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Several States Considering Legislation To Legalize Marijuana For Adult Consumption


marijuana bill legalizationBy Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director

Washington, DC: Lawmakers in several states are anticipated to debate legislative measures this year that seek to legalize and regulate the adult use and retail distribution of marijuana.

To date, lawmakers in six states - HawaiiMaineNew Hampshire,PennsylvaniaRhode Island, and Vermont - have either pre-filed or introduced legislation to legalize marijuana consumption for adults.

On Friday, members of Hawaii’s House Judiciary Committee will hear testimony regarding House Bill 699, which seeks to tax and regulate the commercial production, sale, and use of cannabis by those persons age 21 or older. House Chairman, Rep. Joseph Souki, is sponsoring the measure. Nearly six out of ten Hawaii voters believe that cannabis should be “taxed, regulated, and legalized for adults,” according to a statewide poll published earlier this month. Only 39 percent of respondents opposed the idea. You can read NORML’s written testimony to the committee here.

According to a January 2013 New Hampshire poll conducted by the firm Public Policy Polling, 53 percent of respondents favor “changing (state) law to regulate and tax marijuana similarly to alcohol.” Only 37 percent of respondents opposed the plan.

In Vermont, a 2012 survey of respondents in 148 Vermont cities throughout the state reported that one out of two Vermonters support legalization.

On Election Day, 55 percent of voters in Colorado and Washington approved citizens’ ballot initiatives legalizing the adult consumption of marijuana and authorizing the state to license individuals to commercially produce and sell it.

Nationally, nearly six out of ten Americans support legalizing cannabis, according to a just released Public Policy Polling automated telephone survey of 1,325 voters, commissioned by the Marijuana Policy Project.

“Calling for an end to marijuana prohibition is no longer a political liability; it is a political opportunity,” said NORML Deputy Director Paul Armentano. “Never in modern history has there been greater public support for ending the nation’s nearly century-long experiment with cannabis prohibition and replacing it with a system of legalization and regulation. Politicians who are seeking to amend this failed policy are aligning themselves with the majority. Those who do not are siding with an ever decreasing minority of their constituents.”

Source: NORML


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  1. My mom has epilepsy & cannabis helps keep her stress level down and she has almost NO seizures, when she normally has them multiple times a day. After her first time smoking, she went TWO weeks without a seizure! I really wish Ohio legalized it.

  2. This’ll never happen in states like Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, etc.

    Tea Party affiliated people are dead set against “legalizing that dirty hippie drug” and always have been. And always will be.

    And it seems like all the states down here in the south are the only places where it seems that the “tea party” holds enough clout in state general assemblies today.

  3. No very stupid idea. I’ve had 2 sezuries myself from that garbage. Plus you’ve heard bout the girl from Texas who is a vegetable because she smoke it. Find some money and stay far away from that shit.

  4. my doctor has prescribed Mary Jane edibles at night to combat my nocturnal wanderings, falls, insomnia and seizures and nightmares. no bad nighttime incidents since the first bite in 2007. problem is i live in a dry state and weed will get you thrown in jail. should i try the synthetic substitutes since my paranoia and empty pocketbook are getting the best of me. what to do? thanks.

  5. “Calling for an end to marijuana prohibition is no longer a political liability; it is a political opportunity,”

    Good news for the cause, typical political mentality by our reps that makes the stomach turn. Too bad we can’t raise 10 billion and pour money down thier lobby pig gullets and get a shortcut to legalizaation :D

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