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Senior Citizens Serving Life Without Parole For Marijuana


senior citizens marijuana prisonRelieve Five Elderly Federal Prisoners From Life Without Parole Sentences For Marijuana

No one should have to go to jail for marijuana. Especially elderly people. So why are five senior citizens serving life without parole for marijuana? Below is a petition (8,107 signatures so far) to fix this injustice:

A petition for clemency and commutation of life-without-parole sentences on behalf of John Knock, Paul Free, William Dekle, Larry Duke and Charles Cundiff. Each are serving life sentences without possibility of parole for their common crime: selling marijuana. These crimes in common and the criminal histories of these men involve absolutely no allegations of violence. Petitioners are well into their sixties, the age of normal retirement. Each has served at least 15 years in prison, exclusively for selling marijuana. Indeed, the average length of incarceration each of the five Petitioners has endured is 19 years. Without Presidential Clemency, each will die in prison.

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  1. the guy who shot and killed those firefighters had previously only served 17years of his life sentence and given parole for beating his poor 92year old grandmother to death.TO DEATH. and these people sit in here for marijuana? how do we sign a petition?????

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