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Should I Trim The Leaves On My Marijuana Plant?


Marijuana Expert Jorge Cervantes Explains Why You Shouldn’t Trim Your Marijuana Leaves

It’s been an ongoing debate in marijuana growing circles whether or not you should trim the leaves on your marijuana plants to allow more light into the middle of your plants. Jorge Cervantes explains why leaving the marijuana plant alone is the best grower practice.



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  1. DOOBIE DO your a fuckin idiot bro. I’m a real smoker, have been for years, and i will teach you a lesson on smoking son. Real smokers don’t try to give lessons or boundaries on who is a real smoker. nobody gives a fuck about what you think you know- real smokers smoke because they love smoking, nobody gives 2 shits about how you take little girl hits and hold them in- ill take 5 dabs to your little 5th grader hit and still show you how handle business like its nothing because it isn’t. real smokers don’t have to judge another persons hit because a real smoker just appreciate OTHER REAL SMOKERS no matter how they medicate. and bro- those “devices” are a step ahead of where you are. Joints and blunts waste more smoke than anything else so don’t act like an OG you chump! KEEP SMOKIN HOWEVER YOU DO IT AND DONT LISTEN TO DOOBIE DO, he doesn’t know shit!

  2. LOL. Real smokers.. The REAL smokers that you hang around smoke to get high. I smoke for a reason other than that. I smoke one hitters worth whenever I wake up. It brings out the best in me and I ride the lingering buzz all day. Think again Doobie. I used to smoke like that before though.. tons of weed and hold it in for a long time. That is pointless I agree with cannabis queen. You are the ten-year old for even saying what you said

  3. Actually holding it in longer intensifies the effect of marijuana, and industrial cigarettes are the “joints” you smoke that would fuck up your lungs. Believe me, I smoke both but only addicted to nicotine. On a side subject, meth isn’t the bad drug everyone thinks. I was told my first time before that I would be addicted instantly. And when I tried it, and smoked a blunt afterwards, I was in mellow symphony. There’s no bugs or anything crawling up your skin, but you might hallucinate depending on the form or way you take it. Marijuana cancels out the addicting chemicals in meth. Plus you have a high ten times over

  4. GeminiWeed24 on

    Whens the best time to put my plant in the ground? it has already grown the hairs indicating that its a Female

  5. CannabisQueen on

    @ Ted And Doobie Do-You Sound Like A Child, People Smoke A Little To A lot, Its Still Healthy And It Doesn’t Really Matter. Blunts? Dude That’s Tobacco And Weed, Tobacco Has Nothing To Do With “REAL Ganja Smokers”. We Have Our Devices But Doesn’t Mean That People Cant Handle The Big Lump Some Of Different Strands! Lol Wow. And We’re Not Ten Year Old’s Smoking This Plant Your Comment Is Fucking Stupid -Holding It In Longer ?Yes ,This Gets You More High. You Want To Buzz ? Inhale And Then Blow Out Slowly.

    That’s It. There’s Nothing Else. Marijuana Is A Fucking Healthy Ass Thing. Stop Giving It A Bad Name!

  6. Its scientifically proven that holding it in does help, but only up to 15 seconds. After 15 seconds your lungs are no longer taking in oxygen particles that have the cannabinoids within.

  7. Holding it in longer doesnt get you higher, it’s a myth. The longer you hold it in, the more time youre allowing smoke to do damage to your lungs. The longer your lungs are exposed to the smoke and toxins, the more youre going to ruin them.

  8. and secondly…never take any advice from someone who uses vaporizers, OR someone who takes HUGE puffs then instantly blows it all out, wasting it. OR someone who takes one or two puffs and calls it quits for whatever dopey reason.
    REAL ganja smokers smoke joints or blunts – NOT devices. Real smokers take SMALL tokes, and hold it in deep. Real smokers finish their joints, or at least have weed so good that they only need a few draws.
    Cervantes thinks he is so good, that he can vape like 12 different strains in one session, and magicaly assess each one having only taken one puff on each, which he overinhaled and blew out in a mad rush like some wimpy ten year old. That aint smokin, sorry.

  9. I have listened to Cervantes, Soma, Ed, Herer, etc…yada yada. You will find everyone contradicts each other on key things. NOBODY KNOWS THE FULL DEAL! Dont be too quick to trust someone cuz they have a famous name…lots of famous people have dumb luck, or got by on misconceptions….ALOT….

    USE COMMON SENSE with your plants: EVERY strain is different. EVERY seed from one strain is different! NEVER assume a plant grows 100% like one with the same name or from the same parents.

    Nature evolved the plant. Just work with nature. Dont frig with stuff. DO WHAT NATURE DOES.

    Animals eat plant parts in nature, and this stimulates new growth. FUCK what everyone else says. Wind breaks and bends branches too in nature. Rain is sporadic in nature, NOT ON SOME RETARDED REGIMENS like “they” try to convince you with!

    You should WANT seeds, some anyways….people who hate on the males and hermies are RETARDS who should be stripped of all medals and made extinct, because they will cause the extinction of this blessed plant itself!

    Sunlight beats indoors. Screw what anyone else tells you. Period. The sun gives you 12,000 lumens PER SQUARE FOOT. No growbox can match that, because if it did, it would require phenomenal heat regulation and air flow etc.

    Do it outdoors. Do it natural. All natural. Use instinct, NATURE’S INSTINCT, not your own concocted instinct! ——remember this!

    And as far as harvesting goes…pick it whenever you want. PIck it early or late. Why? 99% of the growth you care about is done by the time 66% of the flowering phase is complete. AND NOBODY knows the exact flowering time of their plant – even if they bought some fancy seedbank seed. Why? environment IS THE CONTROLLING FACTOR, not some prissy seedbank dialogue!

    Harvest when the crystal has reached a climactic peak to get the most crystal. But guess what? CRYSTAL IS WORTHLESS!!!!!! yes!

    why? i have smoked PURE CRYSTAL joints, and it is TRASH! I have smoked bud soooo crystally I thought it was from God himself, but it was the worst trash I ever smoked. Crystal ain’t shit.

    RESIN in the flowers IS the shit you want. Real good ganja is defined by the STICKY OOZING resin that flows out of the flowers when you squeeze them. GOOD GANJA cannot be cut up with any device, fingers, clippers, scissors, grinders, busters, even coffee grinders. Been there, done that, why I am telling you.

    Wet weed is NOT sticky weed. Only chumps believe that shit. Real ganja is so sticky that it takes like ten minutes to break up by hand into tiny pieces, and rolled up for a smoke that drips resin out the roach as you smoke it. real ganja has resin streaking down the joint as you smoke it. The joint should go out from the pure resin inside. It should make your fingers and lips red or brown with resin. And when you open the filter it should be so gooey that you can literally PAINT a few rolling papers with pure resin. That would be like 30-40%thc, compared to the wimpy trash people hype about that has 25% or less. You should get high within your first draw or two – even being a seasoned smoker. If you don’t, you have crap weed. You should be so high after 4 draws that you can put the joint out for a good 4 to 8 hours. Good ganja lasts 8 hours or more. NOt this wimpy 2 or 3 hours crap that 99% of strains give you nowadays. Crap.

    Amazing bud can be yours, if you follow the techniques I told you. I know from experience first-hand time and time again. Trust me. You and your buddy can get two seeds from the same seedbank bag, and I promise you that one of you grows it the way I said, your plant will destroy the one your buddy produced using all the worthless “tips” from the pros and newbies out there.

    Remember…..nature……not TIPS, TRICKS, or TECH!

    The more you become one with nature when you grow, and the more you FLUSH OUT the dogma from other growers, the more super potent bud you will produce.

    I made 10 grams off a 12 inch plant, using ONLY 1,800 lumens in a one square foot box. Each any every node had two to six COLAS growing, each like pygmy top colas, and about 1.5 inches long each. EVERY node. The bud was so resinous AND frosty, it was superb. It smelled like lime Lifesaver candy, and one joint could get three people very stoned.

    Don’t worry about “THC levels” as 99% of seedbanks are full of lies and BS to sell their product. And like I said, variation is nature. Not every seed will make an identical plant! EVEN CLONING WONT! DONT BELIEVE THE HYPE!

    Three clones can come out each different heights, different potencies, and different qualities – while being the same strain still.

    Most of the “kush” you people smoke is like 8% thc when actually tested, but everyone believes it is 20% plus. WRONG. like I said, it depends how it is grown. TRUE PROS know this. Not celebrity pros and wannabe newbies.

    weed I have smoked has been tested at 35% in government labs, in tests done by police.

    Plus, folks, thc is not the whole deal anyways! A 25% thc plant may give you a crap stone. But a 10% plant might get you blasted! Science is finding out how many different chemicals actually exist in the plant and how they each interrelate and affect you! THEY WONT KNOW FOR PROBABLY ANOTHER DECADE!

    A 10% thc strain can be grown to produce maybe 20 or 30% thc, GIVEN THE RIGHT GROW CONDITIONS. So don’t believe the hype!

    Commercial seeds are destined to destroy cannabis as we know it. LANDRACES are the only way to go. Preservation of Landraces is 100% vital to cannabis EXISTENCE on our planet! And only 0.5% of growers work with these. Bag seed is sometimes your best investment. The best weed I have ever smoked was a msyerty Bermudian hydroponic, and the second best was Jamaican Black Landrace. Both of these are top secret and only handfull of people in their respective countries even know about it, let along can access some.

    Don’t ever quit the ganja!

  10. My plant is flowering and the leaves are getting dry and yellow, I’ve already gotten rid of spider mites while it was vegging, any idea what’s going on?

  11. Unicornzander on

    How do I trim and what do I trim to get bushy plants?  I am new to this so pictures of which leaves to trim would probably be good!

  12. I agree….until they start to turn yellow. Especially the large fan leaves down in the lower to middle section of the plant. Soon as they start to turn, those can safely be removed. Otherwise, if they look healthy I leave them alone – until about the final two weeks of the grow. Then I go back to the bottom of the plant and remove ALL the large fan leaves up through the middle interior if for no other reason than to get as much light on those buds as possible for that….strong finish. A side benefit is reduced de-leafing activities during the trim up after harvest. I also shorten up the lights-on period somewhat (depending on the strain) mimicking the light patterns seen in nature. Of course all of my results are anecdotally excellent and after this long, I wouldn’t change a thing….and won’t.

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