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Sign A Petition To Remove Cannabis From Schedule 1 In Florida


Florida medical marijuanaHelp Make Florida The 19th Medical Marijuana State

Florida CAN has a press conference at 9:45 and will end our petition to the AG at 11AM just prior to our meeting with the AG’s team. We are here in Tallahassee hoping tomorrow marks the day Florida took the turn to becoming the 19th state with medical access to cannabis. We can’t do it alone.

Please sign the petition. If you already signed the petition asking the Attorney General to reschedule cannabis, please ask a friend to sign it too. Below is the petition’s language:


Honorable Attorney General Bondi,

We, the undersigned, hereby join with the Florida Cannabis Action Network in asking you to exercise your authority in accordance with Florida Statute 893.0355 to reschedule cannabis.

Since 1996, 18 states and the District of Columbia have passed laws accepting the medicinal value of cannabis. Since 2009, two states, Oregon and Connecticut have rescheduled cannabis. The Iowa Board of Pharmacy overwhelming recommended the Iowa Legislature reschedule cannabis per their procedure.

On October 16, 2012, a federal court heard oral arguments for the federal rescheduling of cannabis. As the Federal Government considers what to do with the Federal scheduling, it is clear the Florida Legislature intended to quickly provide a method for rescheduling when there are beneficial medical uses.

This year, one Floridian, Irv Rosenfeld marks 30 years of prescription cannabis use provided through a Federal Research Program.

With these things in mind, we request that, in accordance to Florida law and in the spirit of equitable treatment for all, we ask you immediately remove cannabis from Schedule 1 and give it a scientifically accurate designation.

Read the full text of the petition here.


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  1. Doesnt do a lot of good for those whos lives have been ruined being busted for it,im still waiting on my civil rights in Florida from 1987 but its ok in the eyes of the federal goverment to feed me oxicodone for the rest of my life and watch people dying from chemo breaking the law to buy pot,its a sick world

  2. Im with you in Pa. Im a high level paraplegic w/ severe pain & muscle spasms (migraines too) and Im waiting for Pa to act on SB 1003 & HB 1653 introduced in 4/2011. Goveneor Corbett has stated that if these make it to his desk he will NOT sign them. Thankfully, his term ends in 2014. There is support in Pa, just not enough. I would love to see more support organized in Pa. I can have all the Vicoidin & Xanax I want …. but Id rather not be a junkie and medical marijuana can help me to lead a more normal life and enjoy more quality time with my family. This state needs compassion for people suffering. I have two masters degrees and three professional certifications and have been on disability since I became paralyzed 10 years ago. I believe it would allow me to work.

  3. johnnygreen

    I would like to see one of these petitions in every state. It would guarantee the feds would change their policies, but it wouldn’t hurt, and at the end of the day it doesn’t cost anything!

  4. I wish Pennsylvania would get on the bud. I have numerous conditions that would benefit from medical marijuana, including chronic pain, glaucoma and anxiety. I am a master’s level social worker but unable to work and on disability from these conditions. I am hopeful about being able to return to work on at least a part time basis, but would never be able to with a criminal conviction, therefore I don’t/can’t use marijuana until it becomes legal. President Obama could bring this country out of this recession by decriminalizing or at the very least allowing people to use it for the proven medical benefits.

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