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Sign The Petition To Remove Debbie Wasserman Schultz As DNC Chair Over Marijuana Hypocrisy

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Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Chair of the National Democratic Committee (DNC), is completely opposed to legalizing cannabis, referring to it as a “mind-altering substance” comparable to heroin. Despite this opposition, Schultz receives thousands of dollars in donations from the alcohol industry, including from lobbying groups such as Bacardi USA, the National Beer Wholesalers Association and the Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America.

Due to this hypocrisy, we urge you to sign the petition calling for Schultz’s immediate removal as Chair of the DNC, to be replaced by someone more supportive of legalizing cannabis, which is supported by 58% of Americans according to the most recent Gallup poll.

You can find the Change.org petition by clicking here. The petition is directed towards President Obama, who is unlikely to make the change himself, though it will help bring attention to the issue and will hopefully lead members of the Democrat National Committee to vote for her removal once she’s up for reelection.

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  1. I found it and I signed it..This is what i said when i sign the petition..

    Marijuana.. hypnotic she sounds like she’s talking about acid people. They are not informed and know nothing about marijuana would feel this way and apparently she needs to be educated so therefore..if she “NOT” educated because she would not use those words like marijuana in the same class as acid she should not be trying to run anything and be a leader of anything I feel marijuana has helped and treated people… I feel there is no Just cause against it.. Does marijuana really hurt people? No.. I mean apparently, the Scientist, Doctors..ect. People have found great benefits; That weight out all the negativity its been perceived for years. Individuals that NO nothing about marijuana..Will have a bad disposition about something they know nothing about. Having an education would teach them about marijuana beneficial factors. The pros and cons would gathering as facts. Facts would show individuals about marijuana. So they can having knowledge, and wisdom about something they know nothing about. That’s how we learn and she need to get educated. I’m signing this petition because people need to stand up! We are Americans…right??? Well let’s act like it then.

  2. Closet Warrior on

    It’s in the beginning of the second paragraph that says Petition in Line green letters.Just click on it and it will show you the rest.

  3. I think a stoner made this page. When I went to sign I could not get to the button without changing the size of print to smaller so it moved up where I could click it. And the article itself is poorlyh laid out to attract the viewers attention to the link button.

  4. Fungi Sclerotia 1427 on

    Signed it!
    Don’t want anyone in authority who equates cannabis with diacetyl morphine.

  5. Wondering if the DNC isn’t afraid of big pharma and alcohol donation alienation? Guess the DNC is afraid of scaring away independent voters opposed to legalizing drugs. So disappointed in Debbie and the DNC.

  6. Gosh, how can this be, she’s a hardcore Democrat and according to this post they are all in support.

  7. NO, Debbie. The most powerful mind-altering substance is political power and its concomitant corruption.

  8. But these are the people who you pulled the handle from your party…….Bunch of bandwagon handle pullers

  9. I don’t know for a fact, but I have heard she is ride to the people who work under her. I say remove all people with this attitude from their position.

  10. SilentPatriot on

    And yet, she’ll visit a General Dynamics facility at the drop of a hat, where things that can really kill you are made.

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