul also proposed a stand-alone bill that would lower federal marijuana penalties for repeat offenders, and would also reform how federal law enforcement officials calculate the weight of marijuana found in edibles. Per US News:

“There’s no way to make any progress on this issue until the Senate takes a vote and the American people can know where their senators are,” the Paul aide says. “That’s the reason to file amendments to every bill that comes up – there might be an opportunity to force a vote and put the Senate on record.”

A vote by the Senate would be amazing. Then Americans, and marijuana supporters especially, can find out exactly how their elected officials feel about marijuana reform. Then supporters could target key politicians as needed, and call out those that are full of reefer madness. Rand Paul also intends to sponsor a bill that would reschedule marijuana, something that reformers have wanted for a long, long time. The fact that marijuana is a schedule 1 substance is a slap in the face to medicine, science, and logic.


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  1. It’s sad how ignorant you are, hopefully the “old” in your name is for your age then at least we wont have to deal with your backwards-ass stances on things for long.

  2. Yeah, sound like you sit on your head .. You’re a Sheeple and don’t even know it.

  3. Yeah he’s making an effort to once again fool people into believing he’s on their side while he’s taking in millions of dollars his cranky old man shuffles his way via K Street. Oh and BTW…. I spent the late summer in beautiful Southern France and Switzerland, hence my response delay. I don’t travel with devices. I also don’t sit at home, asshole.

  4. Thomas Tony Vance on

    You are right about snake for sure! This guy couldn’t pass the board in KY to get certified so he created his own board and then goes about claiming he is a board certified eye doc!!

  5. Dude, you don’t believe in climate change… gosh, that explains so much… I’ll leave you to your ignorance, now.

  6. I’m really worried about all that hate you have percolating around in your brain — name-calling is a sure sign of brain regression, maybe even Alzheimer’s. Please, get some help.

  7. And your allegiance to Rand Paul isn’t a tad nauseating? Tell me, does Allen West hold the same fascination for you?

  8. You really have quite the sparkling personality… have you ever thought about running for Miss America?

  9. The RINOs hate Paul, the Commie DNC hates Paul…
    He has The perfect credentials he now has my vote now

  10. marijuana is not listed as a “schedule I NARCOTIC” but it is listed as a schedule I DRUG, as are all ILLEGAL drugs…that’s what schedule I is all about…illegal

  11. Now hes on the right side of the police with military weapons. …too…..wheres Hillary on these issues…crickets…

  12. You can ask someone not enter a business without a shirt because of health code. Dipstick.

  13. I used a bicycle analogy because when I was a kid there was then a nationally famous transplant heart surgeon living across the street from my house. The good Doctor, it seemed was a nice man. Obviously brilliant in all matters involving the human heart. That brilliance however, didn’t spill over into other area’s of everyday life. One of these area’s being bicycles. This indisputable genius of a cardiologist and surgeon often brought his kids bicycles over to my dad’s garage many times. He was clearly frustrated and pissed off due to his inability to fix his daughter’s flat bike tire..Paul appears to have this same myopia. Paul should stick to defending climate change denier’s, thwarting his own states medical marijuana movement. Add to this, his avid support of a huge tax give-away for Kentucky’s “Noah’s Ark museum and now planned roller coaster ride”. This planned pleasure ride will display dinosaur’s holding human being’s in their mouths on a 5000 year old Earth. This reminds me of the same lack of basic common sense on display many years ago by another Doctor in need of someone to help him change his kids flat tire’s.

  14. Because he has no control over what the state legislature passes there, moron. Take a fucking civics course PLEASE!

  15. Actually you don’t have the right to refuse service to anyone for a discriminate reason, dumbass. It’s not limited to the color of their skin. You actually get dumber with each post.

  16. Because that is not his style. David tries to shit on everything and every idea that does not come from his party of handouts. I would just ignore the shitbag.

  17. LOL And this rumor comes from where exactly? Your allegiance to King Obama is absolutely sickening.

  18. And just how much has the climate actually changed? Do you have any idea what the actual increase temperature of the earth is? And surely you understand Paul cannot bring MMJ to Kentucky because he is a US senator, not a state senator. What has your savior Obama actually done? Not a fucking thing! Give Paul credit for doing something even the Libtards have refused to do.

    And when will you realize all of this climate change bullshit is just a way for the government to hit you with carbon taxes?

  19. While Great Britain made cannabis illegal in 1928. It wasn’t until 1937 that American corporate interests placed enough political pressure on the US government to pass the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937. Signed by President FDR as a REGULATING entity, it gave no enforcement powers to the States individually. It wasn’t until 1972 that then Pres. Nixon created the Drug Enforcement Agency. It was the creation of the DEA that the enforcement mechanisms excluded within the MTA of 1937 resulted in full prohibition and the modern drug war as it now exists.

  20. Cohen (TN); does that name ring a bell… Oh yea, and Polis (CO). I’m pretty sure they have also introduced sensible legislation. Either way – the mid term elections this year will certainly weed out the candidates that have no interest in remedying this prohibition mess. It just costs too much after 40+ years!. There has never been any evidence at all that anything they implemented had any effect to curb the appetite of those who desire it. Period !!!

  21. Not his fault it doesn’t make it out of the committees. He is at least doing something about it, don’t see any other Repubs or any Democrats striving to do that. Only a libertarian thinking individual can change things, because the rest have $$$$$ behind their “opinions.”

  22. At least he is making an effort while assholes like you sit at home and knock the effort of others.

  23. That’s because we don’t teach actual history here… we teach the whitewashed, covered up, lying-thru-governments-teeth versions… also speaking only one language really hobbles the intellect… very limiting…

  24. Hold on there…stick to the many (easily verifiable) facts. It was Bush jr who called the constitution toilet paper. It was Cheney who negated the constitution with the 100% TREASONOUS patriot act.You think the Bush administrstion was not MADE of illegaliries?? Who are you trying to kid here? President Obama has made the least executive orders of any president in US history…. executive orders are the last resoet when the house refuses to fund anything just to drah our gov’t to a halt in order to make Obama look bad AT THE EXPENSE OF the American people in the hope that they can convince voters to self-sacrifice AGAIN at the Neocon altar of gibbering FEAR and LIES spread by the MSM and corporate theocratic zionists destroying us right here, right now, right in our faces.

  25. If we had honest, fair and legal elections they could never get elected and to be honest, they didn’t win last time. They already stole the WH twice from the actual winners the people had chosen and look at the insane amount of damage they did in only 8 years!!

  26. The reason to make 400 seperate compounds is clear as a bell… More bad-and/or-fatal-side-effect riddled compounds to sell and regulate so the simple plant will still be illegal… Big Pharma needs to fall….

  27. If the GOP gets it’s hands on the WH again you can kiss freedom, democracy, nontoxic food, water and air and common decency goodbye FOREVER. America will no longer exist and the cops will be turned against the citizens which will be much worse than you can imagine….You think people are poor and jobless and desperate now?? Just let them back in the WH again and you’ll be sorry.. and it will be too late. Dems need to get all three branches of govt, but NOT HILLARY!!… she is NOT a democrat… she is a fascist war mongering neocon lusting after power!!

  28. John Vandertow on

    and since the early 1900’s state started making opium illegal ,. even in the Treaty of Versailles certain drugs had restrictions.. Nixon just started the term War on Drugs and ramped it up..

  29. John Vandertow on

    OMG FDR made drug illegal in the 30’s. you really haven’t read the constitution or even a history book have you??

  30. John Vandertow on

    where does it say executive actions take the place of law anywhere let alone in the constitution?.. In fact even executive orders aren’t part of the constitution. read it again idiot!

  31. John Vandertow on

    and what does that have to do with anything? first you claim you were canadian now alaskan.. either way what does that have to do with the fact he is promoting legalization and states rights… I’m sure he has pushed to legalize it in his state or would if he actually had power to do that.. You must be confusing state senators with him

  32. John Vandertow on

    wow now I’ve heard it all, Libertarians being called fascists, when usually scum like you call them anarchists.. so which is he a fascist or an anarchist? man you must work for the government.. Same as the idiots who really believed McVeigh believed in communism and anarchism, don’t you get they are polar opposite views ??

  33. John Vandertow on

    again I LIVE IN CONNECTICUT you dumbass commie scumbag.. go back to the Soviet Union

  34. John Vandertow on

    I would since he’s such a nice guy he’s doing jobs for free. he passed his medical exam and has a doctorate degree and scored approximately in the 90th percentile on the Medical College Admission Test . what other credential do you need? and have you asked your doctor for any lately?

  35. John Vandertow on

    tell that to your precious FDA that supports this David..I thought you were pro FDA regulations?

  36. John Vandertow on

    i think Davis is just some idiot working on Obama’s payroll or somewhere in the CIA and just spouting out any nonsense he can to try and discredit the Paul’s.. Not much different than the mainstream media outlet hacks..

  37. John Vandertow on

    why can’t you propose something that will work rather than bash the one guy who wants to fix our problems.. or better yet why can’t you say one thing that makes any sense .. ?

  38. John Vandertow on

    again all I said was the FDA could reclassify any drug it wants to without approval from congress.. so to say we need to go thru congress is a plain lie..

  39. John Vandertow on

    and who is my guy again? the point is none of them have done anything to help me or you.. unless you are like that surfer dude living off gov’t checks…thanks a lot

  40. John Vandertow on

    I live in CT.. all tuna has mercury or other additives that the FDA allows in food. they allow GMOs and aspartame and all sorts of crap Rumsfeld and Cheney’s corporations make.. or Monsanto getting their way even tho the FDA said what they are doing is illegal.. We don’t need communist style regulatory system in this country, especially since it’s been a monumental failure. We can have state regulators, and what do you know every state has one now!. So stop being so scared to death if we lost the FDA..!

  41. John Vandertow on

    so then answer the question of what FDA regulation is working so well right now? name just one

  42. You are actually using the far left liberal MSNBC and Rachel Madow as a credible source. That is laughable. Just as a laughable if I used Sean Hannity and Fox News as a credible source. Neither station is fair to the other political side. And they heavily edit to skew reality. Don’t be lazy and use cable news as a source. At the very least go to his website and see his views or look at his voting record. That is way better than a cable news show.

  43. The Rachel Maddox Show for one. Rachel interviewed him and has tried to get the coward to come back on. YouTube “Rachel Maddox / Rand Paul interview” look it up yourself.

  44. More informed than you if you agree with Far-Right wing Republican fascist libertarians like the Paul’s.

  45. Climate change, Medical marijuana for his home state, He’d love to allow private business owners the right to discriminate due to someone’s skin color. That’s enough for a start. Have you ever even read those idiotic Ayn Rand books he admires so much?

  46. How about his climate change denials, wanting to repeal the Civil Rights Act to allow private business owners the right to discriminate on the basis of race. What a great leader.

  47. Beware of Paul in 2016. !!! Go ahead and vote for this climate change denying, the Earth is only 5000 years old moron. Some future generation will curse you.for doing so.

  48. Yet the Republicans in the House want to sue this President for using executive actions, a constitutional authority. I really do hope they try.

  49. I was born in the United States Territory of Alaska genius. Use your fingers and do the math.

  50. How about first he supports medical marijuana in his own little piece of southern paradise before turning the idiot onto the VA. They have enough problem’s without this showboating clown getting involved.

  51. That dumb shit couldn’t change a kids bicycle tire. Go ahead genius, let him operate on you

  52. Not the kind I eat. But I doubt the WINN DIXIE’s you shop at don’t even stock fresh tuna not much of a selection in bubba land America

  53. I doubt those climate change denying 12th century thinkers in the GOP will never have the White House.again

  54. Rand Paul is just like his creepy old man. Sure they introduce legislation……. ones they know are not going to even make it out of their respective committee. That’s the definition of being phony political hacks.

  55. Hey Paul, get medical marijuana to your sick constituents in Kentucky before floating these empty showboats you know will go nowhere. What a hack!

  56. That’s telling. He’s not the only one. Yikes, did Rupert forget to pay his trolls for last weeks blog posts ?

  57. Jealousy is so unbecoming. Being a citizen of Canada does have nice advantages. I rarely agree with Americans about anything political, especially Republicans, fascist Libertarian’s, and tea-bagger ‘s

  58. I personally voted to legalize marijuana in my own state in 2012. Something Paul has yet to do in his own home state. Why doesn’t he first try helping sick patient’s in Kentucky and throw his support behind medical marijuana there ? Rather, he Introduces dead-end legislation which in truth, amounts to nothing more than a gigantic waste of trees.

  59. Thomas Tony Vance on

    The 1970 controlled Substances Act allows the President and the Attorney General to reschedule any schedule one drug with just a stroke of their pen. Cannabis’s scheduling was made temporary in 1970 and it still is a temporary classification today! It’s classification was never made permanent!

  60. I’m not exactly sure what you’re suggesting. Saying he can’t be “as bad” as Nixon or Bush isn’t a resoundingly positive endorsement. It all depends on the context — in several ways, he could be much, much worse than Bush or Nixon. He has no grasp of foreign policy. He made a fool of himself when he brought up matters about Turkey during hearings about Libya. And given his inability to hire a speech writer who doesn’t plagiarize Wikipedia, I don’t have confidence he’ll make any smarter decisions when picking his foreign policy advisors.

    As for his views on states rights, well, that’s also where we have a problem. His notions on states rights, I believe, are antithetical to the spirit of the 14th Amendment. Equal protection under the law, to me, also means equal rights and equal liberties. I see no difference between a state trying to outlaw abortion and a state trying to make it pragmatically impossible to get an abortion. The latter has been argued as a “states rights” issue.

    Rand Paul’s “personhood” crusade puts him firmly in that camp. He would argue that they’re not making it illegal to get an abortion, they’re simply exercising their federalist prerogative (by writing regulations that close as many noncompliant abortion clinics, as possible). That’s a deal-breaker for me. He seems like a nice guy with “good” intentions — I truly believe he thinks he’s doing the “right” thing when he acts — but it’s his ideology (what dictates “good” and “right” to him) that prevents me from supporting his Presidential bid.

  61. John Vandertow on

    it’s not an empty gesture to propose actual legislation and fight for legislation like that your whole life.. get off it man and come up with some issue of your own you believe in and tell your damn senator to do something about it . he has..

  62. John Vandertow on

    but what about states rights on the issue? I think he simply believes in the states right and wouldn’t use gov’t force regardless.. and yet what president has stopped abortion? obviously his views on abortion whether you agree with him or not aren’t as bad as any of the other Repub presidents since before Nixon. he can’t be as bad as Nixon or a Bush

  63. John Vandertow on

    so what politician do you support ? or do you just work for MSNBC or better yet CIA ?

  64. John Vandertow on

    you are wrong and he never stated that. stop turning a private property issue into a race issue and then make up a position he doesn’t believe .

  65. John Vandertow on

    only according to the media outlets you watch and then claim you are informed.. if you can’t see the media establishment has been trying to tear down the Paul’s than you miss the whole point… Maybe because you can’t see beyond our 2 party system is the problem. but don’t call yourself informed if you don’t even consider your other options and only gravitate towards your elite ruling class

  66. John Vandertow on

    what issues man? name me an issue you care so much about and I can show you how he probably agrees with you..

  67. John Vandertow on

    what about his position on removing mandatory minimum sentences or allowing convicted felons of drug crimes the right to vote? Maybe look up the 15 bills him and Corey Booker are working together on.. Maybe realize he’s the one guy the establishment doesn’t want in so they call him names and you believe them.. especially when you agree on his position of allowing states to make maryJane LEGAL!

  68. John Vandertow on

    but what actual positions of his are you against? especially compared to the status quo of ObamaBush

  69. John Vandertow on

    the irony is that Sanders and ROn paul have been working together probably before you were born.. whether anti war issues or freedom of speech and what to out in your body, they both honestly believe in this.. it’s not a “ploy” as you claim if he has been pushing for this and your hollow political friends won’t touch it..

  70. John Vandertow on

    he’s believed this for decades and goes against his own party to push for it.. wake up and realize he’s the only guy doing anything about it.. and because you are so glued to the media machine you only know him based on the media lies that have nothing to do with real issues at hand..

  71. John Vandertow on

    who are you to know what his views are if he is proposing legislation to legalize. don’t you want to legalize?? on this issue you agree with him but continue to move the focus away from the actual issue and bash him.. tell your Dem senator to sign onto his bill then and get something done..

  72. John Vandertow on

    he passed his bar exam just like any other doc. but not crooked enough to over medicate so he can make more $ from drug lobbyists . .

  73. John Vandertow on

    it’s not meaningless if he has proposed actual legislation to act.. That is more than Obozo or Busho did to move us towards legalization.. or are you some big gov’t conservative that believes in the drug war David?

  74. John Vandertow on

    and you have the government’s Jim Crow laws to thank for why we had segrigation in the first place.. and he was never against the civil rights act and again it has nothing to do with him wanting to legalize..

  75. John Vandertow on

    yes it’s called having a backbone.. who cares what heat he takes, he should take a little more heat and reclassify marijuana to be less harmful than heroine if he really believes it..

  76. John Vandertow on

    I do! they allow tuna to have mercury and all sorts of crap in it that we shouldn’t be eating..

  77. Hillary might pull an obama and say she is for changing the law.. but I wouldnt trust that…Rand is more likely to actually do something..he is trying to on drug sentencing already…

  78. Can you send a credible link to that? I don’t believe that one bit. You make an accusation as horrible as that you need to back it up. The Paul’s are about freedom for everyone NOT more laws restricting freedom.

  79. whoisjohngalt on

    Title II[edit]
    Outlawed discrimination based on race, color, religion or national origin in hotels, motels, restaurants, theaters, and all other public accommodations engaged in interstate commerce; exempted private clubs without defining the term “private”.[40] (sourche:Wikipedia)

    See look at us! We are having a philosophical discussion about the issue and we agree the CRA64 probably went too far in it’s effect on private businesses. The problem with Rand Paul in this situation is that he tried to take a discussion for the classroom and apply it to an actuality. Not only is that awful politics, but much more importantly it shows a rigid dedication to ivory tower ideals when a practical touch and historical context is essential.

    But if it comes down to Hillary v Rand; it’s a really easy choice for me. Rand hasn’t just talked the talk on civil liberty and criminal justice reform issue, he has introduced numerous bills and entered such issues into the public discourse. He is helping the GOP change it’s opinions on foreign policy. Hillary is an aggressive hawk, a once proud drug warrior, and not exactly a civil liberties defender. I will compare the relevant opponents when the time comes and not compare each candidate to my impossible ideals.

    Thanks for the convo.

  80. He wants the rights returned to those who would tell an African-American couple, sitting at a lunch counter that they have to leave and eat elsewhere simply because of the color of their skin. That’s wrong.

  81. I agree. You have the right to refuse service to anyone , unless it’s due to the color of their skin.

  82. As a business owner, I believe you have the right to refuse service to anyone, unless it’s because as the business owner you simply don’t like the color of their skin.

  83. I really hate to break this to you Zain, but Baby-Boomers like myself don’t wake up every morning worrying what millennial ‘s think.

  84. Steve Cooper on

    With Hillary lukewarm at best about marijuana Senator Paul could steal a lot of democratic votes in 2016 with a promise of immediate reform. If Obama doesn’t help her out before the election the GOP should get its head out of its ass and take advantage. They could finally have what they want. The White House.

  85. Please, please, please, if this bill goes further .. idnc how that can happen as they have so few days remaining this year, contact your DC reps and tell them to VOTE NO for this H.R.5226 we need the whole plant and nothing but the plant .. there is no reason to separate out over 400 compounds in this plant!!!! THC has never hurt anyone …. no one has died from THC … it is a LIE by our Government! The plant is a Gift from God and we need it for our bodies to function!!!! Do not believe the LIES any more!!!

  86. I’m a private business owner, and would like to reserve the right to refuse service to anyone I choose, but technically, I can’t. That sucks. It works both ways. or it should, I mean.

    I think it so odd that corporations have the distinction of being able to be “people” and give endlessly to political candidates, but as a private person business owner, my rights are stomped on, to put it mildly.

  87. whoisjohngalt on

    Just to be clear, I’m overwhelmingly for the CRA of 1964 as it was about public discrimination, which is unacceptable at all times on any grounds, and as I stated, if you look at it in it’s historical context, the Title about private establishment’s was absolutely necessary at the time.

    I’m just saying it’s not as easy as labeling someone racist when they are trying to have a nuanced philosophical discussion about what we should throw people in a cage for.

    I’m not Team Red or Team Blue so maybe that’s why I can’t see the world in binary. I take issue with plenty of what Rand Paul says, particularly regarding social issues and his political posturing to look more hawkish, but I won’t throw pejoratives around when someone is trying to have a thoughtful discussion.

  88. whoisjohngalt on

    The Civil Rights Act of 1964 protects against discrimination against someone based on their religion. Judaism teaches against interracial marriage. Mormonism back then had not yet rejected their archaic teaching that African Americans had dark skin because of past evils. Religions teach all vile sorts of things. People use it as a defense for bigotry these days.

    So if a man walks into a gay owner’s bakery wearing a Westboro Baptist T-shirt, I truly think that the owner should be allowed to refuse service. It was necessary in 1964 because the “private” businesses was governed by racist laws and inseparable from public attitudes.

    It’s a philosophical question. Here in the states, unlike in your sister land of Canada, we believe in free speech. Free speech does not exist to talk about the weather. It protects you from government prosecution when you say abhorrent things. It does not protect you from the consequences of your words. I believe it’s the same with discrimination.

    If I find out the owner of a place is discriminatory, I’m never spending a red cent at their establishment. I will plead with others not to. I will not, however, use force to make them do what I want. I’m glad when they self-identify as idiots so I can avoid them like the plague. Why would we want to make them hide so they can take our money while secretly being hateful and biggoted (and probably messing with the group they hates products when they can get away with it)?

    It’s not that I’m for discrimination; I’m very passionately against it. It’s that I truly respect a person’s freedom to be an idiot up until the point they harm someone else through force or fraud.

  89. Obama should sign an Executive Order doing away with the DEA. I would like someone to tell me the net impact of the DEA.

  90. He actually doesn’t have to use an executive order. The law is written that the attorney general (and I believe the head of the Health and Human Services also) can reschedule anything on the CSA if they believe it doesn’t fit the criteria to be there at any time. All he has to do is tell them to.

  91. I am not a Paul groupie. He is just the best option either of the 2 major parties have to offer right now. Last election I voted for Gary Johnson.

  92. And us Libertarians find big government democrats and tax and spend liberals moronic dumbasses. At least Libertarians want personal freedom and personal responsibility. We don’t want the government to take care us or tell us how to live our lives. We don’t like social conservatives either. Liberal Democrat politicians want you dependent on the government so you keep voting for them and Social Conservatives want to tell how to live your life. Both of those groups go against freedom.

  93. I’m 1/2 Canadian and don’t really give a shit about the war-monger’ American half. I still vote regular, but mainly on behalf of environmental causes, especially climate change. If you don’t believe there’s differences between the Tea-Baggers and the Dem’s,, with all due respect you’re the one who’s nut’s. Is the Earth 5000 years old ? One American political party thinks it is. Care to guess which one ?

  94. Yes he should as that’s what it’s worth. Want a real freedom ringing document? Then check King Henry ll ‘s 12th century Treaty of Falaise. This Anglo-Norman King’s genius did more for our laws and the way we live today than one antiquated Revolutionary piece of vellum which no one wants to emulate and no one ever agrees. I could go into Henri ll ‘s Great Grandson King John Lakeland, from whence came the Magna Carta. I do Love when Americans try to argue history..You almost always have it wrong

  95. Yeah, they want leave it up to the states like poor ‘ol Mississippi, the poorest American State. Which as of next week will no longer have any remaining abortion provider’s left open. Not even in a case of rape or incest. Now they’ve cut these poorest of the poor’s, meager food subsides too. Compassionate aren’t they? I’m supposed to admire these billionaire’s who spend more on wine in one week than a poor Mississippi family makes in a year.

  96. I’ll say it again. It was a meaningless empty gesture. One he knows will never be taken up by the Tea-Party controlled House. He’s a weasley little GOP pied piper trying to steal votes in a very disingenuous way.

  97. Why do all Paul jr./ Sr. Groupies always ask those who find neither charming to do further research ? It’s not that I haven’t. Sorry, I just find more depth and humanity emanating from my tube amps.

  98. You know what’s really humorous here David? You actually think you understand the millennial generation. We’re not nearly so weak-minded as to actually but into partisan politics. You’re extremist far-left view to us is just as disgusting and appalling as the far right’s. We look for sane politicians. Whether they be on either side of the isle. Unlike previous generation we millennial won’t sell our souls to utopian idealism, it’s a destructive ideology. Now when Rand wins the nomination, and then the Presidency, tell me, will you cry yourself to sleep? The free market system that Ayn Rand advocated (the one you hate so much…) has paved the way for marijuana reform and legalization. With economic booms in legal states, other states are looking to follow suit. However with your undying support to *the party* (Christ this is reminiscent of communist politics) I’m sure your support the federal governments broad over reach to force the states to illegalize certain substances. After all, the Feds know best!

  99. The apple didn’t fall far from he tree. I wouldn’t trust either to clean my cat’s litter box. I’m informed. That’s why I believe they’re two of the biggest idiot’s to walk planet Earth. I’m just glad I’m a dual citizen if either of those two morons garner anymore political power

  100. So were many of us aged 60 years and over. If you ever really want to see what old man Paul’s vision for America is, the one he shares with his son ? A nationwide gigantic unregulated, Houston, Texas. No thanks.

  101. Actually I’d like to amend that statement by adding that I’ve started reading your previous comments. You sir are absolutely insane. You’re a slave to partisan politics, and what’s worse, you actually live under not only the delusion that the Democratic Party is god incarnate, but that there’s an actual difference between the two? Is it even possible for one human being to posses such stupidity? You are aware that both parties votes in the patriot act, the ndaa, have fully supported the NSA, and the federal reserve and central banking system which had literally been the root cause of currency destruction and manipulation and poverty since it’s inception. Why don’t you go home and worship a few statues of your gods, Obama, Pelosi, and Reid. Invite a republican friends to worship McCain, graham, and Rubio. They’re all the same fuckjng person. Open your eyes

  102. I thank you. I’m NOT Mrs. MyHusband’sLastName. I’m ME!
    I will be disappointed in any candidate that skirts this issue. But I’m not going to be a one issue voter either.

  103. Yes, we should have Obama do it by executive order! And the he should wipe his ass with the original Constitution and take dictatorial power over the United States! Reform shouldn’t come from illegalities. The executive branch has no right to formulate or denounce laws. Where is the balance of power? It’s truly sickening seeing actual advocation for things like “executive orders”.

  104. Thank you for getting it !!! It was getting lonely in Rand Paul land. I’m starting to understand how Oregon voters chose cannabis prohibition in 2012.

  105. I wouldn’t trust that moron to take out my trash. Why be just another ill-informed,one issue American voter ? You actually want him to be your president? Have you listened or read the other views ? We should all be pulling for President Obama’s successor, the one who will keep these state experiments on-going. That means no one from the Republican Tea-Party allowed.

  106. Senator Bernie Sanders is working on the VA issue. just because Paul placed his name on a bill doesn’t mean he believes in it. The guys a snake. He’ll shed his skin again to mislead thse people who don’t follow his other views.

  107. Paul is certainly not the only one who wants this. My states Democrat Governor, Jay Inslee has been advocating this for years. As had our previous Governor, Christine Gregoire. In fact , Just this week four Senate Democrats, wrote to the President about this and many other matters related to cannabis reform. Paul’s merely hoodwinking people, trying to appeal to younger voters he’s losing nationally as his kooky far right-wing libertarian views become known nationally . Once they discover his antiquated, Ayn Rand views, those having any intelligence whatsoever, jump over-board very quickly . I can’t believe people are actually falling for this shameless political ploy, as it illustrates just what kind of political hack he is. So,he wants young voters to believe he’s done something bold here regarding cannabis reform, when in in truth he’s done little except sign his name to a meaningless document he knows will go no-where. It’s an act of sheer political theatre and fraud,all wrapped up in meaningless symbolism. This so-called bill, and ten cents wouldn’t buy a cup of coffee. This bill is DOA. FAIL.

  108. Prior to The Civil Rights Act of 1964, a dark-skinned person simply entering a private or public business or domicile could be asked to leave, or forcefully removed, without uttering a single word. The racist action here being based solely upon the color of the persons skin. Using your examples, a person would first have to make an open declaration that they are racist, intend to act in a racist, bigoted manner openly in public, in order to disrupt the operation of the business. I fail to see how do these very different examples equate.

  109. whoisjohngalt on

    I believe that an African American business owner should be allowed to discriminate against a known racist who walks into his establishment. I believe that a gay business owner should be allowed to discriminate against a bigot who comes into his business demanding service. Apparently you do not. That is sick.

  110. Yet if not for legalization being on the 2012 ballot Mitt Romney would have won Colorado and almost did anyway compared to the far West and coast

  111. Maybe it’s due to Paul’s stated views regarding the Civil Right’s Act of 1964.

    He will never be taken seriously. He shouldn’t be in the Senate. Only in gooberland. My 1/2 Canadian blood boils whenever I read about this clown

  112. Look up his medical qualifications. I can call my cat a Doctor but that doesn’t make her one.

  113. It’s a meaningless political ploy from the same man who said he would have allowed private business. Owners to deny people of color a seat at a lunch counter if he could have voted on the Civil Rights Act of 1964. He’s despicable. ..

  114. Can you imagine the heat the President takes from Republicans for allowing Washington and Colorado ‘s experiment?

  115. President Obama can do it by executive order. And.It’s rumored he will do so before leaving office. Paul’s bill, while symbolic, will die on the vine in a GOP House committee

  116. It’s a bit archaic to refer to a former Senator, Secretary of State, and forerunner for the Presidency as “Mrs. Clinton,” as if she were only an extension of her husband. She’s not called “Mrs. Clinton” nearly as often as she’s called “Madam Secretary” because, like her or not, she’s earned the respect warranted by that distinction.

    I knew immediately that Ron was taking a swipe at Hillary by implying she’s just a housewife indelibly defined in terms of her husband.

    It’s sad to see the petty sniping began so soon. She hasn’t even declared candidacy, but the misogynists are coming out of the woodwork to belittle her. I hope all of the Rand Paul worshippers understand that their presumed monopoly of the “cannabis vote” will completely vanish if Hillary Clinton comes out in favor of legalization. I’m getting tired of reminding them that we’re not all one-issue voters, and Rand’s “personhood” crusade is a deal-breaker for me.

  117. I’m sorry, but he also wants to make it legal to turn women into incubation chambers by order of the state. The “personhood” crusade he’s been on for the majority of his career hasn’t gone unnoticed. I understand he’s trying to soften his image on the issue of women’s reproductive rights leading up to his Presidential bid, but he’ll have to stand up in the middle of the primary for 2016 GOP nomination and declare, without ambiguity or reservation, that he will never support nonsense like that, ever again, if he wants my vote. He would have to swear to take no action to oppose the spirit or legal precedent of Roe v. Wade in any way, shape, or form.

    I will continue to praise Rand Paul’s actions *on this issue*, but that’s it. And frankly, I believe you’ll be hard-pressed to find a cannabis advocate who would sell out the rights of an entire gender for legal weed.

  118. Absolutely correct, the only True argument I ever hear is his stance on Abortion. Which gets an awful wrap, because if you look into the bills, he wants to leave that question to the States.

  119. Rand’s father has been fighting the Drug War probably since before you were born.

  120. I absolutely agree with you 100% but in the meantime they should at the very least relist it as schedule 3, so there can be research done and people stop getting arrested over nothing.

  121. A plant from a seed should NEVER be in a category. I know it won’t happen overnight but anything short of completely un-controlled will be disappointing.

  122. You are absolutely correct, it does not need to go through congress. It is the Nazi FDA that has that power. Obama could do it easily with the stroke of a pen. Unfortunately, we have thousands of DEA agent who would lose their jobs, they are lobbying Obama and he is taking the bait.

  123. Sorry, I missed that nuance. Of course I know about Bill Clinton. I guess I missed it since I don’t really utilize that archaic designation “Mrs”.

  124. John Vandertow on

    I still don’t understand why there needs to be a bill passed just to reclassify the drug. The FDA reclassifies drugs and other substances all the time without going through congress..

  125. The political landscape in America has become so polarized, many have lost hope on the possibility of cooperation to enact anything, let alone something seemingly divisive as Cannabis. Obviously too many politicians work toward re-elections, and just won’t take a stand on something even as egregious as marijuana being listed as a Schedule I narcotic. Now here comes a Republican Senator taking the lead on what many consider a ‘left’ issue. Sen. Paul should be raised on our shoulders and celebrated for his non-concern of politicizing an issue and acting with logic. He sees that Cannabis (Marijuana AND Hemp) is a truly rare ‘green’ initiative that can transcend the political aisle, and benefit everyone. Yes, the progressives will have more trees to hug, but capitalists will have an abundance of economic opportunity as well. As a lifetime Democrat, I’ll raise a glass to Mr Paul, and show him appreciation for his political toughness.

  126. What issues? He wants a smaller federal goverenment. That is good. He wants to cut wasteful spending. That is good. He wants to secure our borders. That is good. He wants to stop getting involved in other countries problems. That is good. Paul is great for the US. Please do some real research on him and font believe dem talking points.

  127. Rand Paul is a lot like his father which makes him the best candidate. Pretty much a Libertarian posing as a republican. Unfortunately that means he probably won’t win. Still it’s Paul 2016!

  128. What are you talking about? Rand Paul’s positions are nearly identical to Ron Paul’s positions, the most honest man to ever serve in the congress. Ron Paul spoke against the drug war for decades. Try being informed before you post.

  129. Marijuana needs to be rescheduled to a schedule 3, down from a schedule 1, that category was practically built for it!

  130. I thought it would obviously be seen as Hillary. Her husband lamely argued that he didn’t inhale as you surely recall. But the real point here is that she has totally ignored the MJ issue as far as I know, so she should pay attention to the direction the winds of change are blowing–for legalization. I suppose she’ll read the poll results and if they show she’s in danger of losing in ’16 over the issue then she’ll give a half-assed support to reform.

  131. Rand is doing this to target political competition he wants to get out of his way… this is a political ploy he can use because so many of us WANT IT LEGALIZED. It is a huge mistake to vote for anyone because of ONE popular, can’t-lose position. Rand Paul is a proven opportunistic, LYING, serial plagiarist. Not someone to trust!!

  132. It is nice to see some of the reforms being lead by an actual medical doctor. Sometimes I wonder if many politicians can do basic math let alone comprehend scientific issues.

  133. J C Uncapher on

    President Richard M Nixon was actually the originator of the “War on Drugs” other presidents have followed in his footsteps and continued to carry on this conspiracy against the American public.

    In 1971 President Richard M Nixon declared the “War on Drugs”… he then created the Drug Enforcement Administration aka DEA to fight this so-called war through an Executive Order in July of 1973

  134. Wondering why this article isnt on norml..or other sites…maybe you have to be a dem to get any press on this issue..while this is the only senator pushing reform..sad

  135. Rand would push this further if he could..I think…obama hasnt been as predictable as many thought…hillary I wouldnt trust on the issue…no matter what comes out of her mouth

  136. Thomas Tony Vance on

    You go Rand. We may not agree on everything but we sure agree on this. How bout an amendment to compel the VA to provide medical cannabis to Veterans With qualifying conditions!!!

  137. Sad, isn’t it? This makes me *want* to vote for the man, but I’m not a one-issue voter — he’d have to “evolve” on several other issues to earn my support .

  138. As I have said before I normally don’t vote for a republican. Have I occasion. If I lived in Kentucky I would vote for Paul Rand. Hey all elected officials and especially all Senators I say this it is time for you to make a decision as to you are for marijuana reform or against the majority of the American people. It is time for marijuana reform it is time for legalization in America, it is time for you to listen to the popular vote for marijuana reform. The facts are out there stop ignoring the issue legalize America.

  139. Enough of the games,
    Times are going to change.
    It’s time to be free,
    Freedom we shall see,
    Weed is the Messiah,
    It will take us higher,
    It’s what the people need,
    No more greed,
    We will succeed.
    Weed the people , it’s our right,
    The time has come to end the fight,
    Out of the darkness into the light.

  140. “A good act does not wash out the bad, nor a bad act the good. ”
    Never the less I am interested to see where this goes.

  141. Legalize Cannabis and hemp and earmark all taxes for college students education fund and k-12 students education. Cannabis and hemp is a civil and states rights and Jobs issue not a criminal issue. End this psycho pharmaceutical McCarthyism, hive mind approach to Reagan’s 30years trillion dollars war on citizens. Legalize Cannabis and hemp nationally and allow State citizens the right thing VOTE on this issue. And don’t cut taxes when we get a windfall from taxing cannabis and hemp ‘m

  142. And to think the other day there were some on here saying beware of trusting Rand. Rand 2016!

  143. That’s what I’m talking about! We need to make sure it doesn’t just slide down from Schedule 1 to Schedule 2, however — the ONDCP would not lose its illegal monopoly on cannabis research unless cannabis is rescheduled to Schedule 3 or better. Schedule 3 substances are also more commonly prescribed by doctors than Schedule 2 substances.

    But honestly, stripping the ONDCP (who funds the DEA and NIDA who maintain the cannabis research embargo through bureaucratic shenanigans) of their ability to restrict/prevent research into the safety and medical efficacy of cannabis is the BEST PART of moving to Schedule 3. That way, research into the relative harmlessness and medical benefits of this wonderful little plant can progress.

    It will simply be a matter of time before cannabis is removed from the Scheduling system, entirely (and will likely be regulated like tobacco), because the hard evidence proving its safety would finally EXIST. The DEA, NIDA, and ONDCP would no longer have the power to prevent it, as long as cannabis moves to Schedule 3 or better. All prohibitionists rely upon the federal government’s stranglehold on cannabis research, because without sound research, they are free to cobble together their version of reality (that cannabis is dangerous some/any way).

    Consider the piles of nonsense they’ve tried selling us in the absence of good research:
    – Cannabis lowers IQ
    – Cannabis makes men grow “man-boobs”
    – Cannabis gives men testicular cancer

    We must be cautious about pursuing “the perfect” and losing this opportunity by overreaching. Removing cannabis from the CSA, entirely (which would effectively end prohibition in one swoop) is what I personally believe should happen. Given the decades of propaganda and the lies that are *still* circulated like facts, I don’t think we’re ready for that. However, simply moving cannabis to Schedule 3 would be the most dramatic step towards ending prohibition, forever, simply because we would finally be free to document the effects of cannabis, once and for all.

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