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‘Sign Shakers’ Are In High Demand In Oregon’s Marijuana Industry Right Now


oregon marijuanaOregon started allowing limited recreational marijuana sales this past week (October 1st), and since then my Facebook feed has been inundated with pictures of people visiting dispensaries, working at dispensaries, and promoting dispensaries. Every time I log in to Facebook lately it puts a smile on my face to see the state that I was born and raised in allowing the marijuana industry to operate out in the open, instead of in the shadows like it had been for so long.

I don’t think I can ever get tired of people posting pictures of the world class Oregon flower that they bought, where they bought it from, what they thought of it, and how much they paid for it. I have spent a lot of time just scrolling and taking it all in lately. I really wish Jim Greig was here to see it all. He fought very hard to help legalize marijuana in Oregon (along with many others for sure!), and hopefully he is looking down at all of this and it is grinning from ear to ear. Rest in peace my friend.

Something that I have noticed a lot while cruising around social media is the posts asking for people to be sign shakers. It seems like a week ago I didn’t see sign shakers all to often near dispensaries, and definitely didn’t see job postings for them. Now it seems like it’s one of the most common posts I see from people in the marijuana industry in Oregon, and understandably so. Every outlet is looking for that edge, and anything they can do to stand out. I can’t blame them – there are A LOT of outlets in Oregon right now, and more on the way I’m sure.

If you are looking for work, and are good at shaking signs, I suggest you get on Facebook and start searching. If my Facebook feed is any indication, the demand for sign shakers is extremely high, and will likely continue to grow. One thing that I think people should anticipate though is a ban on such advertising. It happened in Colorado, and if a lot of major streets in Oregon are lined with people waving marijuana signs touting the ‘deal of the day,’ chances are it will happen in Oregon too. I’m by no means saying I agree with such an advertising ban, I’m merely saying people should have it in the back of their minds as this industry moves forward!


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  1. Whatever, I just want it to be easier…that is my point. Been arrested for growing in past, not going down that path again

  2. Oregon grown is magical and the stores have dozens of varieties selling for $5 a gram and up. The state revenue will largely be used to improve our Oregon schools.

  3. The price is why you go black market…and not why you go legal

    Legalization is about liberty, not how your drug “needs” aren’t “met”

    You have a closet. You can grow more then you could consume in there. All you have to do is not brag to your friends and live a responsible lifestyle such that your house doesn’t burn down or the cops don’t show up on complaints from he neighbors.

    Unless you are a paraplegic or something

    It would be better if you picked up growing and told your “source” that they can buy it from for less if price is your concern.

  4. They wanna pay top shelf growers $30 bucks an hour while you advertise $50/hr doing virtually skill-less work.

    This is what America values- money without warrant

  5. Sign shaking is a job for homeless people with barely any skills…

    Or are you saying that skilled, talented, and intelligent people are best to spend their time on a street corner drumming up profits for the “ownership?”

  6. I dream of the day when I can take a drive and buy some marijuana (with selection of strain, potentcy, concentrates edibles and choice of Qty as well) legally here in Illinois. Many times I don’t have a $100 to shell out for a Qtr. (which is usually the min from my source). Also just knowing it’s there when I need it. Not getting the run-around from someone who is busy or their source is slow to respond. Sometimes it’s 2 weeks from the day of my order, and can be pretty frustrating waiting, waiting and waiting. Having the $ is only half the battle when trying to re-supply. We all need a good reliable source. My source (bless their heart) has helped me out for 10+ yrs and I am soooo grateful, but it can be difficult at times. Just waiting for “THE DAY”………………..

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