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Sign The Florida Medical Marijuana Petition (Video)


Florida medical marijuanaThere are few things as powerful as a personal testimony when it comes to medical marijuana reform. It’s much easier for someone to relate to and support something when there is a face attached to it. I think the times that I’ve seen people change their mind about medical marijuana it almost always came as a result of the issue being personalized. Sometimes it’s because someone they know comes out of the ‘marijuana closet’ and lets them know that they use medical marijuana, and why. Other times its because the person wants to help an ailing friend or family member, and so they dive into the research and realize very quickly that medical marijuana is not a bad thing, and can actually do a tremendous amount of good.

The Florida campaign recently released a video to encourage people to sign the medical marijuana petition that is being circulated there. If you haven’t signed the petition yet, please do so. You can find out how at the campaign’s website:


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  1. Damned Pot Heads…. Ain’t nobody got time for that…. Think of the children dammit…. Think of the CHILDREN.

  2. Closet Warrior on

    You got that right! I personally was hooked on pain KILLERS stemming from a bad car wreck at 30 yrs of age n I’m 44 now so I know pain and it can make you do some things you didn’t know you were capable of. Jane got me back on track, played a big part in kicking and helped w/sleep, nerves, nausea, arthritis and pain if it has a good percentage of cbd’s in what ever type of medicine you choose. They’re so many choices these days between flower, edibles, teas, etc…The point being that marijuana helped save my life and continues to be a great buffer for dealing w/this crazy world we live in today! I may miss it or even be a sleepless, nervous wreck w/out it but if I’m out I don’t get dope sick or flip out cus it’s not addictive and volatile like all of that poison the doctors and big pharma pushes!!!

  3. Personally experiencing pain versus merely talking about it are two drastically different things.
    I surely don’t wish daily pain on anyone, but it would definitely help move the medical cannabis program forward much more rapidly if they woke up one morning in agony, couldn’t tolerate the side effects of OTC or prescription pain medications, and were left with only one option…just once would likely be all it would take.

  4. Closet Warrior on

    Powerful!!! Made me cry a little cus I’m in pain right now like those folks in the video and know the hoops they have to jump through to stay medicated and out of trouble in a non-medical state. Their is no other viable option for relief because I live in a backwards Nazi state too!!! How could anybody w/a soul not be moved by that?

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