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Should The Marijuana Community Boycott Discovery Channel’s ‘Pot Cops’?


pot cops discovery channelHow hard up for viewership has Discovery Channel grown? Whether pandering to the younger demographics, while searching for the youthful stoner spectators. Or just trying to sensationalize the ongoing national debate of marijuana legalization, as a means of increasing their market share and charging more to their advertisers. Discovery Channel has undertaken a campaign of sensationalizing the national struggle, which is neck deep in personal misery.

In their opening salvo of salacious ‘Pot gone wild’ programming, Discovery Channel first offered up for your viewing pleasure – “Weed Country.” A show that focused on the ever-increasing friction caused by the enforcement of the federal prohibition on marijuana cultivation…in a state that allows medical marijuana to be grown under certain conditions.

Steeped in the marijuana cultivation culture, the small cities and towns that comprise Humboldt County, more commonly known as the “Emerald triangle,” are often maligned. These ‘Mom and Pop’ growers, slandered in the press as somehow being associated with the drug cartels from south of the border. When in reality they are struggling farmers, looking to supply the medical needs of California’s patients.

As “Weed Country” wrapped up its first season, leaving stoners across the country wishing they lived in Northern California. The Discovery Channel has queued up its next installment of demographics pleasing fluff … dressed up as fact and entertainment – “Pot Cops.”

Watching “Pot Cops” was confusing, a masochistic act of self-loathing and hatred [and a complete waste of time]. As one who has cultivated his own medicine for several years, and understands the hard work and expense that goes into creating some of these beautiful crops. Witnessing the destruction of these plants is nothing short of heartbreaking. Pot Cops crawls through the social muck, as they follow a multi-agency task force, destroying crops found deep in the national forest. As a means of depicting their narrative on California pot growers, Pot Cops shows their multi-agency task force, as strictly enforcing the federal government’s prohibition on marijuana, claiming that any cultivation of pot is still a federal crime.

Witness the storyline for Pot Cops:

In the vast forests of Northern California, most would never imagine encountering gunfire, booby traps and cartel activity. But here in Humboldt County, an area with some of the most conducive growing conditions in the United States, the countryside is overrun with armed Mexican drug cartels that are willing to use violence to protect their valuable marijuana crops. In order to avoid crossing the border with illegal substances, many cartels have set up marijuana grows where they can produce thousands of plants potentially worth thousands of dollars each – and it’s not just cartels setting up shop. Many “average joe” growers operate from this area, and will be brought down alongside the cartels if their activities wind up on the Drug Enforcement Unit’s radar.

Despite evidence to the contrary, as cited by the Office of National Drug Control Policy – the Discovery Channel has opted to ignore the facts in order to sensationalize and profit from the struggle that has imprisoned tens of thousands of Californians and millions of Americans.

You have better things to do with your time… Boycott “Pot Cops”

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Johnny Green


  1. These guy’s are idiots , I’d be ashamed to be on a show and let everybody see how dumb I was .

  2. Pot Cops…Top Cops backwards…what a fckn joke!
    I think the world would just fine even if these guys didn’t exist.

  3. These cops are a joke, the only thing funny about it, is how they seem they are doing a job that is good for the people. I’m am personally thankful for all the farmers that risk their freedom on a daily basis, to helping others. I don’t know how the cops can even sleep at night. This show is the reason I found this website to post my feelings.

  4. Yes, I m boycotting anything to do with the discovery channel, these guys are dumb, their going to end up at the bottom of some lake,if they mess with the wrong people.

  5. Shelly Smith on

    I’d rather view it & be informed of the nonsense being thrown out there to the people that don’ t know any better, vs boycotting.

  6. The biggest problem I have is that most cops still only understand the Nixion era/NIDA propaganda that they were tought in training! I wish they all had to smoke it once to understand the effects, that would be one law they wouldn’t bother enforcing anymore.lol

  7. I say boycott discovery and all of its affiliates. Discovery has taken the story and run it into the ground. Obviously they only care for ratings, while they let these pigs spew their propaganda. Mexican cartels my ass. Which one?
    Why doesn’t discovery show the other side of the story? Why don’t they detail just how much these cops profit from others misery? Why don’t they show the innocent people who have had their savings and homes seized by these thugs so that they can play soldier? Why don’t they show that only 400 cops have been killed in the “war on drugs”? How many more have the cops accidentally shot?
    Discovery can only redeem itself in my eyes if the make a show next called “dirty cops”

  8. I can’t stand the show. They portray unreal “truths” and has propaganda all over it.

  9. On second thought, you might be right. NORML should buy some advertising on this show.

  10. I watched a couple of minutes, and turned it off. I made it through three episodes of Weed Country, but refused to watch the rest. Pot Cops did not take that long.

  11. I don’t think it’ll take an ORGANIZED boycott of Discovery channel to make our point. I watched the FIRST 15 mins of the program before I turned it off and had already decided NOT to watch “Pot Cops” EVER again. We’re smarter than you’re giving us credit for.

    People can see right through this show. I turned it off because I got tired of watching my TAX DOLLARS being wasted for the production of a show that dwells on the MISFORTUNE of the people that these RAMBO COPS have targeted for our VIEWING PLEASURE! This show wil tell the PEOPLE of this country how STUPID and WASTEFUL our govt. REALLY are. That we spend SO MUCH to incarcerate NON-VIOLENT marijuana offenders and exactly HOW MANY young lives this FAILED WAR ON DRUGS has RUINED by “SIMPLE POSSESSION”charges on their record.

  12. Mark Edwards on

    To answer the question of boycotting Pot Cops I say no. Here’s why I think this. There were many aspects of both shows that I didn’t care for, neither being as informative as they could have been. When you consider that more Americans are changing their views more favorably towards cannabis legalization. We need to embrace this program as a tool for legalization. Because when Washington and Colorado went to vote for legalization there were many who have nothing to do with cannabis that voted for it because they could see the senselessness of Prohibition. We can use this program to show the senselessness of the cost of prohibition to our forrest, manpower, legal cost and the cost of the prison system, not to mention many other resources. So anytime cannabis comes up in the media good or bad it promotes conversation and conversation leads to views changing on cannabis. The Prohibitionist know the end of this war on cannabis users is near the end. So let them squawk, America’s talking and were winning more and more.

  13. Yes, boycott the Discovery Channel completely. While you’re at it, email them and let them know their sensationalistic fake-drama needs to be taken off the air. It does nothing but encourage bad behavior by over-fed and under-educated public “officials” who should find something better to do with their time and our money.

  14. F#&k the Discovery channel and their sensationalism. I’d rather boycott the entire channel…….

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