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Should Marijuana Be Legalized In Pennsylvania?


pennsylvania marijuanaI just got done participating in an online poll at Penn LiveThe poll is asking whether or not marijuana should be legalized in Pennsylvania for both recreational and medical purposes, just medical purposes, or if both should remain illegal. As of the writing of this blog post, 91.78% of poll participants voted for medical and recreational marijuana legalization. 4.49% of poll participants said that it should be legal only for medical purposes, while 3.73% felt marijuana should remain illegal. 12,970 people participated so far in the poll.

This is of course far from a scientific poll. However, gauging the mood of voters in Pennsylvania on this issue is important as it sounds like Daylin Leach is planning on introducing marijuana reform legislation as early as this week in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania, like many other states in the nation, need marijuana reform in a bad way. Patients are suffering in Pennsylvania just like in any other state, and they should be given the option of using cannabis for relief. Also, people shouldn’t be going to jail for cannabis in Pennsylvania either.

Sadly, it sounds like Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett is out of touch with the majority of Americans who feel that marijuana prohibition has failed. “Although opinion is swinging toward legalizing marijuana nationally, here in Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett has said he would veto any such bill that reached his desk — although today he did indicate he’d be open to medical marijuana legalization, at the direction of the Food and Drug Administration.” according to Penn Live.

Any Governor who comes out against marijuana reform before there’s even a bill in the state legislature is a terrible Governor in my opinion. A Governor is supposed to allow the democratic process to play out, and only in the event of legislation that is more harmful than helpful should he/she use their veto power. Marijuana legalization would help out Pennsylvania on too many levels to oppose it. And legalizing medical marijuana, regardless of what the FDA says, would help suffering patients in Pennsylvania, which is something that everyone should get on board with, especially a Governor who supposedly believes in compassion.


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  1. OK , yes I feel marijuanna should be legal fo recreational and medical purposes. But under certain conditions. It should never be allowed to be chemically altered in anyway shape or form! No ” Fire Saftey” chemicals, no adding chemicals to alter the flavor, just plain , 100% all natural weed! I don’t smoke but I won’t sit here and say I never have. Marijuana is one of the safest adult substances out their today . When I went through the corrections academy drugs and their side affects are one of the items they teach. How to tell if someone is using? Also what type of side affects people may have from withdrawal. Marijuana was the only substance with positive side affects and little or no withdrawal symptoms. That being said it should be treated as a adult substance. Like alcohol! I feel you should be over the age of 21 to purchase it unless prescribed by a physician. And yes if it is legalized I will more than likely smoke it.

  2. Ohh forgot to say im all for John Hanger…and if the whole US passes this law think of how many jobs will open up for make hemp products (It takes 4 acres of trees to produce as much paper as an acre of hemp…think of that tree huggers)oils,paper,clothing,ETC. Who knows maybe even cheaper fuels that are more powerful than gasoline . And personally id rather smoke than drink alcohol. (Drinking killed my mother R.I.P 5/4/09) as i can at least still function when i smoke but as soon as i grab those bottles im a useless slob.Think America if this passes crime rate down instantly and one more step to push the drug cartels back to their home lands…

  3. I would love for the passing of medical and recreational use..as of 2010 I severely broke my ankle and had to have 2 screws inserted to keep me walking and after a hard work day i have to sit down for at least 2hrs because of inflammation and pain and the doc’s wont even prescribe and pain killers (because of big crackdowns in my area)and on top i also have insomnia and restless leg syndrome,once my buddy handed me my first “HIT” of marijuana my pain went away and i was able to sleep in peace

  4. If I had to vote for a governor that either approved of guns or marijuana, the weed guy gets my vote. The fact that marijuana chills one out and makes you mellow means we wouldn’t need all these damn guns. Chillen and killen don’t go together!

  5. Our Governor seems to think his job has tenure but come voting time in 2014, we the people will give Governor Corbett the opportunity to seek emoloyment somewhere else.

  6. rollinstonedzero on

    I support the legalization of Medical Marijuana in Pennsylvania. We the terminally ill have the right to choose alternatives to TOXIC meds! There so many reasons why this is good for the people and state of Pennsylvania and only one reason it’s bad, Governor Corbett. Since when is my medical treatment up to a politician?

  7. Don’t forget he also wanted to have a foreign country take over our lottery system. I am butchering that up but you get the idea. He is also in favor of having beer sold in super markets, corner stores etc. Now that should be allowed, but it goes to show he is not for the people. If you allow beer to be sold at gas stations wouldn’t that increase the dui rate? Same could be said for cannabis but see how shit doesn’t make sense? The only sense is he is getting funds from someone.

  8. Tom Corbett is an idiot realized that back when he was attorney general in Pa and did noting to help victims of personal financial management mortgage scandal so why he would do anything to help people suffering from chronic pain to try marijuana as a possible remedy. No one anyway has the right to say to me or anyone that a plant that grows on this earth is illegal. If my medical doctor says this may help my medical condition and is willing to prescribe it to me if it was legal how is a politician more qualified than my dr? I have to wait for a politician to decide what’s best for my medical treatment?

  9. I have lived in Pa for most of my 50 yrs. I got to see helmet laws repealed. I would love to see Marijuana reform as well. I have smoked for years because I do enjoy a good smoke. But old age and diabetes has taken it’s toll. I smoke now to stop the nerve pain in my legs so I don’t have to pay a lot of money to the big drug companies for something I can grow.(they hate that). Besides you don’t want to chase off your cash cow because of old unproven arguments.

  10. johnny, you are so right about about our gov here. the only good news is this clown hopefully gets voted out soon. with schools woefully underfunded some new tax money sure would help. it all makes to much sense. in pa. our goverment is still stuck in the phrohibition times. not for long common sense will prevail.won’t it?

  11. MotherMarySpeaksToMe on

    I live in Philly I have been dying to get several people to start different petitions in different parts of the city even the state if possible, there is a strong possibility that this could very well help fix our economy

  12. Corbit while respecting the 2nd amendment moderately, for some reason doesn’t respect the 10th or the lives and health of his constituents. Between his record, his 40¢ gas tax and desire to have the FDA tell us how to run Pennsylvania, I’m completely put off.

  13. Conservatives4Legalization on

    The right to bear arms is well established and protected under the Constitution. When it comes to the right to have marijuana you’re preaching to the choir. I believe it is our right and should be established and protected.

  14. Yes, I live in pa and I’ve been on oxycotton and roxy codon for 2 years now and many other pain meds before then and no longer helping my chronic back pain from all of my back surgeries. Really cannabis is my only hope to live life not from my bed, like I am now. The pain meds are slowly killing me and I’m slowly loosing my kidneys. I am already having kidney problems bc of all the narcotics. Cannabis will let me live pass 30 years old. We need this!!

  15. I have to admit it makes me chuckle everytime I hear this argument, we have the right to have guns that will kill, but no right to have marijuana that won’t

  16. Gov Corbett is a dinosaur. He is feeling the heat being generated by John Hanger and his pro cannabis platform. His “I will consider medical marijuana if the FDA approves” statement, however hollow it may be, is proof. Medical marijuana bills have been introduced in the previous 3 legislative sessions and legalization in the 2013 session, however all died in committee without receiving a vote. Corbett’s time is up come November and hopefully things will change for the better in PA. Patient’s and Constituents deserve a government that listens to them on this issue.

  17. Conservatives4Legalization on

    I live in Pa and can’t wait for legalization for both medical and recreational purposes. I’ve done a lot of work with the elderly and disabled and can vouch for the immediate need for reform. So many will benifit from it. Personally I like Corbett for protecting our gun rights and hope that he will come to his senses on marijuana reform. Especially since his possible opponent John Hanger has a three step idea to legalize marijuana, he is already becoming popular here. That I like but his views on gun control worry me. Please come to your senses Corbett.

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