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Sheriffs Are Not Happy About Obama’s Pro-Marijuana Legalization Nominee


ObamaWhenever there is even a hint of marijuana reform in the air, marijuana opponents come out and try to spread reefer madness in opposition. Almost always, members of law enforcement are leading the charge. That has pretty much always been the case in Oregon (specifically the Oregon Sheriffs Association), and I’ve seen it happen in just about every other state as well. What do they have to fear? Marijuana reform would allow them to do their jobs better by allowing them to focus on real crime instead of being tied up trying to go after someone for a joint.

Recently Obama announced a nominee for the United States Justice Department, who in the past has expressed support for marijuana legalization. That does not sit well with Sheriffs across the nation apparently, because they have come out publicly opposing the nomination. Per an article that Tom Angell wrote for Marijuana.Com:

The National Sheriffs’ Association, in an email obtained by Marijuana.com, announced to its members that that it wrote to Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles Grassley (R-IA) to raise “strong concerns” over Vanita Gupta, acting head of the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division.

Gupta, who formerly headed up the ACLU’s criminal justice reform efforts, is expected to be formally nominated for the position of assistant attorney general, which would require Senate confirmation and hearings before Grassley’s committee.

The sheriffs wrote that she is “ill-suited for this important post,” saying that policies like decriminalization “would have disastrous effects on our communities and our citizens.”

You can click on the link to Tom’s article to read the full e-mail that was sent to Senator Grassley. Something that I find disturbing is that sheriffs are tied to counties, which are creations of the states they are located in. So why are they lobbying the federal government to deny a nominee for a federal position that oversees civil rights? Sheriffs are supposed to work for the citizens in their counties, they are not paid to lobby D.C.. Am I missing something here?


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  1. 2200 per year on average die from alcohol poisoning.

    Too much alcohol is killing college students every weekend in this country.

    not to mention all other deaths related to alcohol like cirrhosis, drunk drivers, etc.

  2. The Sheriffs know what’s best for the Sheriffs. Forfeitures, easy arrests and fines. Not to mention supporting the private prison industry and the cartels. Geez when will people ever be more concerned about society than they are about their own selfish greed?

  3. Whyiowa4medical on

    Remembering that all cannabis must be tested for even the tiniest amounts of harmful chemicals, and scarcely anyone trusts the water here, why does anyone think Grassley and his incorporated police force is against medical marijuana? It would never pass!!! Why don’t we start looking at this from an EPA (ecological) standpoint as why agriculture states want nothing to do with an herbal medicine that requires major testing??? The sheriff’s have already lost the, I thought I smelled weed and take all your property sting, so lets be real here. Where wild cannabis grew to amazing heights only a few years ago, almost all traces are now gone. My dad used to hit every fencerow with 2,4, D and roundup in a mix and I do not remember any successes as this hemp was uber hardy. I wish I knew what in the name of God they are using!!!

  4. Whyiowa4medical on

    A very disturbing name seems to pop-up in ecology, civil rights, the labeling of GMO products, and cannabis decriminalization and that name is Charles Grassley. Yes he is in NE Iowa, where his family farm is, quite often. When he is in the area one would think the president were visiting, but why, when he kicked the EPA out of the state? The EPA felt they could prove the level of herbicide/pesticide drift by studying gravel road dust which is kicked many yards into the air and when travelled on at high speed looks like jetsam from an F-16, and it stays in the air longer. Medical cannabis taxes is presented as a way to fix roads in ol’ Chucky’s area of the state, this area of the state has roads so bad I actually tore an abdominal wall muscle and tissue driving slower than the speed limit. Iowa’s skyscrapers have layers of dangerous farm chemicals taken off them every 2 to 3 years at levels that were they to build up any higher could kill, but Grassley wants any entity out of the state that would interfere with his deadly agricultural babies, even at the cost of school children. This trickster is pure evil as he poisons his citizens, and refuses to consider cannabis as drug companies are so deep in his pockets cannabis stands no chance. I often wonder why he does not want even hemp in Iowa, could it be we are so poisoned that even this would not grow!!! Or that testing would prove just how deathly poisoned we are!!!

  5. Plausible deniability, baby. USA-the father of lies…confuse and bedazzle with Uncle Sam’s BS.
    “Shake the hand that shook the hands of PT Barnum and Charlie Chan”
    It’s the United States Blues!”

  6. The pigs like their soft OT busting cannabis users and the big bucks and property they steal from those they bust for weed. They are a herd of lazy,filthy swine.

  7. They have a conflicting interest in this case so their “opinion” needs to be salted with those facts you mention. In other words, their opinion doesn’t count, what do they know about public welfare and the effects of this on society. All they know is their job which probably doesn’t require that type of social education. Sorry Sheriff’s this isn’t your domain. You’re job here is to execute the laws, not make them up, see?

  8. Of course the piggys don’t want to lose their overtime and money juicy nipple that they are addicted to sucking on.

  9. Just wondering how many of the lobbing sheriffs drink alcohol and would they stop drinking if that right was taken away from them. Put down the drink and pick up a joint, you will live longer!!

  10. Awesome, another retard. It matters because rights are not specific to regions but to all citizens across the nation. Do you think she doesn’t care about legalization is some places but cares for others? You truly have proven to be a massive idiot. Having said that, I appreciate David making another troll account.

  11. fuck the ignorant bully cops in this country they are the worst kind of scum..the kind of scum who preys on others under the guise of someone who is supposed to protect us.

  12. Texas? Dallas? Do you live in Texas? Even my favorite uncle who grew up here in Seattle talked about how much he hated Texas.. Maybe this is just a cut and paste video segment ? If you live in Texas, it’s without a doubt the last place on planet Earth that will ever legalize marijuana.

  13. Why do you care ? you live in the Midwest or the South or some place that doesn’t make any sense.

  14. We do have an organization of County Sheriffs & deputies who oppose the war on cannabis; the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA) headed by Sheriff Richard Mack.

    They’re opposed to federal tyranny in all forms.

    IMO, they’re worthy of support.

  15. Vanita Gupta wants to make weed Legal and the New Attorney General wants to make it Illegal……Both put in office by Obama…..WTF is going on here ?

  16. She is obviously not confused by facts. Guess that’s what you get when you surround yourself with cops and criminals all day every day, for years.

  17. Right, sheriffs! Decriminalization of cannabis would have disastrous effects on your ability to confiscate assets from suspected drug criminals, attract federal and state funds and avoid doing real police work. Despite the disturbing comments of our likely new Attorney General in Congressional hearings today, marijuana is just not going away, folks. There aren’t enough policemen in the world to stop it, so stop whining and do something useful. Hint: it’s probably not ticketing speeders, either.

  18. The southern strategy is a GOP strategy that WINS elections in the south. If the Democrats (and you’d really have to be more specific, since there are basically two kinds) have some sort of southern strategy, what is it? To lose elections in the south?

    Or were you just bullshitting because you’re upset that your precious Republicans are such a bunch of anti-weed shit heads?

  19. It’s time to put the crystal balls away and look at the real-world evidence. Cannabis legalization is a resounding success.

  20. Leonard Hester on

    That all sounds good for the media, but facts are facts. We are going to get it legal nation wide.

  21. Yes we all are missing something here. What they are afraid of is that
    1. They get a lot of publicity for busting marijuana users.
    2. It’s easy to catch a marijuana user.
    3. They can seize your homes, cars, electronics that the can auction off and finance their pensions.
    They should be more concerned with the low life’s that attack people and their families.
    The same peopl that break into houses and distroy peoples . They love major drug bust for the glory, the cash they find , They get a cut.

  22. I don’t think that legalizing marijuana wouldn’t be a bad deal.Comparing it having a drink and then drinking is a lot worst then smoking a blunt then driving . Not saying the money that the states and the federal gov would make on the selling of it and the taxes that they would make.

  23. “Sheriffs are supposed to work for the citizens in their counties, they are not paid to lobby D.C.. Am I missing something here?”

    The National Sheriff’s Association is not “a sheriff” and it can lobby on the behalf of it’s membership, the sheriffs. The Sheriffs are back in their counties, sheriffing. Sheriffs, being US citizens, have the right to form associations which petition the government for that association’s benefit.

  24. Loretta Lynch just gave those sheriffs reassurance in stating she is against legalization and would defend federal law against it.

  25. Then they must love his Attorney General nominee who has said several times during her confirmation hearing that she is against legalization and that she disagrees with Obama that alcohol is more harmful than cannabis.

  26. …none of the naysayers dire predictions have come true. To the contrairy, reports on legalization coming from Colorado seem to be positive. As with any untested venture, I’m sure there will be growing pains, (so to speak), as they modify & tweek the process of legalization. But overall, they’ve done a very good job of getting this to work.

  27. This is an easy 1+1=corrupt. If decriminalization happens at the federal level, county cops will be forced to follow up on real criminals, as opposed to lining their respective departments pockets with easy arrests. They might actually have to make their counties a better place for all.
    Is it more difficult and dangerous to follow up on a lead that sends them to a mobile home, residing in an abandoned lot, suspected of having a meth lab or a lead that sends them out to a farm littered with hippies with an outdoor grow?

  28. Chris Bornstedt on

    Hell yes the Cops Sheriff’s are pissed off, they see their funding and all the money they make off the drug war going down the drain. No seizures of property for auction and so on down the line.

  29. Kerry Kozitzki on

    There are still Reefer Madness supporters, the reason is most are profiting from cannabis in some way or another.Cops will lose that easy seizure money that they are getting. instead of concentrating on the Violent Drugs and unsafe drugs.The future is looking good as long as the bad apple$. Peac don’t F*CK it up for the rest of us. Peace Out

  30. The sheriffs wrote that she is “ill-suited for this important post,” saying that policies like decriminalization “would have disastrous effects on our communities and our citizens.”

    Yeah, just look at Colorado. The sky is falling.
    Oh wait… it’s not. In fact, the people are better off with lower crime rates and one of the best economies in the country.

  31. Maybe the sheriffs need to see this:

    “Look, we understood we couldn’t make it illegal to be young or poor or black in the United States, but we could criminalize their common pleasure. We understood that drugs were not the health problem we were making them out to be, but it was such a perfect issue…that we couldn’t resist it.” – John Ehrlichman, White House counsel to President Nixon on the rationale of the War on Drugs.

    “[Nixon] emphasized that you have to face the fact that the whole problem is really the blacks” Haldeman, his Chief of Staff wrote, “The key is to devise a system that recognizes this while not appearing to.”

  32. “The sheriffs wrote that she is “ill-suited for this important post,”
    saying that policies like decriminalization “would have disastrous
    effects on our communities and our citizens.”

    It would have disastrous effects on legalized theft (asset seizure and forfeiture). On the other hand communities would benefit greatly.


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