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Should Grandma Smoke Pot? Final Cut


Robert ‘The Tuna’ Platshorn Releases The Final Cut For ‘Should Grandma Smoke Pot?’

Called by one media critic, “Genius”. Produced by famous smuggler, author/activist Robert Platshorn and the award winning film maker Walter J. Collins. This made for TV version of Roberts Silver Tour stuns viewers with medical and legal facts long kept from the public. Robert’s tour teaching seniors the benefits of medical marijuana have drawn world wide praise for all branches of the media. Front page in the Wall St Journal, featured on CNN Money, praised by News Week’s Daily Beast and coming soon to The Daily Show!


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Johnny Green


  1. man those seniors are tough! I just came from a senior facility, they really bought into reefer madness ,they love the pills,beer. I wish they would hear the science behind cannabis oils and the healing properties.
    Go gettum Silver Tour! These guys have the work cut out!
    stubborn seniors

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