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Sensible Washington Announces Paid Signature Gatherers In Bremerton


washington state medical marijuanaHelp The Bremerton Marijuana Reform Initative Make The November Ballot

Sensible Washington is excited to announce that several gracious and anonymous donors have agreed to pay signature gatherers, $1 per valid signature, to assure we get our Bremerton initiative on this November’s ballot.

This initiative would make cannabis the lowest enforcement priority within the city, and as well would ban the city from cooperating with the federal government in the implementation of federal cannabis policies (federal non-cooperation).

These donors have agreed to cover as many signatures as needed to confirm that, come our deadline in July, we turn in the roughly 2,000 valid signatures needed to put this initiative to the vote of the people. We are aiming for at least 2,500 to assure proper validity rates.

These donors are individuals who are tired of our failed war on cannabis, and are tired of Bremerton’s archaic ties to failed drug war policies and institutions.

We are running this same initiative, though currently through all volunteers, in five other cities: Olympia, Spokane, Kent, Everett and Bellingham.

For those who have any questions or inquiries, please feel free to contact us at 206-799-8696, or through e-mail at info@sensiblewashington.org.


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  1. Sensible has only ever once paid for signatures once, it was $.10 a signature at the very end of I-1149 and that was entirely covered. Beyond that we’ve always been entirely volunteer and money to cover expenses has always been issued based on individuals asking beforehand, and the organization deciding if the funds are available to cover it, and we’ve always covered our own printing costs besides when they’ve been donated to us.

    Also, this is moot for this particular project anyhow, as the signatures being paid for on this initiative are coming from outside donors.

  2. Island Bound on

    Of course I-502 has federal cooperation not non-cooperation. With i-502 if you want to grow or sell marijuana you are required to give the finger prints of you and all of your employees along with a declaration of your intent to commit a federal crime to the state and the state is required to turn it over to the Feds. (That is what Federal cooperation looks like.) Then you get to wait around for a state employee to commit a federal crime by issuing you a permit to violate federal law or for federal law enforcement to take your application to a judge for an arrest warrant for conspiracy.

    JonTomas you spend a great deal of time shamelessly promoting I-502. I would guess you are a lawyer for only a lawyer would argue that something is legal when it is a felony to give it away.

  3. Island Bound on

    As for SW paying for signatures, SW has a long history of not paying its debts. I worked on both 1068 and 1149 and was promised to be reimbursed for my printing costs on 1068. The money I spent on the 1068 campaign was unilaterally converted to a donation by SW after a year and a half of promises over my objections. Many other people experienced the same issue of being promised reimbursement and having their expenditures converted to donations without their permission. I would not trust SW to pay for any signatures.

  4. In the section of the law following the penalties for manufacture, delivery, and possession (RCW 69.50.401), I-502 adds the line: “The production, manufacture, processing, packaging, deliver, distribution, sale, or possession of marijuana in compliance with the terms set forth in section 15, 16, or 17 of this act shall not constitute a violation of this section, this chapter, or any other provision of state law” (p. 27).

    That’s how. Google is your friend.

  5. how does it legalize marijuana if it would still be a schedule 1 drug next to heroin?

  6. OF COURSE I-502 doesn’t have federal cooperation. If the feds were disposed to “cooperate” on marijuana reform, we wouldn’t need these state initiatives. We are passing them to FORCE the feds to do the right thing.

    I-502 ABSOLUTELY re-legalizes marijuana. Initiatives like it are the ONLY thing that ever will.

    It’s amazing to watch greedy growers try to cover up this obvious fact.

  7. i502 isnt legalization either notspicoli ~~~ pot would stay a schedule one substance and no laws making it illegal would be removed/ just some exceptions

    i502 also doesnt have fed noncoop.

  8. Anthony Martinelli wrote, “These donors are individuals who are tired of our failed war on cannabis, and are tired of Bremerton’s archaic ties to failed drug war policies and institutions.”

    I note that a picture from the rally featured a gentleman holding a sign saying, “Legalize marijuana [picture of cannabis leaf].”

    This measure does not legalize marijuana. Nor does it change the laws or place any obligations on law enforcement, or even prevent arrest.

    Does that mean I oppose it? No. It is a precautionary back-up to I-502 not passing. But, unfortunately, Sensible Washington has actively worked to defeat I-502 and is instead actively promoting what isn’t even a half-measure.

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