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Sick Family Needs Help To Relocate To A Medical Marijuana State


donate relocation fund medical marijuana patientsI have always been fortunate enough to live in Oregon, which is one of the most progressive states in the nation when it comes to marijuana policy. Oregon has had a medical marijuana program since 1998, the second oldest program behind California. My entire adult life has been spent in a medical marijuana state, which is very reassuring. I used to have a medical marijuana card, but was forced out of the program due to the rising costs of enrollment. However, I know that if I ever needed to get back into the program, and could afford to do so, enrollment would not be hard, and it certainly wouldn’t be impossible like other states that do not have medical marijuana programs. Not everyone is as lucky as I am. Below is a heartfelt letter from a very hardworking activist that I hope everyone reads. Please consider donating to his relocation fund! His letter is below:

High Dear Friends:

My father and I both suffer from physical, mental, and emotional illnesses such as spinal damage, GI Tract disorders, PTSD (non-combat related), anxiety, depression, and suicidal ideation to name a few. Currently we live in my grandmother’s house via a life estate she established before passing away so that we would have a roof over our heads.

However, with our only source of income being his SSI payments of 716 dollars a month and my inability to work we cannot afford to pay the yearly real-estate taxes let alone acquire bank loans to pay for the much needed repairs that this house desperately needs. I’ve applied for SSDI/SSI but even if I am accepted and receive back pay the repairs such as a new roof, repairing and renovating the bathroom, re-landscaping the yard and waterproofing the basement to avoid further deterioration of the foundation, to name a few, are well beyond our fiscal means.

To add to this, we both require medical cannabis yet we live in Missouri, one of the worst states for cannabis consumers to live, and must rely on the illicit market for poor quality cannabis, which barely aids in alleviating and or treating our medical conditions and comes with the potential of legal ramifications.

This brings me to the point of the GoFundMe page.

We’ve decided that it is best that we move to a Western state with a medical marijuana program. We know that this move will not turn our lives around overnight but moving to a state that is cannabis friendly will offer us access to grades and varieties of cannabis to treat our medical conditions. More importantly, relocating gives us a chance at a fresh start that will allow us to begin rebuilding our lives, while at the same time I can explore the employment potentials that the burgeoning cannabis markets provide potentially avoiding the limitations SSDI and SSI place upon individuals.

At this point, we do not have a plan other than moving but we need funds to make this happen. However, we barely make it month to month even with an additional 230 dollars a month in food stamps and that is why I started this GoFundMe page. As I’ve stated we do not have a concrete plan that is why I set the goal for 5,000 dollars but it will help us cover the costs of moving and provide us a buffer while I wait for SSDI/SSI to come through or find a job in the marijuana industry. I know it’s a lot of money but we have a year before the house goes up for sale by the county to recoup the backed taxes owed on the house so there is plenty of time to collect the funds necessary to make this move a reality.

Having said all that, I want to thank you for taking the time to read about our story, thank you for your donations (for those of you who are able to donate), and to thank you for sharing our story with friends and family (for those of you who choose to share).


J.D. TriXteR Phillips


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  1. The cost of any successful indoor grow is very expensive up front, and growing outside is rather risky. My neighbor is a registered caregiver and stuff like lighting and security equipment, organic fertilizers and bug control, humidity control, and daily chores are expensive. Perhaps you can find a caregiver who will not charge the standard rate before you move, as medical marijuana is rather costly at around $300-400 per ounce — try craigslist. Best Wishes :)

  2. Gee, I wish I had enough “power” to get out and grow a garden large enough to feed me and my child. I too have many spinal and structural issues, and have been on disability for over 25 years. I can barely lift a jug of milk — please tell me how I can garden, then process the food for coming months, build storage and perhaps buy a freezer. Fresh tomatoes in Aug. are $2.69/lb! Carrots $1.67/lb, peaches $2.29/lb. Prices of food, especially fresh veggies are at an all time high, and it’s August!!!! I would LOVE the garden.

    Perhaps I need to crowd-source a gardening bot???

  3. josephsshields@yahoo.com on

    My name is Joseph I am 46 years old drawing ssdi. I need to relocate to a rural
    Area halfway house for marijuana patients.
    If you show me the way and introduce people who would kie to help me. Email at Joseph s. Shields or call me after 12pm eastern time.

    i. I’d like come, establish a modest home am and gain medical marijuana treatment. I’d be very interest in learning more about horticulture. Cash work would be good for me. Please call me….email me at josephsshields@yahoo.com

  4. You are flirting with ruin. GA has some of the worst penalties of marijuana. Go ahead and move to a friendly state. If you get caught heres what you face. A felony conviction for cultivation, manufacturing, possession with possible intent to distribute, loss of your home and property, legal
    fees of at least $5000 depending on the weight of your
    crop which will include the roots and attached dirt you could face a manditory sentence of 5 years in prison plus many years on probation and thousands in fines and court costs, loss of your right to own a firearm. If you live within 1000 feet of a school or daycare center you are fucked, if you have kids the state will take them. While on probation you cannot smoke any weed or drink, you will lose your SSI while in prison and will have trouble getting it back. This all happened to my brother that was in your same situation. It is cheaper to move than to risk it all and live in fear.Get out of Ga you FOOL !!!

  5. Asking for help to me is not pity. I once was to proud to ask for help and I had to do what I had to do to survive.
    There are a lot of good people still left in this world. Once upon a time I was down and out hitch hiking from NC to PA and someone had gave me $20, even though I had refused it 3 times, so on the 4th time I accepted it. About a year later I was traveling to WV and picked up a hitch hiker and took him as far as he needed to go and fortunately it was on my way but I gave this person $20, even though he didn’t ask for it and he finally accepted it.

    One good deed to another, it was my way of giving back to the one who helped me. “What comes around goes around.”

  6. I live in Georgia and I am disabled and I grow my own indoors. For the person that wrote this article, I say good luck to you, it took me over 3 yrs to receive my SSD and was forced to be homeless for nearly 4 yrs.
    So I do know know how life can throw you curve balls and if the article is legit, I say shame on all of you to ASSUME it’s a scam. Some peoples disabilities are worse than others and some do take advantage of the system.

    Until Georgia becomes legal to grow, I have to continue to be cautious, so that I can continue to afford my medicine.

  7. oodles of noodles, and dried beans and rice for protein, and as much fruit as you can afford. Did that lots when I was living pay-check to pay-check. Add lots of cheep, fresh veggies in the oodles of noodles too. You can do it!

  8. $5,000 is enough to move to New Mexico. The cost of living is lower than Calif or Colorado. There is more sun here than Oregon or Washington. The people here are friendly, compassionate and from all over the place. The growing season is very long for veggies and cannabis. The winters are as mild or as hash as you like depending what part of the state you choose to live. The cities can be better for the disabled than out in BFE, only because of ease of finding doctors and hospitals. The medical school at UNM is progressive and the laws are conducive to a good medical marijuana experience. Good luck to you!

  9. $5000 ISN’T ENOUGH TO MOVE TO THE WEST COAST FROM GA. Hell a one way move west would be close to $8000 to $10,000. & this would get you there & ready to move in an apt. or small house. Good luck

  10. naw, public defender is free, and then if you’re lucky you get 10 yrs of free room and board. If you’re REALLy lucky they’ll cover the move for you too by putting you in a federal pen in Cali.

  11. Christopher Kreschollek on

    This is hilarious. If you didn’t use MMJ, people would feel sorry for you. LOL.

  12. drain and fill, homemade, everything you need is at home depot, except the lights.
    Figure it out on your own.Good Luck

  13. I don’t believe 1 word this guy says…….let his family take care of him….your as smart as a hammer

  14. Actually, $5,000 isn’t very much money at all to pick up and move two people to a different state. Chill, and keep your nasty name calling to yourself. And since when is illness a sign of laziness? Do you think PTSD and spinal problems are something you just fake to get a measly five grand?

  15. grim, what kind of smaller grow system would you recommend? I could get by on a lot less than 3 lbs. my outdoor crop got me a trip to the courthouse this morn. and i need to find an alternative. thanx.

  16. $5000.00 ? your a scammer ! And lazy….. learn how to pull your own weight …your list of stuff that needs to be done to your house just proves your a scammer……want us to buy you a new car also ? your story has to many holes in it….Hang your head in shame

  17. Nick, Your choices are few my friend, buy on the black market” expensive” grow it” Too risky” Only a oncologist can write a script for marinol which SUCKS!!! I do not know what trade you are in but MOVE!!! And grow your own at home, Using 2000 watts of light in 12 5 gallon pots using straight pro mix bx you can pull 3 pounds every 60 days.Use guano based compost tea. Get to best medi state you can afford and taste some freedom and relief from your pain. Forget the south, it will be the last place to change the laws. Good Luck!!!

  18. I’d like to take the time to thank folks who’ve offered their support, well wishes, and their advice. It means a lot to know that there are folks who care and I hope one day I can repay the kindness, even if not directly.

  19. Injured and Disabled:

    Thank you for the link and the advice, both are sincerely appreciated.

    I will definitely look into that further to see what assistance we might find.

  20. I appreciate your sympathy and your sentiments Vixxis. It is unfortunate that governments deny so many sick and suffering people access to such a valuable plant.

  21. James, I am terribly sorry to hear about you and your wife’s situation and I thank you for sharing your story with the fellow commenters on this post.

    I sincerely wish you both the best and though I am limited in my ability to help you with your current dilemma if you wish to look me up on Facebook I would be more than willing to offer a sympathetic ear for you to chew.

    Also, please, don’t loose hope. I know how daunting things can get but there is always hope as long as your are willing to reach out to others for assistance.

    Thank you again for sharing your story and I do hope the best for you both.

  22. Jay:

    Thank you for the information about the rent, I will certainly look into that now that I’ve resolved my computer issues that developed over the last couple of day and get back to researching.

    Also, and more importantly, I want to thank you for your generous offer and let you know there is no need to be sorry for going out of your way to help another being despite not knowing them.

    We certainly need more folks such as yourself and the others who offered their support and assistance to dad and me.

    Thank you sir!

    P.S. I’m not sure how to contact you via Disqus but if you use Facebook we can always communicate via there if you wouldn’t mind me getting advice on locations with AZ so that I may fully weigh our options for locations.

  23. Dear Scott Eaton:

    While I could attempt to assure you that I am not a “scammer”,
    it is clear that you’ve made up your mind. I will leave you with the following:

    I wish you the best fortunes in life and bid you good day

  24. You have a mouth go use it like a whore and LEARN how to make money with your mouth you damned begger

  25. Sell the house and I think you got balls asking people to bail you out and your a lazy asshole….fuck you and suffer like everyone else….boo hoo hoo

  26. It’s good to see some people still have the desire to help a fellow human being! Kudos to you Jay…..

  27. Move to AZ you can rent trailers for 350 a month and if you get here I will help feed you and your DAD and help you with meds also!Sorry its all I can do!

  28. Grim you said you are from GA. I’m from SC just right across the line. Do you have any advice for me. Not looking to relocate just looking to get some info. I have had many joint surgeries and really like the alternative that marijuana gives me for pain etc. What’s the best way for me to acquire this with being in South Carolina

  29. Skye, remember if you lived in say Denver you would still have to pay. If you go your own, it almost or I would call it free. Nothing cost much money to make your own medicine.

  30. James, I’m sure you know you can order seeds online at “Attitude” you can get 4 female seeds for about $20.00 from the UK, small bag it is against the law to grow in most states but you can order seeds to keep when your state allows growing and it will eventually or keep them for keepsakes souvenirs etc. You can look on U-Tube and find all the info on how to grow from seed to bush, how to make the oil. Maybe I miss understood your post but where there’s a will, there’s a way.

  31. Grim, thank you for the advice and for the information
    regarding the doctor in California, I will consider those points as I conduct
    the research into moving. In addition, that is a wise saying you’ve coined, I
    wish more folks would adopt such a mindset for I think the world would
    experience less preventable suffering and strife.

    A friend of mine just went through his sixth brain surgery to remove part, if
    not all, of the growth that returned, fortunately for him, he has insurance and
    financial means.

    Having said that, I do hope you have access to the cannabis necessary for treating
    the tumor to prevent its growth. From what little I know about this category of
    disease it is terribly difficult to treat, especially when one lacks health
    insurance and the financial resources.

    Best of wishes and good fortune to you bro!

  32. Hi Grim, I’m a retired RN after over 30 years. I am so disgusted with the government. I’ve read everything and seen every video even ordered a book once I was told that marijuana cured cancer. I’ve seen so many people die of cancer that I’m just sick about this BS. I tell everyone I meet in the market on the street, all the nurses I know; you name it. My FB wall is full not to mention my 5 groups I have on FB were I teach people about diseases. You’re a great guy being sick yourself and trying to help others. Visit my wall on FB sometime and keep up the good work Grim ‘=)

  33. I am sorry. You are correct I was not thinking clearly. I am not spamming I do not even have a product for sale yet. I will delete the comment since it was clearly out of place. I am an internet noob and not even sure exactly what spamming is.

  34. Jay, my apologies, there seems to be a misunderstanding.

    There is no mortgage with a bank; the house is subject to tax sale due to
    unpaid real estate taxes.
    In the letter, I mention a bank loan because one or
    more are necessary to garner the funds to pay for the extensive repairs the
    house needs to maintain a livable structure and, if possible, remove the mold,
    dust buildup, lead paint, and other pollutants contributing to the Sick House Syndrome.
    However, receiving and then paying back such a loan is well beyond our means.

    Again, my apologies for the confusion and thank you for your input, I do
    appreciate it sir.

  35. Chris you are a fucking idiot and a dumbass, Lets see what could happen? Possession of a controlled substance, cultivation, manufacturing and maybe intent to distribute, ALL FELONIES!!!
    Maybe 10 years in prison!!! Court costs, lawyer fee’s at least 5 grand. Fuck you spamming shit head!!!!

  36. This breaks my heart. How many individuals/families are in similar situations due to these ridiculous drug policies. Proven medicinal value and yet it is denied allowing suffering to continue.

  37. Hey guys a GA native here. Not to spam or anything ( i was here to buy ads this morning) but couldn’t help but smoke one more and read this story. My family has been developing our own brand of super soil and I can say that growing your own in your own location will make your situation better than moving to cali to pay 60 an eighth or whatever. I will happily set you guys up with some free super soil that all you have to do is add seeds and water and I would teach you how to grow lickity split. Again this is not spam, I just wanted to help how I could. Nonutrientsrequired.com

  38. actually, I just got off a long night walk, complaining and wondering if suicide would indeed be worse… still up in the air- but getting me high really keep my feet grounded

  39. Brother Johnny, I feel your pain. I hate this boil on the asshole of hell state also. And me and my wife wanna desparately get out. I am disabled from 3 back suguries due to believing the man “work harder faster MOERE” and my wife has no kidneys and is on Home Hemo dialysis waiting for a kidney 10 years- it ain’t gonna happen. So she finally is willing to get high; but we can’t find anyone since we are both pretty much shut ins, as I call it, Economic House Arrest. We can’t afford to go out unless it is to the Dr, or food. Wish so bad i could find someoneto help our pharmacy needs. Want to start a grow, but i am not in the best place, but if I got even a 1/4, hopefully the seeds would fix things. Ultra Depressed Sad Brain too straight. Anyone feel free to contasct me at jamesstaples6th@yahoo.com.
    I have a really nice pitbull x american bulldog for trade, really sweet kid lovin family dog.

  40. Stop paying save your cash and after six months they will allow you to deed in lieu of due to medical/financial reasons.Then they give you assistance to leave. the key is to save all the money you were supposed to give to the bank and not smoke it all up!Sacrifice on oodles of noodles for half a year them bingo you have enough to relocate to AZ where i am and its better then cali!

  41. grim reefer on

    You are welcome, i am from GA but i lived in humboldt county CA a couple of years ago. Under proposition 420 you grow up to 99 plants and have up to 19 pounds a person for your yearly needs. go see dr. milan hopkins in upper lakes for your recommendation at a cost of $250, he also does it for free once a month, try and find a small place to live to save money. I really need mmj its the only thing that will stop tumor growth i can afford, without it i will die.

    GOD BLESS ALL! here is my personal quote.” We were all put here to love one another, Treat everybody like your sister and brother”

  42. The Grim Reefer on

    Find a buyer for your home or find a rent to buy situation, Rather than a job in the marijuana industry, think about growing your own and growing your own food. With the amount you will need growing is the only affordable option, meds cost an average of $250 and up a oz. You can do this but you do not need to ask people to finance this move. You can do this on your own, you have the means and power to make it happen, believe in yourself and become your destiny. Just remember this saying,” Nothing to it but to do it!”
    I really am pulling for you, i am in a even more desperate situation than the one you have. I have cancer with no health insurance, no benefits and no income, but I have more pride than to ask strangers to pity me. You have the power to change your life. God I would love to change lives with you! Hope this makes you feel a little more empowered. Now quit whining and begging and make it happen!

  43. I did a little checking into this but it appears that this is strictly for mortgage situations. Do you have any resources you could provide me, I would greatly appreciate the assistance.

  44. I’ve been contemplating a move to one of the two, admittedly, CO allowing for 3 mature plants per person does offer a slight edge. However, there is still the initial set up costs to consider as well. Best of wishes to you Skye.

  45. Johnny Bloomington on

    I’m in Missouri too and have a 1-2 year plan to move out to Colorado. I need to fix up and sell my house, save money, and find a job out there. I’m in IT so I’m also working on getting my network+ cert in a few months. Missouri suxs…

  46. I recently moved to Arizona but cannot yet afford the fees to see a medical marijuana Dr. So I am wondering if you would be better off moving to Colorado or Washington state where it is now legal?
    I spent so much to relocate here, or I would be moving on to one of those states myself, good luck to you !

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