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Show-Me Cannabis Aims To Put Medical Marijuana On 2016 Missouri Ballot


missouri show me cannabis medical marijuanaI have had the pleasure of working with members of the Show-Me Cannabis team since mid 2012. I have had a front row seat to see that great things that they have been doing in Missouri. Their public awareness campaign is second to none when it comes to marijuana politics, and the recent release of Jeff Mizanskey was absolutely huge for marijuana reform’s momentum in Missouri (and absolutely huge for the Mizanskey family, go get ’em Jeff!). The Show-Me Cannabis campaign recently hired political consultant Jack Cardetti, which was a major pickup for the campaign.

The Show-Me Cannabis campaign had been pursuing recreational marijuana legalization in addition to legalizing medical marijuana and industrial hemp, but it appears that the campaign has decided to tailor their efforts towards a 2016 medical marijuana ballot initiative. Per KOMU:

Dan Viets, chairman for Show-Me Cannabis, said Cardetti’s hiring may be the necessary tool for finally getting the initiative for medical marijuana on the ballot. Viets said Cardetti brings much more than just his name.

“We hope of course not only that he’ll increase the credibility of our campaign, but that in turn will lead to substantial contribution,” Viets said. “Money is the mother’s milk of politics after all.”

He said the difference between past attempts and now is the level of support and with the help of serious players like Cardetti and out-of-state supporters, the future looks promising.

Viets also said after the recent release of Jeff Mizanskey, the hiring of Cardetti couldn’t come at a better time for their momentum.

In order to get a medical marijuana initiative on the Missouri ballot for the 2016 Election, the campaign will have to gather roughly 160,000 valid signatures. There are also district requirements in Missouri, meaning that there needs to not only be the total number of valid signatures gathered, but there have to be above a certain amount in each of Missouri’s 8 districts. Signature validation rates seem to usually land between 40-60% for marijuana campaigns, so the campaign will actually need to gather significantly more than 160,000 total signatures, knowing that a huge chunk of them will be invalidated. But I am confident that Missouri can do it, and you should be to0. Go MO!


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  1. I had great faith in show me cannabis and now after this latest descision to go with medical only proves that they are pussies. They are not going to put a dent in the blackmarket at all with this crap and I bet they won’t even include a home grow provision for patients so they can keep it soo restricted that it will no one any good. No, these guys lack the conviction to carry out what they say they believe in, if you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything and that’s just what they’ve been doing like a blade of grass bending with the wind. Show me cannabis does not truly believe in ending prohibition if they did they wouldn’t puss out and keep changing their minds about what they gonna do. I don’t know about this other inititive but but I will not be voting for these guys, I vote for freedom and what these guys are offering is not that it’s more rules snd regulations so thanks for nothing show me cannabis.

  2. Absolutely right… Sign and vote for both… With a little cooperation they could combine their signature gathering efforts … Two petitions signed for the price of one… Sound good..?

  3. i get tired about the negatives, i’m 62 and i’ve been dry for a while, any improvement, anywhere is one for us! closer to national legal. Quit with the dumb, whiny bull! every one needs weed! i’m from ohio, we got signatures, so can you.

  4. Sure would and according to the blow hard’s at MPP we were voting for it in 2016, but they pussed out.

  5. A southern state win would be a huge win, imho. This plant is loved by a wealth of people from different back grounds and local cultures and the more states that get on board the more courage is cultivated in regions where use is deemed subversive.
    Courageous voters tend to make it to the polls when there is something on they ballot they wish to get passed. Go go Cardinal nation!

  6. Viets, Show Me Cannabis, and NORML are not about legalization of cannabis at all. Don’t be fooled by their rhetoric! They are about securing profits for a select few, and continuing restriction and regulation of this non-toxic miraculous plant, so we-the-people make a select few people rich.

    Ballot Initiative 2016-013 is a real legalization proposal well on its way to making it to the 2016 ballot (unlike Viets’ proposal which isn’t even up for public comment yet.)

    Join the Missouri Cannabis Restoration and Protection Act!

  7. That’s not the problem, the problem is the people we try to believe in are nothing but pussies.

  8. MPP you have been blowing all the last year about how we were going to go full bore and vote to legalize, now out of the blue you wanna craw fish. Fuck it I’m done with ya. Why should I waste my time.

  9. disqus_khOigjnTmd on

    Show-Me Cannabis does their own polling, and I’m sure they would have gone for full legalization if their polling indicated it was reasonably possible in 2016. The good news is that you can sign for both petitions, and vote for both if both make the ballot! The text of the act you cite declares that if a rival initiative “receives the higher affirmative vote, then all non-conflicting parts shall become operative.” So think of medical as an insurance policy, and support both initiatives!
    Besides, there are people in horrible pain, or who are close to the end of their lives, who could be helped with medical cannabis. Try to think of them too.

  10. Lawrence Goodwin on

    Please practice what that other group preaches, Tru. “Come together. Right now,” they command on their website. I, for one, will remember Show-Me Cannabis as an outstanding group of people, much like the workers of The Weed Blog, all of whom made 2015 a year of momentous change for cannabis admirers everywhere. From hundreds of miles to the east, I see no reason why Nick Raines, Mark Pedersen, Christine Bay, Regina Nelson and Brittany Lind–advocates of the campaign you cited, according to the website–can’t give Amber Iris Langston at Show-Me a phone call to be civil. Ms. Langston seems to have a heart of gold. The two campaigns MUST work together to get something positive done. Cannabis plants have been held hostage by tyrants for 78 YEARS. One more day, technically, is an actual crime against every citizen of Missouri who could benefit from medical cannabis–not to mention the limitless opportunities that follow unfettered production of cannabis fibers, pulp, seeds, leaves and flowers. ‘Officials’ have succeeded in this tyranny for so long through divide and conquer tactics. Please don’t hand them another victory (that is, defeat of both proposals on Election Day 2016).

  11. Forget about Show-Me, I can’t believe they dropping the recreational part. MISSOURI CANNABIS RESTORATION AND PROTECTION ACT 2016 is where its at.

  12. Kent W. Marsh A.C.E. on

    But you fail to mention the MISSOURI CANNABIS RESTORATION AND PROTECTION ACT 2016-013 that already have a petition in circulation with over 50,000 signitures gained.
    I have heard the same story for a long period about a petition for SMC and medical legalization to no avail of a petition. SHOW ME A PETITION! Otherwise it’s just Smoke and mirrors.

  13. Faye:

    what i just found.. so lets use this as an instrument to get the ball
    moving.. write your reps, copy and paste this to the letters and ask
    for their explanations of the laws of Alabama are of this
    tyranny…So, here is what the Con­trolled Sub­stances Act
    says about who can request a change to the fed­eral schedules:

    for the issuance, amend­ment, or repeal of such rules may be
    ini­ti­ated by the Attor­ney Gen­eral (1) on his own
    motion, (2) at the request of the Sec­re­tary, or (3) on the
    peti­tion of any inter­ested party.

    21, United States Code, Sec­tion 811(a). So, we know Mari­nol
    was resched­uled by the Attor­ney Gen­eral and the
    Sec­re­tary of Health and Human Ser­vices. But, who is an
    inter­ested party? Could this mys­te­ri­ous party be
    a state?

    exam­ine some fed­eral case law to see if we can find an

    the CSA sched­ul­ing restric­tions, the FDCA inter­state
    mar­ket­ing pro­vi­sions do not apply to drugs
    man­u­fac­tured and mar­keted wholly intrastate.
    Com­pare 21 U.S.C. § 801(5) with 21 U.S.C. § 321 (b), 331,
    355(a). Thus, it is pos­si­ble that a sub­stance may have
    both an accepted med­ical use and safety for use under med­ical
    super­vi­sion, even though no one has deemed it nec­es­sary
    to seek approval for inter­state marketing.

    v. DEA, 828 F.2d 881, 887 (1st Cir. 1987). So, med­ical use can
    be intrastate, rather than inter­state. And, what this court is
    say­ing is that accepted intrastate use of a sub­stance means
    it can­not be clas­si­fied under fed­eral law as
    hav­ing no accepted med­ical use in treat­ment in the
    United States. So how can this be? We have forty (40) states that
    have accepted the med­ical use of mar­i­juana, and three
    (3) fed­eral juris­dic­tion, DC, Guam, and Puerto Rico.
    But, here’s the answer: not one of these states or fed­eral
    juris­dic­tions has noti­fied the fed­eral
    gov­ern­ment under 21 U.S.C. § 811(a) that mar­i­juana
    has accepted med­ical use in treat­ment in the United States.
    In other words, Mari­nol did not just mag­i­cally
    resched­ule itself. Some­one ini­ti­ated the process.
    And we know who ini­ti­ated the process: the fed­eral
    gov­ern­ment. So, what about state governments?

    fail­ure by state gov­ern­ments to ini­ti­ate
    fed­eral resched­ul­ing of mar­i­juana has
    resulted in some really neg­a­tive con­se­quences.
    For exam­ple, a quad­ri­plegic man in Col­orado lost
    his job for using med­ical mar­i­juana out­side of
    the work place in full com­pli­ance with Col­orado law.
    The Col­orado Supreme Court ruled that the med­ical use of
    mar­i­juana is not legal in Col­orado because of fed­eral
    sched­ul­ing. Bran­don Coats v. Dish Net­work, LLC,
    Supreme Court Case No. 13SC394, Supreme Court of Col­orado, 2015
    CO 44, 350 P.3d 849 (June 15, 2015). Another quad­ri­plegic
    man in Michi­gan lost his job for using med­ical mar­i­juana
    out­side the work place in full com­pli­ance with
    Michi­gan law. The U.S. Court of Appeals ruled that the med­ical
    use of mar­i­juana is not legal in Michi­gan because of
    fed­eral sched­ul­ing. Casias v. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.,
    No. 11–1227, United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Cir­cuit,
    2012 U.S. App. LEXIS 23969 (Octo­ber 26, 2012).

    would be absurd to think that vot­ers and leg­is­la­tors
    in states that have legal­ized the med­ical use of
    mar­i­juana would think that it has no med­ical use under
    fed­eral law, so we can assume this is an over­sight and a
    fail­ure to under­stand the fed­eral Con­trolled
    Sub­stances Act. It’s time that states started address­ing
    fed­eral sched­ul­ing in their state med­ical
    mar­i­juana laws.

    in Iowa, we have a bill pend­ing in the Iowa House, SF 484, that
    would actu­ally resched­ule mar­i­juana under state
    law, but it says absolutely noth­ing about fed­eral
    sched­ul­ing. It’s time a state got it right and pro­tected
    the peo­ple it says it is try­ing to help. Unless we want to
    see the weak­est among us tricked into expos­ing them­selves
    as fed­eral crim­i­nals, we need to say it loud and
    clear. We are resched­ul­ing this med­i­cine under
    both state and fed­eral clas­si­fi­ca­tions. It’s
    very clear from read­ing 21 U.S.C. § 811(a) that a notice to the
    fed­eral gov­ern­ment is required by the fed­eral
    Con­trolled Sub­stances Act and the state must give that
    notice when it legal­izes mar­i­juana for med­ical

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    Martin O’Malley will declassify marijuana as a schedule 1 drug

    Response to Federalism: the missing piece in state medical


    understand people want to relax and smoke cannabis and it’s their
    right totally…but ….for the life of me….I don’t understand why
    now that we know about our Endocannabinoid System we have not made
    our battle line…NUTRITION…NUTRITION WE REQUIRE…not just for us
    but for our children & the whole planets food source. People
    think if cannabis is medicine it’s a drug…people think if cannabis
    is like alcohol it’s dangerous & another drug like alcohol to get
    drunk…but there is a huge, huge, difference….alcohol is not the
    most nutritious drink on the planet…while juiced cannabis is the
    most nutritious drink on the planet.

    politicians like David Simpson, Texas gets it…he was fighting for
    cannabis our food and that is what we need to do over recreational
    cannabis. Do you really care that the gov. gets taxes from cannabis
    as a similar agent of alcohol when the gov. could also get taxes from
    cannabis as food from everyone. The schools would still get money and
    why should we pay the po po to consume food? Just because they have a
    powerful lobby & need their job..if their job is so dangerous I
    am sure many of them would like to find another job that is safer so
    they can make it home to their kids & their wives.

    truth is recreational marijuana does not even exist why should we be
    bargaining & paying so highly for it…recreational marijuana
    just enforces in the minds of people that cannabis is a drug and of
    some danger like alcohol. Not to mention being put into the same
    classification as alcohol makes it another highly restricted and
    punishable offense to be caught in the wrong place or time with it.
    Cannabis use should be as all other laws are suppose to be you cannot
    assume guilt before some crime is committed. Every single study,
    every single research done has put to rest every prohibition lie that
    has ever been told yet every state that has passed any laws is based
    on the lies that cannabis is some danger to society. Every single
    issue with cannabis that has been negative is because of the false
    inflation of it’s value because the gov. is creating scarcity to keep
    prices where they want them. Keeping cannabis scarce creates it’s
    false value therefore creates crime in the form of robbery, theft,
    etc. The needless security measures for businesses creates inflated
    business expenses and the fact that the feds can come in anytime and
    just close them down for any made up reason because they have created
    so many obstacles that it’s nearly impossible to comply with them all
    totally. The gov. is not letting businesses use regular expense
    deductions, etc. To help keep the small guy from participating in the
    green rush they are creating for themselves to rape the public once

    did this come from this recreational idea in the first place a bunch
    of memes? Some articles, some organizations we don’t know where their
    real motives began or lie. We all know cannabis is the best nutrition
    on this planet, we all know all use of cannabis is beneficial to our
    bodies even when smoked or vaped. If we put our efforts into cannabis
    freedom as our food source for the cannabinoids our bodies require
    that solves all our problems…we can grow food. We are not told how
    many grapes we can grow and we can choose to ferment them should we
    care to. We can smoke banana peels if we choose to. If we drive down
    the road and we cannot drive we should be pulled over but nobody
    should be pulled over if they are driving fine. California use to be
    at the forefront and now they want to limit everyone to six plants
    and no sharing or giving to the poor or needy that is
    selfishness…people share their food, their medicines their wine.
    Who would come to your home and if they had a headache you would not
    offer them an aspirin? Anyone can collect wine and have a hundred
    bottles of wine from any country in their wine cellar but with
    cannabis we are dictated to based on lies to only grow 6 plants.

    has always taken from the dirt and if man is not free to grow what he
    pleases anymore we are no longer men. This country this planet
    wouldn’t have made it to this point without cannabis I bet and we
    won’t have much of a future without it. Cannabis is & was the
    poors only sustainable asset that he had to fall back on ….taking
    that from us was a crime and it has cost many lives and much strife.
    All I can say is and my opinion is just another opinion but if I had
    my way…our language our mission our goal would change from
    recreational marijuana to ” We require Cannabinoids for our
    Endocannabinoid System adults & children and we demand our whole
    plant cannabinoids back…also, I would be fighting for our religious
    right to use cannabis any way we desire for our religious beliefs as
    most religions of the world have used cannabis for their spiritual

    use we all know is really getting the cannabinoids we all need…we
    relax and enjoy cannabis because we get our needed cannabinoids we
    are stressed without it. If you notice the people that eat cannabis
    smoke it less or not at all…the more cannabinoids they get the less
    they smoke or vape it. Smoking is just a fast delivery method to feel
    better immediately. I firmly believe if we changed our words …our
    message it would be more easily received by the anti marijuana
    people…if they only knew the benefits of marijuana as the super,
    super food it is & that their body and their childrens bodies are
    being deprived of these essential cannabinoid nutritents that come
    best from the fresh raw plant they would want cannabis as their super
    food too. This would be win win for everyone everywhere. Until
    cannabis is treated like food we will all suffer anyway why not go
    where the government has tried to steer us away from ….the
    truth….cannabis is our best nutrition…we get sick without
    it….the gov. has done everything it can to hide this fact. Cannabis
    medical yes in the sense food is the best medicine….where do we
    hear that???? Science ….The Bible….all wise men…


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