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Show-Me Cannabis Executive Director Challenges Narcotics Officer To Debate


missouri show me cannabis debateOpen letter to officer requests apology for insulting Facebook post

After attending a Show-Me Cannabis town hall meeting in Cape Girardeau last Monday, October 21, Kevin Glaser of the Southeast Missouri Drug Task Force posted a public status update to his Facebook page disparaging the other people who attended the meeting. In response, Show-Me Cannabis Regulation Executive Director John Payne has issued an open letter that requests Glaser apologize for his remarks and debate Payne in a public forum.

While at the meeting, Glaser engaged in debate with the panelists, including State Representative Paul Curtman, Sergeant Gary Wiegert, and Payne. However, the discussion remained civil.

Attendees were therefore surprised when Glaser posted an insulting Facebook status. “It scared the hell out of me that these people actually go to the polls and vote,” Glaser wrote. “Many [attendees]impressed me as having no minds at all. Or at least very slow functioning minds… Tomorrow I go back to fighting crime and serving the public and they go back to drawing their welfare check.”

Residents were angered after learning of the public attack by a local officer. Jennifer Glueck of New Hamburg said, “As one of the organizers of the event, I find Glaser’s comments both inaccurate and offensive. I do not draw a welfare check. My husband and I work full-time and raise two children. Frankly, I would like a public apology from Sergeant Glaser.”

Dustin Masterson of Cape Girardeau echoed those sentiments. “I’m disappointed in Glaser’s comments, as he seemed far more reasonable at the meeting. His prejudiced statement demonstrates the need for more rational discussion on this subject, which is why I started SEMO Cannabis Law Reform after the meeting last week. We hope to foster a more informed debate around both state and local cannabis laws.” The group will hold its first meeting Tuesday, October 29 at 6:00 p.m. in the Geraldine Hirsch Meeting Room of the Cape Girardeau Public Library.

In an open letter to Glaser, Payne called into question the officer’s ability to enforce the law appropriately. “You seem to be motivated primarily by sheer personal animus against a group of people whom you obviously find distasteful,” Payne writes. Payne ends the letter by requesting Glaser to join him in a public debate on the issue of marijuana legalization.

Payne’s open letter to Glaser and a screenshot of Glaser’s status update can be read in full here:

Show-Me Cannabis is an association of organizations and individuals, who believe that cannabis prohibition is a failed policy and regulating and taxing cannabis in a manner similar to alcohol would better control the production, distribution, and consumption of cannabis than the current criminal market system does. The group seeks to engage Missourians in a serious, public discussion about the issues associated with marijuana, including medical cannabis, industrial hemp, public safety, and financial analysis in order to address problems associated with the current, failed policy.


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  1. that’s because you have not met any true chistians , a true chistian is willing to talk you about what’s important to you and then tell you what’s important to them and why , the real ones come from low places as well as high ones , mostly low , most have suffered some pretty bad things and God helped them though them .you cant convert anyone by trying to shove the bible down their throat , you lead by example . Jesus said he would rather see a church full of sinners than a church full of saints , the sinners are why he died on the cross so that we seek forgiveness and receive it .

  2. Yeah, but it’s not EACH and EVERY Christian, now is it? C’mon now, is it? I see you smilin’, knowing I’m right. :) Peace bro.

  3. I’m not talking about taking away anyone’s god or belief system. You can worship any god and follow any ideology you want until you try to impose or force that god and belief system on me or anyone else. Unfortunately, many devout religious people think that their religious freedoms give them the right to do just that…impose or force their beliefs on others and in America that group is predominantly Christian,

  4. I think they may be feeling outnumbered. Which might explain the defensiveness.

    I saw a documentary recently about how some kids in Israel learn about the Holocaust and it was a little, I don’t know… I mean, I literally don’t know how it made me feel, but it wasn’t a good feeling, I can tell you that. Now I know all Jewish people aren’t like that (LOVE Jon Stewart), just like all Christians are not like you describe (would the comparison to Mr. Stewart be Rush Limbaugh?).

    If you take away people’s belief in a god, what are they left with? Pure science? I mean, I don’t know, I can only compare my experiences with losing belief in things like when Pluto was stripped of it’s planetary title. That was a shocker. :)

  5. I’ve never met a group of people with a bigger persecution complex than people who call themselves Christians today. The moment you decline to listen to their religious pitch or respectfully disagree with them you are somehow stepping on their beliefs and religious rights and they bitch and whine about it loudly. I swear most of them have their own full sized crucifixes they can run and crawl up on everytime someone refuses to agree with them or let them have their way.

  6. I picture the Republican god looking like Mitt Romney or Jamie Dimon. I don’t know what Democrats believe anymore or who their god would look like. Probably just the same. Me? I’ll take Mother Nature over anybody’s god. (no offense to the religious)

  7. Is that a male groan I hear in the background (or a scream)?
    (Whatchoo talkin’ bout, small-minded? Pshaw.)

  8. I wish I had been there for the hilarity (smile). But I’ve met some very nice, religious people online and they sometimes feel that people decide who they are before they even open their mouths, so just keep that in mind. If the police won’t do anything about your problem in the parking lot, maybe the store manager or owner can. If it bothered me that much, I might even go directly to the church’s hierarchy. The only other thing I can think of to do is to pretend to be one of them, and move seamlessly past and through them with a small nod and smile (famous movie). :)

  9. I don’t think you should decide if there is a god or not based on religion or politics or by your treatment from your former boss. Have some medicine and think on it awhile…

  10. This site is pretty interesting! Starting to love it!!
    Wish the “troller members” would let me know when they are kidding :P
    I get offended easy, got anger problems but hey! Thats why I smoke the herb ;)!
    Also makes me mad when people hate on others… Smoke some weed and see if you hate… This is a cannabis site and all cannabis sites should have some humor and friendship but never hate…
    (I think you know who you are trollers from a comment I made a day ago on different post lol about 420newswire.com)

  11. Shorty Hofmann on

    Punch in the head usually works and if a cop shows up tell him they were harassing and would not leave you alone.

  12. Shorty Hofmann on

    well next time a chistian tell you about god tell him your not interested and they are annoying you. If they continue then punch them in the mouth and leave quickly making sure no one follows you. I had asign on my door that said if your here to tell me about god please leave now because if I answer I will arrested for hurting you. I never had any Johoes knocking on my door.

  13. Shorty Hofmann on

    Religion and politics kill more people than any other disease. some of the worst people I have worked for were very devout Christians. Religion is more dangerous than then most people realize. If there is a god then he or she is an !@#$%^&*()….

  14. Sarijuana, maybe you should look at what I said again. I said I’d have less issues but I never judged anyone just some of their actions.You jumped to conclusions and started judging me so who is the smaller minded person here? I just pointed out my experience with some fervent representatives of the christian faith. These particular christians become more adamant and pushy when you politely tell them you aren’t interested in what they have to say so yeah after that what they are doing is wrong. This behavior is a problem around my area and most people and the police seem to give them a huge leeway to continue because they are a church. A few times I was close to pepper spraying them. I saw one of these good christian folk prying a darwin fish emblem off someones car with a pocket knife. They got caught too. Hilarity ensued.

  15. I have never been accosted in public by a religious person, by they do come knocking on my door on occasion. It depends on what kind of mood I’m in as to whether I’m nice, strict or humorous. If you say you’re just not interested in religion, then sometimes that can backfire and they try to convince you even more. But I have found that by looking people straight in the eye, waiting a couple of seconds, then stating firmly and clearly that you’re not interested, it usually works with most people (no matter what the subject).

    Although the look on the face of a Verizon salesperson at a kiosk in the mall when I told him that I didn’t need a phone, thanks, but cell phones cause brain damage… well, that was priceless. He stuttered, looked perplexed, and by this time I had already limped past him. No sale! :)

  16. I understand your frustration. That is both unfortunate and unchristianlike. But don’t be lumping, please?

  17. Not similar to that cop at all. He agreed to attend an organized event as a servant of the people. I never asked or invited the christians to habitually harass me and others routinely to join their church, put me down as a sinner, tell me I’m going to hell and demand that I donate money to their church and god in the parking lot of the supermarket, And yes I have tried going to a different supermarket, this christian cult seems to have them all staked out as well as other stores like walmart.

  18. So true while its not all police there is a certain person that becomes a cop.. arogant, violent and just a god complex Undeserved of course by 90% of em.. There still ppl everyone there not gods or special in anyway they want a pay check too .. And having a gun and power is what they want not to serve you..

  19. While he (Glaser) probably drinks and does steroids or pharmaceutical drugs. Typical cop response to losing Federal money which bought him new cars, guns, tasers, etc. He obviously has no clue on the rest of the (employed) American people who actually DO work for a living versus the lazy and unhealthy deadly police departments across the Country. He had to leave and then let his true self out from behind a keyboard. If he has a wife and kids, chances are good that he abuses them too.

  20. agreed pk2! bravo. Talking trash about other people…that’s soooo cool. Don’t lump people into one dumpster.

  21. Seems you have a similar affliction to the cop in the story. I don’t know where you live, but they don’t do that here. And if they did, so what? You’re going to lump us all into one category and hate us? Pretty small minded of ya. But you’re forgiven….LOL

  22. hipocrites don’t belong in law enforcement, you follow the rules and put you own predjudas aside, for him to be civil at the meeting and then post a nasty note also shows he is made of chicken shit. you got something to say say it publicly or shut your doughnut filled mouth.

  23. As long as god stays out politics and science I sure don’t care which religion “he” belongs to.

    I think the republicans hijacked him anyway.

  24. Ask Tommy Chong, he Had Pancreatic Cancer, does he Have it Now ? Nope !! Why ? well its right there in the Plant. cmon people, get it Legal !!!

  25. Oh, we kid sometimes here on The Weed Blog, but don’t be offended. If you can’t joke about the things that are important to you, well, you’re missing out on half the fun of life. If you will agree with me that each religion has their own god, and if you won’t be offended that I refer to your god as “your god,” then I think we can get along. What do you say? Peace pipe?

  26. I challenge anyone to a marijuana debate. The science is there on our side. You should also challenge who is still pro-prohibition.

  27. I’d have less issues with christians if they stopped trying to convert me and/or guilt/scare money out of me in the parking lot of the grocery store every time I go shopping. Never had a Jew, Muslim or a Buddhist do that but christians are everywhere witnessing sinners in parking lots and pleading for cash.

  28. I get so tired of people criticizing Christians, TRUE Christians IF properly educated are the staunchest supporters of Marijuana. No other herb on earth is as beneficial so rather than spout your complaints AGAINST Christians and their beliefs, find out if they know the facts about this “Gift from God” and if they don’t teach them. By the way………………… might want to study up on the relevant passages if the Book first!

  29. You talkin’ about the bible, son? Great description by the way. But all police officers are not mindless thugs, a lot of them are just doing their job, or so I’m told. Let’s not denigrate those who talk shit about us. :)

  30. Lets be honest the police in the usa are a bunch of mindless thugs and even more so in the southern states. It seems to me that these adult children end up believing their own bs. That shouldn’t be to much of a surprise from a population who still believe in an invisible friend in sky who looks out for them based on ancient texts written by goat herders.

  31. I would not want this person to be in control of policing MY neighborhood. Holy cow, what possessed him to make that post on facebook? I would ask “what has he been smoking,” but that would insult the bud. And I hate to say it, but some people are just not worthy of the bud and this nincompoop is one of them. Although I would look forward to watching such a public debate, and might have paid extra Verizon dollars to view it, this… man… was too chicken to say how he really felt at the first meeting and will be too chicken to agree to a public debate.

  32. Reading the “officers” remarks reminds me that we’re not fighting just to legalize weed but fighting for equality.

    Mr. Payne, great response to the asshole!! Sorry but I can’t hold back.

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