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Sheriff Permitted Medical Marijuana Dispensary Forced To Close


closed medical marijuana dispensaryThousands Of Patients Lose Access To Medicine As U.S. Attorney Forces Eviction Of Only Legal Dispensary

By Eugene Davidovich, Americans for Safe Access

Today we received the following press release from Mother Earth Coop, Inc, the sole Sheriff Permitted Dispensary in San Diego County:


Thousands of medical marijuana patients lose access to medical marijuana as U.S. Attorney forces eviction of only legal dispensary, Mother Earth Alternative Healing Coop, Inc.

SEPTEMBER 4, 2012 (SAN DIEGO, CA) – Southern California’s only legal medical marijuana dispensary, Mother Earth Alternative Healing Coop, Inc. was forced to close its doors and cease operations today a a result of the U.S. Attorney’s office pressure to force its eviction. The El Cajon facility had served thousands of medical marijuana patients since it opened in July 2011 and had complied with all state and local laws. It was cited as a model operation and was lauded by many as completely fulfilling the intent of California voters who approved Proposition 215, the Compassionate Use Act of 1996.

“The loss of this facility today is a real tragedy for those patients who turned to us to help relieve the pain and suffering associated with treatments for life threatening cancers and other conditions,” said Bob Riedel of Mother Earth, Inc. “This is a sad day for them and a sad day for those who believe that the federal government has overstepped its bounds in pursuing a dubious course of action to close facilities that are legal under current state law. It’s a travesty really to divert this amount of time, resources and energy on legal and legitimate operations, a continuation of a flawed and misguided drug policy that has failed at many levels for many years.”

The closure of the Mother Earth facility came about as a result of eviction actions taken by the property’s landlord in response to pressure by U.S. Attorney Laura Duffy’s office. The tactic of forcing evictions has been repeated in a number of locations. in the meantime, there have been no attempts by the federal government to successfully overturn California State law or San Diego County ordinances which legalize medical marijuana for patients. There are approximately 70,000 such patients in San Diego County alone.

“We are leaving this operation today with a renewed determination to fight for our patients and to fight for recognition of California state law which was approved by California voters more than fifteen years ago.,” said Riedel. “The U.S. Attorney’s office is avoiding a direct challenge to that law for a reason. We believe the courts would uphold California law and we believe the U.S. Attorney fears this outcome and has decided not to directly challenge the law. That day in court is inevitable, however, and we will do all we can to force resolution of this issue as soon as possible. This action has resulted in a de facto ban on medical marijuana in San Diego.”

Mother Earth officials announced plans to pursue alternative options for the thousands of medical marijuana patients who are now left without legal means to obtain cannabis. They also released letters of support from Congressman Bob Filner and other supporters who were appealing to Governor Jerry Brown and others to take action to resolve this issue. Options to continue operations would continue to be limited to sites and protocols that not only complied with state and local laws, but exceeded those standards as did the now closed Mother Earth Alternative Healing Coop.

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Johnny Green


  1. Goodbye and Good Riddance to Marijuana Mafia Mother Earth.
    Fact Check: The law does not allow distribution for profit.
    Bob Reidell admits the “INVESTORS” spent $700,000 to start Mother Earth. First of all their would be no “investors” if
    this was not for profit. Second, nobody would spend $700,000 on a “not for profit” endeavor.
    Mother Earth was nothing but a “Grift”, a “Shell Game” brought to… you by ASA-Americans for Safe Access and attorney Lance Rogers. IMHO they all should be brought up on RICO charges and I will tell you why.
    Also note that ASA has pulled this scam in several cities. They have nothing to do with “cancer patients” and everything to do with profit and cornering and monopolizing the lucrative for profit marijuana industry. Mother Earth is the result of that scam and it should be shut down if San Diego does not want California’s marijuana mafia embedded here.
    Extensives articles are on TheWeedlyNews dating back for two years but this is a brief summary:
    ASA backs a school. In this case LCI said marijuana school backers recently finished a major fraud conviction involving bilking investors out of millions. Lance Rogers solicited unwitting dupes by advising them that if they paid him $3-$5k they too could sell marijuana in a retail setting. At the same time Lance Rogers was part and parcel to scam Mother Earth and knew the entire time that they would be lobbying to shut down all the smaller stores in the city. But see, that is the scam. Create chaos and then be the answer to that chaos. ASA also started Nug Magazine which completely misled these stores and diverted any attention away from actual activities to create a safe environment for true medical marijuana collectives and patients.
    Once their was about 40 stores (in this city or one of the many others they have pulled this scam on) ASA founders go in and lobby that the way to fix the chaos they created is to allow just one store, their store.
    Hence Mother Earth. Many of us who spoke at city council watched as ASA sloppily searched for a front man for their new weedmart and they found it in ASA leader’s high school buddy Bob Reidel. But nearly a million dollars invested. Wow. All about compassion, eh? Think again.
    ASA also committed numerous RICO type crimes in enacting their plot which included death threats, group stalking, assault, harassment, intimidation, computer hacking, setting adversaries up with false marijuana ads to get arrested, theft of storefront databases, smear campaigns and more. These people have zero to do with “cancer patients” crying. As many people overheard Bob Reidell anxiously waiting for all the stores in the city to be closed so he could start making the real money with all their customers.
    And let’s not forget how Bob Reidell and company lied to prospective members and growers and vendors and was taking facial recognition photo and video and sharing those addresses with the law enforcement in exchange for this permit. And how attorney Lance Rogers solicited customer-growers by email, making him just as culpable to RICO charges as the rest of this organized crime group.
    Mother Earth was about Organized Crime, Money, and Violence and threats of Violence. To this Mother Earth Marijuana Mafia I say, “Goodbye and Good Riddance”. Bud Kushman-TheWeedlyNews


    “The “war on drugs” has also generated indirect costs that many researchers contend have undermined public safety. The federal government has prioritized spending and grants for drug task forces and widespread drug interdiction efforts that often target low-level drug dealing. These highly organized and coordinated efforts have been very labor intensive for local law enforcement agencies with some unanticipated consequences for investigation of other crimes. The focus on drugs is believed to have redirected law enforcement resources that have resulted in more drunk driving, and decreased investigation and enforcement of violent crime laws. In Illinois, a 47% increase in drug arrests corresponded with a 22% decrease in arrests for drunk driving. Florida researchers have similarly linked the focus on low level drug arrests with an increase in the serious crime index.”

    —Drug Policy, Criminal Justice and Mass Imprisonment, by Bryan Stevenson


  3. Monsters with fascist ideological hate for anyone who uses cannabis much less patients who use it for medicinal purposes.Nice government for the people and by the people. The people with money and power.

  4. Weed Wars
    Eventually the US congress is going to have to reschedule cannabis. Federal Prohibition is nearing the end and they know it.
    Like slavery the people have to overgrow the US gov .
    They cant build enough prisons to wipe out drugs or cannabis.
    Marijuana was here , and will be for some time.
    The FDA closed circuit of existence continues to label cannabis “devils weed”
    And forces Tylenol down the throats of Americans killing thousands and The pharma Co. never missed a beat with billion dollar prophets posted annually. like anybody really cares about “fda” approval , they lost credibility somewhere between Agent Orange and Aspertame
    Election time , Vote these people out.
    The end cant be far!

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