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Sensible Washington Announces 2013 Initiative To End Cannabis Prohibition


legalize_cannabisSensible Washington’s Proposed Initiative Will Be Similar To I-1149 And I-1068

By Sensible Washington

The non-profit political organization Sensible Washington announced recently that they will be running a statewide initiative to repeal adult cannabis prohibition in Washington State, to be filed in January, 2013, as an Initiative to the People.

Similar to last year’s I-1149, and 2010’s I-1068, this initiative would repeal the civil and criminal penalties related to adult cannabis use and possession. It would remove cannabis from the state’s list of controlled substances, without altering legal penalties for minors and for those driving while under the influence. Sensible Washington is taking input from the community on any potential alterations to the initiative language.

Preparation for this initiative, including volunteer recruitment, will begin immediately.

“We’re confident in the base and infrastructure that we’ve built over the past several years. We have thousands of volunteers throughout the state, and they want us to run. They want to give the public a true alternative to prohibition and the many harms associated with it,” said Sensible Washington in a recent press release, “We have the volunteer power, and fundraising potential, to get this done, and we’re confident that if given the opportunity, the voters of Washington State will vote to repeal the socially and economically devastating policy of cannabis prohibition.”

Since their inception in 2010, Sensible Washington has garnered the endorsements of individuals such as Seattle’s former Chief of Police Norm Stamper and Washington State Representative Roger Goodman, as well as organizations such as the Washington State Democratic Party and NORML (the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws).

In November, 2012, voters in Washington State will be deciding the fate of another marijuana measure, Initiative 502. Sensible Washington plans to continue forth whether or not it passes, “Initiative 502 has caused a massive rift in the cannabis reform community and we want to give people a viable alternative”, said Sensible Washington regarding this issue, “If it[I-502] fails in November, we want to assure the public that moving forward, there’s an option available in our state for legalizing cannabis. If I-502 does pass, cannabis would remain a Schedule I drug alongside heroin, which we’re not comfortable with and will work towards correcting.”

After filing in January, Sensible Washington would have until early July to collect the necessary signatures to put this initiative on the November, 2013 general election ballot.


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  1. The government started all the so called stoner crap.we all know that smoking marijuna does not make people stuiped but the gov does not want to change that image

  2. People need to stop putting pitcures of people like the so called stoner hat can be done later we need to change that image of the marijuna community

  3. Right. And marijuana consumers are not judgement-impaired as alcohol consumers are. When they are too high, they prefer not to drive. I agree that will result in less DUIs.
    The two patients cited will likely beat it, also. Most of the weight of all marijuana-related law comes from the fraudulent “illegality” and stigma. With re-legal marijuana, there will be few attempts and less success in prosecuting people for being only statutorily “impaired.”

  4. Same old blow-hard garbage. All intelligent cannabis consumers and real lovers of actual freedom will vote not on I-502. Washington State will not vote a law in so we can all go to court to fight our DUI’s. I-502 will fail as it is Bad Law and Will Not Pass. Yes, you are sorry.

  5. Same old blow-hard garbage. All intelligent marijuana consumers and lovers of freedom will vote for I-502. We want to end the fraudulent marijuana prohibition that’s making you rich. Sorry.

  6. Criminal is everyone who dares not agree with you, same old pathetic Patriot Act tactics. No same person would vote for a law that would in turn put the in jail for driving peacefully. Or call law ‘legalization’ when you cannot grow at home, but may buy from State Power. I don’t purport to know what is really happening in States I don’t live in. I’ll leave that to know-it-all Zealots who want to flaunt their ignorance. But in Washington State word is out on 502 as it is Bad Law and Will Not Pass.

  7. Your greed-addled mind desperately converts the force of my arguments to “zeal, bullying,” etc. It’s just the truth, babe. That’s all marijuana reform has ever needed. And the truth is – achieving the end of the war on marijuana consumers is FAR more important than the temporary imperfections of any re-legalization initiative.

    No sane marijuana consumer would ever vote to continue their own persecution. Prop 19 isn’t going to happen again. The American Inquisition is crumbling. Those who have eyes to see know it.

    Take a hit of reality.

  8. Your inane reference to someone named ‘Stan’ is just as salient as the rest of your self-aggrandizing zeal. Lets hope it passes in Colorado and Oregon! As the laws proposed allow for Home Cultivation and don’t contain a DUI provision like the dead on arrival 502. Again for the slow, No Home Cultivation and an insane DUI provision makes 502 a very Bad Law and it Will Not Pass.

  9. The same old refuted baloney. Most Americans want to end marijuana prohibition, and they will get the opportunity to do so in November in Washington, Colorado and Oregon. If the voting machines are not rigged, the long nightmare is over – in spite of deceitful, prohibition profiteers like you.
    Make a new plan, Stan.

  10. ‘Moron’ he simpers as he admonishes name calling, typical. My points remain exactly the same simpleton. No Home Growing means that 502 is not a ‘Legalization’ worth voting for. Insane DUI laws mean 502 goes down in flames, as it is Bad Law and Will Not Pass. As for your Cop friend Norm Stamper and his stance on 502?

    “As for the well-publicized DUI fears, he admits it’s likely that police will be more vigilant trying to sniff out stoned drivers, and that heavy users will have to be more cautious when they get behind the wheel.” Seattle Weekly 3/26/12

  11. Greenlv, you missed the point. Again. 

    Calling me names most certainly shows me how untrollish you are, and also, how much smarter you are than me and what a better citizen you are than me. 

    You should probably not have Norm Stamper endorsing SW, since you are such a big fan of his. 

    There is absolutely no “Fact” as to the revenue from pot DUI in the future vs. what they are today. No one “admits” any such fact, since it isn’t in fact, a fact! You’re statement implying that, as well as your assertion that there is going to be an absolute sizable skyrocket in DUI is total bull shit! 

    I will bet you don’t even have a drivers license… 

    Bridge burnt. 

    In the meantime, more Soccer moms voting yes on 502 because of the DUI provision and your own DUI paranoia.

    The last word is yours, moron.

  12. Yeah, if you are from Washington as you say you are, then you are aware of the well documented fascist Police violence and corruption culminating in the recent Federal investigation that found same and issued mandates for reform. Norm Stamper is most certainly culpable as to the climate he fostered in the police force as top Cop. He even said that Cops would be more apt to smell for pot and to purse, in the Seattle Weekly. (that is a local paper) Fact is the 502 DUI provision would create a skyrocket of commerce sizable enough to become a cottage industry, reform classes and all. Most admit this on both sides of the issue, accept for Trolls.

  13. You talk in stupid circles with self-aggradized zeal, demonizing anyone who will not be bullied into having your opinion. I repeat the same points as they are irrefutable. No Home Cultivation means it not a ‘Legalization’ that means anything, period. Insane DUI law means 502 will go down in flames as it is Bad Law and Will Not Pass.


    A guy walks into a bar on the 4th of July in Washington State,(where I have lived since birth). Everyone has been drinking all day. 

    Everyone is at the limit for a per se alcohol limit. Not everyone exhibits the same level of impairment. 

    DUI emphasis patrols are in effect. (Around 170 people statewide in WA were cited for DUI on the 4th of July this year, 2012)

    The guy asks, “How many of you drunk bastards would like to have a legal ounce of pot?” They answer by overwhelmingly voting in I-502. 

    Emphasis patrols net a slight decrease in DUI because everyone is stoned and driving slower and more carefully.
    Two patients get pulled over for tail lights out and smell like good bud. They are issued DUI

    The end.

  15. You repeat the same garbage that’s been refuted a thousand times. You don’t respond to the excellent points made. You are simply impervious to logic and facts. You clearly support the continued persecution of marijuana consumers because you profit off the status quo.

    It doesn’t matter to you how many millions of Americans have to continue suffering as long as you keep raking in the blood money.
    You’re sick.

  16. You sell fear, we ain’t buying. What I wrote make complete sense, I am not for law written by Sell-outs, Insane DUI’s or laws, or anything that does not include Home cultivation and call it’s self ‘Legalization’. It is not a weird, or difficult to understand position. If you lived in Washington you would know that while most are in favor of real legalization or decriminalization, the real word is way out on 502 and it will not pass. Believe whatever poll or propaganda you want, call names, sell fear, it does not matter, I a Washington State voter am voting against 502 as it is Bad Law and Will Not Pass.

  17. Greenlv, once again your argument is going in so many directions. Stating that you are not helping SW with you emotional name calling is not a condemnation? However, your condemnation of I-502, and everyone who supports it, including your dissection of Norm Stamper’s policing is…off topic to say the least. Especially since SW says in the article above that they accept his endorsement. The popular and accepted polls show I-502 likely to pass regardless of the anti chant you have borrowed from someone else. Perhaps SW can win next year by burning bridges with spokesman like you, garnish less endorsements and less cash because of the hyper paranoia of a small network of patients. I do live in WA. I am an activist. I would love to see SW pass, but people like you are doing more harm to SW’s chances because of your rabid attacks on 502 than passage of the initiative itself could possibly do. If I-502 passes, it will prove a general acceptance by the voting public for marijuana law reform. If I-502 does not pass, it won’t be for the silly reasons you postulate, it will be because of conservative voting by prohibitionists – people who don’t want pot legal at all. That’s the side you are on, like it or not. And, if I-502 does not pass, SW will not have a snowballs chance in hell at passing, let alone getting enough signatures to get on the ballot. Keep your pipe dream alive. Bridge burnt.

  18. Tell someone to think for themselves and then condemning them when they don’t think like you is laughable as 502 is rotten. Insane and admittedly “arbitrary, unnecessary and unscientific” DUI laws, No Home Growing is not ‘Legalization’ among other problems with 502. See, I agree with Ed Rosenthal more then Norm Stamper. And if you a ‘know’ Norm the Cop, you thank him for all that good work he did during the WTO, the rights-free zones, the admitted gross mistakes, the beat-downs and the formation of an out-of -line Police force that is even worse today. Check the Federal Report recently on the SPD. Tell Norm were good of any more of his great ideas. 502 is Bad Law and Will Not Pass.

  19. Greenlv, again you are wrong.  You really need to stop borrowing Douglas’s mantra of “bad law” and start to think for yourself. I know Norm and what he said has been taken out of context. Just like what Alan said. Both wholeheartedly endorse 502 as a great option to challenge the feds and legalize an ounce of pot. Of course you have failed to address any of the points in my last post because you have no critical thinking skills. Per se or not there is already a cottage industry of DUI in Washington state and other states. Again, as I mentioned earlier, whether DUI increase zero or 100% that is not what the majority of voters care about. Your voice in the choir of a minority and does nothing to decrease the likelihood that 502 will pass. You may want to consider your emotional name-calling and non-logical rants which don’t seem to stay on topic or follow a point once made. You are not doing yourself or SW any favors through your circular reasoning and asinine arguments which make absolutely no sense.  Keep burning bridges.

  20. “…502 does not promise home grows…” Right, it promises a cottage industry of DUI’s, as admitted by Norm Stamper, Ed Rosenthal and many others. 502 has the ‘Promise’ of more State Power and a Ridiculous Orwellian duplicitous definition of ‘Legalization’. If you cannot grow it, it is not legal, period. To only buy it from the State? That is co-opted and controlled. As for NORML?
    “We fully recognize the per se DUI marijuana provisions in I-502 are arbitrary, unnecessary, and unscientific, and we argued strongly with the sponsors for provisions that would require proof of actual impairment to be shown before one could be charged with a traffic safety offense,” Allen St. Pierre said, echoing the concerns of Patients Against I-502.

  21. Greenlv, you really mead to look in the mirror when you speak of fear and narrow minded ness. Groups like NORML, which have endorsed both of sensibles efforts as well as I-502, know better than most that I-502 has exponentiallymore endorsements and funding than both years of sensible combined. And, people like you who ASS-U-ME to know so much and choose to berate and name call the very people and groups you need to help pass any pot initiative. Dumb! A legal ounce is a legal ounce, even if you don’t understand that definition. I-502 does not promise home grows, and does not touch patient rights to grow in WA

  22. Wrong again. I justify nothing but a no vote on i502. That is my opinion, as backed by my many with the same view, who think the DUI law Orwellian and that No Home Growing is not ‘Legalization’. I support the above Sensible Washington proposal and several other similar ones. I also hope the best for Colorado and Oregon, so you are ridiculously, pathetically wrong. As far as labels, you hand them out causticly and casually, calling people criminal and marginalizing anyone who does not agree with your narrow, fear based view. 502 is Bad Law and Will Not Pass. Now, on to 2013 with Sensible Washington!

  23. >>>”I express my opinion, for this there is an ugly attempt to marginalize and demonize.”

    No. You attempt to justify the continued persecution of millions of Americans with nebulous claims of future traffic arrests. That’s what’s ugly.

    >>>”and no Home Growing aspects of 502″

    You know, as we all do, that passing re-legalization initiatives like I-502 are the FASTEST way to get to home growing for all adults.

    >>>”I am not an east-coast, Democratic, liberal, lover of the Police State, as you appear to be.

    Wow. You’re really into labels. – The Police State agrees with you against re-legalization initiatives.

  24. Wrong. I express my opinion, for this there is an ugly attempt to marginalize and demonize. I am against the DUI and no Home Growing aspects of 502, Period. That is not legalization, not at all. I am not an east-coast, Democratic, liberal, lover of the Police State, as you appear to be. Many in the Washington State community are torn over this initiative, that is a fact, I live here. I agree with Sensible Washington and am for responsible sane de-criminalization. Most voters outside of Washington do not care about how flawed 502 is as it will not effect them, like you. Short-sighted and self-centered. That does not matter as is is Bad Law and Will Not Pass.

  25. Greenlv, indeed it is you chanting ” with us or against us” as if voting for I – 502 is against patients. Absurd. A vote for a legal ounce is a good thing. The state challenging the Feds with a licensed system of production and distribution is even better. Whether DUI increase by zero or 100% is not the issue most voters care about as the “with us or against” cries of a minority voting group of patients. If you want less regulation, check out Idaho.

  26. Understand this, an insane DUI provision and No Home Growing is not ‘Legalization’. Impugn, call names and use Patriot Act tactics all you want, ‘with us or against us’. Fact is, you are wrong. 502 is a State power grab and Bad Law and Will Not Pass.

  27. Right. The greedy growers are bending over backwards impossibly fighting I-502. They have characterized all of reform leadership as closet prohibitionists. They are simply insane with greed.
    Beware Joke of the Town.

  28. He IS thinking for himself. That’s his problem. He’s thinking he will lose his quasi-monopoly and outrageously high prices when marijuana prohibition ends. – And the heck with the millions of marijuana consumers whose lives are destroyed by the persecution that is making him rich.
    He’s addicted to the blood money.

  29. Yeah, we’ve heard all your nonsense before. Thank goodness the only people who listen to you are your fellow greedy growers. No real reformer wants a repeat of what you prohibition lovers did to California’s Prop 19.

  30. Wow. You’re so full of lies. Do you really expect any credibility after such blatant trollish mendacity?

  31. Greenlv, what you are saying does not make any logical sense. The propaganda is being spread by you simply repeating what someone else has told you about “bad law”. Think for yourself.

  32. I will forgo your satisfaction with being a slave to the Nanny State and do not live in fear as you do. Washington State citizens will not vote a law in so we can go to court. 502 is down in flames, that is what will happen. It has an Orwellian DUI provision and there is no home growing. It is a State power grab and is not ‘Legalization’.

  33. Don’t be a prohibitionist – vote yes on I-502. I’m sure Sensible’s measure will be fine, but it’s not on the ballot. Don’t do a California!!

  34. “Since their inception in 2010, Sensible Washington has garnered the endorsements of individuals such as Seattle’s former Chief of Police Norm Stamper and Washington State Representative Roger Goodman, as well as organizations such as the Washington State Democratic Party and NORML (the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws).”

    If these things mean anything, then it applies to I-502 in spades. I-502 is actually endorsed by Norm Stamper, Goodman, NORML, The Drug Policy Alliance, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, Students for Sensible Drug Policy, SAFER, Marijuana Policy Project, the ACLU; and NORML’s chapters in Washington are all supporting Initiative 502, “to substantively reform cannabis laws and therein challenge the federal prohibition.”

  35. If I-502 fails to pass–if voters reject legalization–what possible political calculus could lead someone think that the voters would turn around and go for another legalization bill from a group that has no money, a history of past failures, no endorsements, and on and on? If I-502 fails, perhaps our efforts should be directed toward advocating to the legislators for an infraction bill as possession in our state is still a misdemeanor.

    “Initiative 502 has caused a massive rift in the cannabis reform community and we want to give people a viable alternative…”

    The “marijuana activists,” the ones who are working toward the same goal (defeating I-502) as the drug tzar, do not have the numbers, clout, or organization to pass an initiative. They comprise a vocal minority. They can only serve as spoilers in a tight race. If I-502 loses by a very thin margin, these activists will find themselves marginalized, despised, and blamed for the continuation of prohibition. And all these reactions, even if not warranted, would be understandable.

  36. Concern Troll:

    In an argument (usually a political debate), a concern troll is someone who is on one side of the discussion, but pretends to be a supporter of the other side with “concerns”. The idea behind this is that your opponents will take your arguments more seriously if they think you’re an ally.

    In the 2006 election, an aide to Congressman Charlie Bass (R-NH) was caught concern trolling the opposition on local blogs. While pretending to support Bass’s opponent, Paul Hodes, the aide argued that Hodes couldn’t win because Bass was an unbeatable candidate. Hodes won the election.

    Greeniv, maybe you’re a police officer, a prison guard, or a local/national politician. Possibly you’re scared of losing employment, overtime pay, the many kickbacks, and those regular fat bribes. But what good will any of that do you once our society has followed Mexico over the dystopian abyss of dismembered bodies, vats of acid, and marauding thugs carrying gold-plated AK-47s with leopard-skinned gunstocks?

    Kindly allow us to forgo the next level of your sycophantic prohibition-engendered mayhem.

  37. Do not vote for I502. Wait till next year and vote. Do not be scared by paid propagandist Trolls who tell you it is now or never. We in Washington, will vote no on I502, it is Bad Law and Will Not Pass!

  38. This is fine as long as it’s not used to say, “Don’t vote for I-502. Wait until next year.”
    Next year may be too late for A LOT of reasons, not least of which it may not even make it to the ballot.
    Remember what they say about “A Bird In The Hand……”
    Vote YES for I-502!

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