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SF Chapter Of Americans For Safe Access Delivers Letter To President Obama


Medical Marijuana Supporters Tell Barack Obama How They Feel About His Medical Marijuana Policies

This is video from the Oakland rally to remind President Obama of his broken promise to medical cannabis. We had a very peaceful demonstration with an Obama campaign worker even coming out to greet us, so we could deliver a letter to the President. Supporters all across the nation rallied at Obama Campaign HQ in 20 cities, including our Nations Capital. Americans for Safe Access (ASA) doesn’t endorse any candidate.

We simply want to remind the President of his promises on medical cannabis. ASA is the largest national member-based organization of patients, medical professionals, scientists and concerned citizens promoting safe and legal access to cannabis for therapeutic use and research. We are the San Francisco chapter of ASA, please join us to keep SF safe for medical cannabis patients. www.sfsafeaccess.org


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Johnny Green


  1. Totally agree. The amount of flack Bush (rightfully) got for his war on drugs compared to the amount Obama is getting from the same crowd is ridiculous. We are sending the message that we don’t really mind if Obama attacks us when we support him in the face of the fact that he has done EIGHT TIMES more raids on medical marijuana than Bush did. So for every dispensary Bush raided, Obama has raided eight.

    Supporting Obama now is nothing short of enabling. Vote for Gary Johnson over Obama and Romney. He won’t win (and I’m not sure I would want him to) but I would rather send the message that medical marijuana is an important issue for many of us — so important that it can effect our vote. Obama knows most medical marijuana users (or the vocal ones) are not voting for Romney anytime soon — because many of us have given him that message.


  2. So, we are so partisan that we can’t vote out someone who is attacking us? Yes, Romney will do the same, but why not send a message, a message that says we control a % of the vote.

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