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Sign The New Petition For Medical Marijuana In Florida


united for care florida medical marijuanaFlorida came very, very close to legalizing medical marijuana during the 2014 election. After a narrow defeat, United for Care made it clear that they would try again in 2016. I’m happy to say that they are getting started early, and have a petition up for Florida voters to sign. If you don’t live in Florida, obviously you can’t sign the petition. However, if you do live in Florida, and I know we get a lot of readers from Florida, make sure to sign the petition to help bring medical marijuana reform to Florida. More info can be found below:

Thank you for helping us get medical marijuana back on the ballot for 2016.  We need everyone to sign the new petition.



1) Fill out the form below (the new petition will open in a new window).  PLEASE BE PATIENT – it may take a few moments for the form to load. The form will pre-populate the petition. To use or download a blank petition instead, visitwww.unitedforcare.org/blankpetition.

2) Print out and sign the petition.  Please make sure that all information is accurate and that you include EITHER your Voter Registration number OR your Date of Birth.  **Make sure you sign and date the petition on page 2.**

3) Mail your completed petition to:

People United for Medical Marijuana
Post Office Box 402527
Miami Beach, FL 33140

Other Important Info: 

Click here to sign the petition


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  1. Daniel Guzewich on

    The misinformation about drug testing for welfare is astronomical. Scott and other states waste MILLIONS to catch 1 or 2 people. If you want to get mad get mad at the corporate welfare that’s paid with your tax money. They get FAR more out of your taxes than food stamps and WIC.

  2. some people only smoke pot at parties where its shared without any cost to the user, why should they loose their social safety net? because you assume they are spending money on something you don’t approve of? its NONE of your business what they do, and drug testing is an invasion of medical privacy.

    why not test them for opiates, and disqualify anyone who is in pain from surviving? why not test them for aids and claim you don’t want to pay for their food because you jumped to the conclusion that they are gay?
    you are sick…

    also, its not your money, it was taken from you by force, and it is rightfully theirs now, they can spend it how they want. you didn’t pay for them, you paid for yourself to remain free from a prison sentence. if you don’t want to support your fellow citizens in their time of need, feel free to go to jail for tax evasion. nobody will miss you.

  3. medical marijuana is not a prerequisite for adult marijuana freedom, it is just slowing down the reform of marijuana laws. why not put both options on the ballot at the same time? why does one have to wait for the other? they are separate issues completely, but recreational use is more important, because it improves the lives of more people, including the patients that need it most.

    do you want dispensaries and growers with monopolies to take a whole year before their legal crop is on the market? or would you rather sick people have access to pot on the same day it is legalized for recreational use? plenty of pot is already on the market, but sick people would have to wait a year for legit crops to become available, and they may not have enough to go around if only a handful of medical dispensaries exist.

    if you care about sick people getting the cannabis they need, as soon and as cheap as possible, advocate for the legalization of recreational cannabis, instead of the continued prohibition of a non-toxic plant, under the guise of medical marijuana.

  4. You gotta take baby steps before walking friend. This is a steping stone for FL Into a brighter future of cannabis, and thats being real

  5. I wouldn’t blame Republicans they voted and we still got close no student or liberal or black voted amd im with teatoker screw that nonsense medical lie decriminalize it. I worked for a year talking to over 1000 people for ufc and Morgan tell the truth we want to smoke and grow that takes care of the problem.THAT PETITION ISINT WORTH THE INK.

  6. where is the “recreational marijuana for adults” petition? that would be more important, and more likely to pass, because it affects more people.

    i will support any attempt to repeal the prohibition of pot, medical marijuana does not solve the problems with prohibition, but it is the first battle in a long war. VOTE YES ON MEDICAL MARIJUANA!
    after that, LSD can be legalized for psychotherapy and addiction treatments, then LSD for recreational use by adults under supervision, etc…

  7. Vote Yes on medical marijuana! these sick people need our help, and these heartless politicians wont lift a finger unless we force them to.

  8. I am more than ready to do this again. However, last year was the worst voter turnout in 75 years! A petition is not a vote! If you support MMJ, you need to take it to the ballot!!! I hope to see you all there in 2016. Make it happen!

  9. Ok…what about those that grow their own cannabis?
    By the way; Anything that is pleasurable to a person has the risk of causing dependency. That includes certain foods, physical exercise, and even sex.
    The issue of drug testing for marijuana (at least for those of us with sense) is this: Why are people being tested for a substance that shouldn’t be illegal in the first place, and has proven itself to be MORE harmless than drinking too much coffee?
    As a self proclaimed “neo-republican,” you should be supportive of being left the hell alone by those who would gladly impose their ideals of morality on others. Furthermore, take a look at who benefits most from these drug testing mandates, and you’ll quickly find an attempt at a legislated monopoly…all to make a dollar, or several billion.
    You’re welcome, buddy.

  10. As a Neo-Republican looking to move to Florida, I do think legalizing it is the right thing to do as I believe in personal responsibility. However, I do agree with Gov Scott that drug testing people on welfare is the right thing to do since they are using other people’s money to live and pot is factually known to cause dependency. Bottom line, if you want to get high, drunk, etc, you need to pay for it yourself.

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