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Should Marijuana Be Legal In Florida


Of course marijuana should be legal in Florida! And beyond! Florida will be a tough state to pass an initiative, due to the fact that there are six districts that signatures need to be gathered from, all of which pose their own challenges and demographic issues. Getting the legislature, in any state, is an uphill battle. But if a fight is worth fighting, then I say fight on, and ending marijuana prohibition is certainly worth fighting for!


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  2. medical marijuana is not a gateway drug in my book and thats the only 1 that matters….hey where did my rollin papers go??
    True Floridian.

  3. Stuck here in Florida, taking Meds like candy for pain (failed surgery), but that’s ok with FL..

    64 yrs old, Look FL, MJ, it’s freaking works and it has for 5,000 years +/-

    I am prepared to sell my property in Florida to the state of Colorado,
    which will make my property Colorado land. I just cant figure a way to do it,

    Someone needs to stop the “Madness Down Here” at the very least decrim. it to a violation, not a one year misdemeanor.

    Local News ,,,
    A 36-year-old Palm Coast woman was arrested
    for possession of marijuana under 20 grams after deputies stopped her vehicle which was observed on Belle Terre Parkway. Deputies said they found a small hand-rolled joint cigarette on the floor board. For a Roach,,,,

    Help us

  4. It’s time!! We disabled individuals should be allowed a legal alternative to multiple medications which are expensive, not very effective and loaded with side effects.

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