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Seven Year Old Marijuana Patient Sparks Debate Over Age Limitations


red cross marijuana leafby DrugPossessionLaws.com Staff

A 7-year-old leukemia patient from Portland Oregon who received medical marijuana treatments has sparked a debate amongst her parents as to whether she is too young, or whether it would stunt her development.

Mykayla Comstock was diagnosed with leukemia last spring. Her mother Erin Purchase, 25, says on gram of cannabis oil daily has helped Mykayla to go into remission and eases the side effects of chemotherapy, but her father worried she was frequently stoned and reported the situation to child welfare officials, according to NBC NEWS.

“First you get hungry, then you get really funny, and then you get tired,” Mykayla said.

Mykayla’s mother credits the drug for the leukemia’s remission.

“As a mother, I am going to try anything before she can potentially fall on the other side,” said Erin said.

Medical marijuana is legal in 18 states and is a widely accepted treatment for the side effects from chemotherapy. Some studies have shown that cannabis oil may also treat cancer directly. But researchers have also been documenting studies that show cannabis may lower IQ points in young users, especially teens. This sparks debate over the benefits of medical marijuana, and whether age should be a factor.

Mykayla’s father, Jesse Comstock, 26, who lives in North Dakota said he was concerned following a visit with Mykayla in August.

“She was stoned out of her mind,” Comstock said. “All she wanted to do was lay on the bed and play video games.”

Comstock covers Mykayla’s health insurance and pays child support.

Comstock said he has used marijuana in the past, and supports medical marijuana for people over the age of 16. But he worries about his daughter and Oregon law requires no monitoring of a child’s medical marijuana use by a pediatrician.

“She’s not terminally ill. She is going to get over this, and with all this pot, they are going to hinder her brain growth,” he said.

But Mykayla’s mother said she believes cannabis is healing and that it helped cure her stepfather’s skin cancer.  She is also an Oregon medical marijuana patient.

“[Mykayla]’s like she was before; she’s a normal kid,” she said.

Oregon has long been one of the more progressive states on marijuana use and although it was voted down, Oregon was one of three states to vote on a referendum that would have legalized recreational marijuana use like Colorado and Washington.


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  1. Incredibly touching and empowering, best of everything to you! And I had to laugh at “All she wanted to do was lay on the bed and play video games.” …umm, what 7 year old (or 27 year old for that matter) doesn’t want to do that??

  2. THC is much safer than any of the pain killers and chemotherapy drugs that this child could have been given. Brain damage? Oh, come on its not the 70s anymore.

  3. So the dad wants to see his daughter bed ridden sick from Pharmaceutical medication, instead of her feeling hunger and comfortably asleep.
    Sounds like a custody dispute.

  4. Is there age limits on chemo or pain pills and does it start debates ?
    Maybe people should think of that also..

  5. I have seen a informational video on how hemp oil cures many types of cancer and im all for it i think it should be legal in every state

  6. well dick cheese, at least shes not puking and suffering from chemo, dont use that shit to make your ex look bad. she saved your kids life, thank her

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