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missouri show me cannabis rolla town hall meetingBy Bryce Steinhoff

As we look towards a busy and exciting next two years, Show-Me Cannabis has a number of new things coming on the digital front. You may have heard we’ve recently transitioned to NationBuilder as our organizing platform. The tools it provides have already improved our ability to manage the mountains of information our organization deals with and communicate more effectively with cannabis reform supporters.

Today we’re announcing personal Show-Me Cannabis Accounts on this new system! Please take a moment to sign up now.

With your account, you’ll be able to update your own information and more quickly register for events and contribute. Perhaps most importantly, you’ll have a personal profile page located at nation.show-mecannabis.com/YourUsername. On this page you can explain why you support reform and set a fundraising goal, and then invite your friends and family to contribute through it. When they do, your personal fundraising progress will be tracked by NationBuilder! This is a great tool to support Show-Me Cannabis in a very important way.

Check out the graphic below for the (very simple) step-by-step instructions to get started.

show me cannabis account


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