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Share Your Oregon Marijuana Prohibition Story


new approach oregon marijuana legalizationPersonal testimony is a powerful thing. People that are on the fence about marijuana legalization tend to be so because they don’t have a face to put with marijuana prohibition. These people tend to think that marijuana legalization is silly, and have visions of Cheech and Chong movies in their head. In reality, marijuana prohibition isn’t silly, and is actually quite harmful.

I once heard a statistic that 3/4 people support marijuana legalization, but that they only feel that 1/4 of their neighbors feel the same. This gap could easily be bridged if people simply shared their views and experience with marijuana prohibition. If someone is on the fence about reform, but then hears that a friend or family member has been harmed by prohibition, they are very likely to change their opinion to a favorable one for reform.

Do you live in Oregon? Has your life been harmed by prohibition? Are you a non-consumer, but support reform? If you have a story or opinion to tell, then I encourage you to share your story with the New Approach Oregon campaign which is looking for people just like you. Below is what types of info the campaign is looking for, along with a link for where to submit your story:

We need stories from Oregonians who believe treating marijuana use as a crime has failed. Please share your story right now and please share this page with other Oregonians who believe in sensible drug policies. We want our campaign to be broad and inclusive and to highlight stories of people from diverse backgrounds. Please share any identities that you are comfortable with letting others know.

Share your story at this link here


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  1. My story is from Michigan hopefully this will get people talking. When I was 19. I was a passenger whith a friend who was pulled over for drunk driving, he was stumbling all over during the sobriety test. So they searched his car and found half a joint under his seat. They didn’t even arrest him for drunk driving they saw that half joint and it’s all they cared about.

  2. Don’t have a OR prohib story, but I’ll share my two Florida prohib stories. One, was cool and cold sober, wasn’t packing, and just being nice I gave my friend a ride somewhere. I didn’t know it, but he dropped a pot blunt in my car down between the seat/console. Got pulled over later, cops found it, I said it wasn’t mine and bla bla, the truth and everything. They said I could rat out my friend or go to jail, I chose jail. Maybe I made bad choices and bad friends, but I was no rat. Second time, they found some flake of weed, just a flake, somewhere in my car supposedly. Went to jail again, for less pot than would fit on the eraser of a pencil. Yeah, Florida. If I ever return, it will be too soon.

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