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Seth Rogen Talks About Marijuana With David Letterman


Seth Rogen is known as a funny Hollywood stoner. But as is the case with most marijuana consumers, he can talk coherently about marijuana reform if given the chance. Every time a celebrity talks about marijuana on a national show, it helps reduce the stigma that comes along with cannabis.


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Johnny Green


  1. This crap does NOT help reduce the stigma that weed makes you stupid. He has no idea about the 67 year old 2 time cancer victim i know who uses medical to eat and sleep normally and is a fully functioning human again or any of his AARP cronies who use it without becoming complete babbling idiots. Thanks for the kick in the teeth there SETH


    ditto to avitars comment he did more to hurt the movement than he can imagine. what a dick i dont think he is that funny and now i think he is a sell out so is lettermen

  3. He is the absolute worst representative for marijuana. he probably doesn’t even smoke and he gladly accepts this role as the hollywood pothead and just makes jokes about how stupid weed is with Lettermen. I watched pinapple express too thinking itd be some great movie and felt like I watched a movie about cocaine addicts. Fuck Seth Rogen

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