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Show-Me Cannabis Files Complaint Against St. Louis County Drug Task Force


missouri show me cannabis rolla town hall meetingShow-Me Cannabis announced today that it has filed a formal complaint against the St. Louis County Drug Task Force. The complaint, submitted by Director of Research Aaron Malin, alleges that the task force refused to provide minutes taken at public meetings of their Board of Directors.

Although drug task forces in Missouri are given breathtaking authority to intrude into citizens’ lives and an unprecedented lack of supervision, section 195.509.2(2), RSMo., requires a minimal level of oversight by mandating that multi-jurisdictional drug task forces must establish a Board of Directors. The Missouri Sunshine Law further requires minutes from these meetings to be open records, in accordance with sections 610.010 and 610.027, RSMo.

The Board of Directors for the St. Louis County Drug Task Force appears to have held public meetings, and on January 5, 2015, Malin submitted a Sunshine Law request for copies of the minutes of those meetings. Although the Sunshine Law requires public governmental bodies to respond to a request within three days, Task Force Commander Lieutenant Jeff Burk demanded that Malin not contact him for three weeks after Malin submitted his request. Lieutenant Burk eventually refused to provide Malin any records, prompting Malin to file his complaint with the Sunshine Complaint Unit of the Missouri Attorney General’s office.

“Missouri’s citizens trust their drug task forces to enforce the law, but these task forces routinely act as though they are themselves above the law”, Malin said. “The citizens of Missouri have a constitutional right to oversee and control the police of this state. They also have a fundamental right to know how the government is exercising the power the people have entrusted to them, and that is why the Sunshine Law was enacted. If law enforcement officers become law breakers, we will seek appropriate remedies to hold them accountable.”

Show-Me Cannabis is an association of organizations and individuals who believe that cannabis prohibition is a failed policy and that regulating and taxing cannabis in a manner similar to alcohol would better control the production, distribution, and consumption of cannabis than the current criminal market system does. The group seeks to engage Missourians in a serious, public discussion about the issues associated with marijuana consumption, including medical cannabis, industrial hemp, public safety, and financial analysis in order to address problems associated with the current, failed policy.

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  1. I will still smoke it legal or not so does not matter much to me. Besides if it’s legal than I’ll get taxed for it. Just a other way for the government to steal my money.

  2. Not at all. Nothing really I think. I just can understand the procautions on one end but see it silly to apply it to those not under a government roll; if its illegal, damn straight I expect them to be clean, whether or not I smoke.

  3. It really is more of an age thing. It’s just that so many Republicans are also old as dirt which is why that party is so heavily skewed against cannabis. But plenty of older Democrats agree with the older Republicans that cannabis is evil and must be stamped out. Unfortunately a number of them also hold office …

  4. . “The citizens of Missouri have a constitutional right to oversee and control the police of this state.”

    It’s not a right; it’s a duty.

  5. First you can suck a dick… second your a liar…..Republicans are Control freaks…..Republicans want the Whites to be the new Slaves of the Republican part……Show me 1 REpublican who is running for President who wants Legal weed…….Now shut your man pleaser

  6. Not all republicans hate weed, I know just as many, if not more democrats who support prohibition so before you start spitting shit, get your facts straight

  7. I don’t give drug testing a pass even for pilots or doctors. Those fuckers (1%) have this rigged so the only drug you take has a bar code. This won’t be a free country until drug testing is history.

  8. Why do Republicans hate weed ? And it will never really totally be legal un less the DEA is out of the picture…….So why do you people still vote Republican ?

  9. We absolutely need a real win in one or multiple of the southern states to reaffirm this is a national issue deserving of real debate. Legalization in a southern bible belt state would most certainly tip the scale in favor of being able to frame a discussion about national prohibition recision.

  10. See, while weed is illegal, I can understand jobs in the city/(mainly) government having to be tested. Damn right I want someone that high up in the system, even as a worker, having to test clean. Yet while in the lower end of job statues, like I am currently IE: food, there’s no right to see what we do off clock. Mainly because we aren’t exactly involved in any law-abiding or federal work. Meanwhile I’m making sandwhiches dude, let me have something to deal with a low-pay mindnumbing job while I struggle through college and to find a more suitable job that will legitimately support me enough to not give a shit if I can smoke or not.

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