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Should Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Be Allowed In San Diego?


“This is Debate Week here at U-T TV and today we’re talking about medical marijuana dispensaries. Technically any marijuana use is illegal under federal law, but California voters have approved it for medical use. The question is: would you want a medical marijuana dispensary in your neighborhood? One side is fighting to make dispensaries legal in SD, while the other side is against having shops in the city. What’s your take?” – U-T San Diego


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  1. While smoked marijuana does contain some of the same toxins as cigarettes or any other kind of smoke, smoking marijuana does NOT cause cancer. For two main reasons. One, marijuana consumers inhale a tiny fraction of the smoke that cigarette smokers do. People standing on a busy street corner inhale more toxic smoke than the two or three puffs of marijuana. Second, researchers have found marijuana has anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties.

    The preeminent researcher of marijuana and lung disease, UCLA’s Dr. Donald Tashkin, conducted investigations over 30 years, initially believing there must be a causal relationship. But he finally concluded that smoking marijuana does NOT cause cancer or ANY other serious disease.

    Additionally, even the minor lung irritation that heavy consumption can cause can be easily avoided by eating, drinking or vaporizing marijuana. No smoke – no harm – at all.

  2. He’s also wrong about California voters. The majority of them who voted for Prop 215 just wanted to move policy as far as possible back toward total legalization. The proof of this was the 46 percent of the total vote for Prop 19.

  3. What’s WRONG with all adults having all the marijuana they want – medical or recreational? It’s FAR less harmful than alcohol, so every person who switches from Budweiser to buds improves their health and life tremendously – as well as that of their family and community!

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